Fall DIY: Dollar Tree Wreath

OH. EM. GEE. You guys. I had my post done and ready to go for yesterday and I thought I posted it only to find out this AM that IT NEVER POSTED. I’m so irritated! Oh well. I guess that just means I’ll move it to next Wednesday and you’ll get a chance to read it then… because I’m just way too excited to share today’s post with you to not share it today!

As most of you know, I LOVE DIYs! I especially love seasonal DIYs and I’ve been having so much fun decorating our apartment for fall! I’ve had a few people ask me if I’d be sharing a “Fall Decor Tour” and no. I totally won’t. (I love reading those blogs and watching those YouTube videos too!) This year, I’ve started the process of getting nicer fall decor. I had a massive tub filled with legit crap treasures I’ve collected since the time I was 5. Homemade craft paper leaves, random dollar store trinkets and really strange little figurines that I still don’t know what they are. I decided it’s time to get pretty fall decor, so I purged the stuff I didn’t need anymore, and started buying new a little bit at a time.

During the Great Purge of 2017, I decided I didn’t want super brightly colored fall decor like I had in my tub. I wanted more subtle, darker, richer fall colors and neutrals for our home someday. And of course, I decided this AFTER I made my wreath. And I know you’re thinking… why should that matter? Wreaths go on doors. Well, we got a lovely reminder from our apartment complex that we aren’t allowed to put wreaths on our doors now. (Cue the massive eye roll. This is also why I don’t have it hanging on a door for the picture because I literally will get fined.) So my wreath doesn’t match the rest of my decor, but I literally don’t even care, because I’m SO PROUD of how it turned out!

This wreath was super easy to make… just really really time consuming. I can proudly say, this wreath cost me less than $20 to make, and everything I used was from the Dollar Tree. Now, it might not be as full or “real” looking as some of the ones you can buy pre-made at Michaels. But it also didn’t cost me $89.99 (However, I totally get why those dang wreaths are so expensive now, because dang is it tedious work!)

So, if you’re looking for a fun fall project, that is inexpensive and will bring a little life to your door (or wall) this Fall, keep on reading!


Shopping List
1 Wire Wreath Form
2 Willow Wreaths (Large)
3 Mini Mums (I chose an orange, a cream and a burgundy)
2 Mums (I chose gold and burgundy)
2 “Bouquet” (This is what it said on the tag. It’s the little bunch that had a mix of leaves berries or gourds and pinecones)
1 “Fall Pick” (Agin, what it said on the tag. I chose one with a pumpkin on it!)
2 Maple Leaves Bundles (The ones on the stems, not in the bags!)
1 Roll of Ribbon
Hot Glue Gun
Floral Wire (You can buy this in the Craft Aisle!)

First things first… start disassembling all your fall florals. This will take awhile, so put on a Fall movie and GO TO TOWN. (Might I suggest Hallmark Channel this Saturday?!) I separated mine by style, so that I could make sure when I started adding to my wreath, I had them spread out evenly all around it, rather than random bunches of Mums at the top and no where else.


Now, grab your willow wreaths and cut them in half. I totally drove that struggle bus trying to cut these with my scissors. If you have one of those tools that cut things, I’d use those. It will chop right through it! We have one, but I had zero idea where it was, so I just used my scissors and cut away piece by piece.


Side note, if you just want to use the willow wreath form, you can! However, I decided I wanted my wreath to be bigger than the willow wreaths they sell at Dollar Tree. So that’s why I cut it, and added it to the wire wreath. 

Once you’ve cut your willow wreath, go ahead and use your floral wire to attach it to half of your wire wreath. I also used a little bit of hot glue, just to keep the two pieces laying nicely next to each other.


LOL. I’m such a professional. 🙂

Next, start adding your flowers! Some you can just wrap around your wreath, some, you can use your floral wire, and some you can hot glue into place. Whatever you have to do to make it look pretty! I didn’t take any pictures of this step, because it really should be whatever you think looks the prettiest! This takes SO LONG. So be sure to do it on a day when you’re in the mood for DIYing, and you’ve got some serious time on your hands.

Once you’ve got your florals on, make your bow! I watched a bunch of YouTube videos to decide which style bow I liked best. Once I had it looking just like I wanted, I glued it on to my wreath.

When it’s done, it’s going to look like this…


Personally, I think the big empty space makes it look lop-sided. However, I know some people love this look. So you can totally stop there! But I wanted to make it look a little more balanced. (That’s the Libra in my y’all. I can’t help it. HAHA)

So, I picked up a K from Michaels. (I know… not Dollar Tree, but it only cost me $2!) And threw a quick coat of Martha Stewart’s Metallic Gold craft paint on it. And voila! It was done!

Processed with VSCO with c9 preset
Sorry I had to lay it on the floor for a picture. We had ZERO good lighting in our apartment today!

So what do you think? Pretty gorgeous for being made from all Dollar Store florals right?!

What Fall DIYs are you doing this year?! I’ve got another coming at you in about 2 Weeks that I’m DYING to share with you!

Alright friends. We’re on the home stretch for the weekend and I couldn’t be more ready. I just wish I got a chance to relax this weekend… but you’ll find me at The Ballpark. It’s the last home games of the season, so I’ll be there all dang weekend. But that’s okay! Because next weekend, we’re gong off on a weekend getaway to celebrate my Birthday. EEK!

Have a fantastic weekend my loves. I’ll be back Sunday with a weekend roundup.



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