Crossing Off My Bucket List: Jackson Hole

You Guys. It’s 5 am and I feel like a straight up zombie but it’s totally okay because at least I’m sitting here writing to you. Yesterday was the absolute worst, Monday-iest Monday of all Mondays. I went into work at 8, didn’t get home until 7:15 and basically laid in bed with half and eye open to watch Dancing with the Stars.

Speaking of…. who do you think is taking home the mirror ball this season?! My money is on Jordan and Lindsay!

Also… my work gave me a Fitbit yesterday and it’s sitting here yelling at me to GO GO GO and guys. I’m just so not about that life rn. I’ve taken a total of 7 steps this morning (it’s so far from my coffee maker to my chair guys). Ugh. I have a very long way to go to 10,000. (But also, I’m rocking in my chair and it thinks I’m walking. LOL)

Anyways, I’m starting my Tuesday off the best way I can. Drinking coffee, watching The Holiday (one of my absolute favorite movies) and blogging about Jackson Hole. And any day that I get to talk about Jackson Hole is instantly a good day.

If you’ve been around awhile, you know that we love Jackson Hole so much, we named our cat after the place. Jackson Hole was a huge trip for me. I had NEVER seen mountains before. Ever. And I had always been enchanted by the whole “stay in a cabin and wake up with your coffee staring at the mountains while it snows and you sit by the fireplace” thing. So when my parents said I could pick anywhere I wanted to go since we were celebrating my college graduation, I decided to pick the mountains.

So how did I end up on Jackson Hole, WY? I saw one photo of The Tetons and I was sold. I mean, how could I not want to go here???


Alright. Are we ready to see Part 1 of the TWO Part Jackson Hole Bucket List?! Get ready to enjoy some of the prettiest photos you’ll ever see! (I’m breaking my Bucket List based on how our trip went, so I don’t miss anything. So this list you’ll see the things we crossed off on on the first half of our trip, and next week, the things we did on the second half of our trip!)

Road Trip Out West

Part of what I loved about our trip to Jackson Hole was the trip out west. My Dad had taken the same trip when he was little, and he wanted me and Trevor to get to see the things he loved too. So before we even got to Jackson Hole we got to visit a few really awesome places. 

Ride Across The Badlands 

Our first stop was The Badlands. They were so freakin’ cool. 

Visit a Tourist Trap 

Wall Drug was easily the strangest but greatest place ever. 

See Mount Rushmore

Mount Rushmore! I loved spending an evening with the Presidents! 

See Mountains

I’ll never forget the final stretch of our drive to The Tetons. Trevor and my mom were both asleep, but I was wide awake in the early morning while my dad was driving. I kept asking him “Are those The Tetons?!” Every time I saw a hill in the distance. He kept saying “Savannah. You will know the mountains when you see them.” I probably asked him 55+ times the second we crossed the state line into Wyoming. And he was right. I totally knew the second I saw them! And I was awe-struck. 

Visit the Last of the Wild West 

When I was little, my favorite Mary Kate and Ashely movie was How The West Was Fun, and ever since, I had wanted to go to the Old West! 

Take a Hike in the Mountains


We got to go on SO many hikes while we were Jackson. But this picture is from my very first hike in the mountains EVER. Such a perfect memory. 

Visit Downtown Jackson 

Dem arches tho.

Take a Scenic Drive

Someday, Trev and I will be rich and we’ll be walking to our boat parked here in Colter Bay.

Swim at the base of a Mountain

Easily one of the Top 10 experiences of my life. It was SO cold. But SO FREAKIN’ AWESOME.

Swim in a Hot Spring

Granite Hot Springs is a bit of a drive out into the middle of nowhere, but it is SO worth it! 

Go to a Rodeo 

The Rodeo was one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen! 

The first three days of our trip were filled with so many amazing things! But honestly… we saved the best for the second half 🙂 Come back next Tuesday to see what else we crossed off when I was in Jackson Hole.

Want to read more about all the things I’ve mentioned above? Find the original posts here, here,  here, here, here, and here. (They’ve got lots of pretty pictures and great information if you’re thinking about heading to Wyoming!)

You can find my other Bucket List posts herehereherehere, and here.

Alright guys. I hope that this post wasn’t too all over the place. My coffee still hasn’t kicked in, and honestly, I can’t tell if I’ve written anything cohesive or not. HAHA Have a wonderful Tuesday everyone! Please pray for me… we’re supposed to get thunderstorms today. Which means another day of the kids not being able to go outside. Which is never a good thing.


3 thoughts on “Crossing Off My Bucket List: Jackson Hole

  1. Wow… this is absolutely inspiring. I only just added my bucket list to my blog. I accomplished some of it already, but there’s a lot still that needs to be done. Thanks for sharing.. you inspired me to get going on it.


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