Short’s Brewing Company

Ohhh Monday. Why’d you have to get here so quickly? It feels like my weekend FLEW by and now we’re back to the grind. Ugh. However, Monday seems a little less bad when the weather is THIS gorgeous! I mean, holy cow, it totally doesn’t feel like September! Now, not that I want to wish away sunshine and 80 degree days, but, your girl is totally ready for snuggly sweaters, crisp air, changing leaves and cozy pubs.

In my brain, nothing is more perfect than heading to a cozy pub on a Friday night for dinner. The kind where it feels like you’re home because you’re surrounded by family and friends, amazing food and really great craft beers.

While there are TONS of pubs like this around the world, and we all have our favorites, today, we’re talking about one that is near and dear to my heart. I’m talking the craft beer mecca of Northern Michigan. The place that is busy no matter what time of the year because everyone wants to taste their beer fresh out the keg. And the place that literally embodies the lifestyle of Northern Michigan.

Tucked away between the lush forests, vast lakes and winding rivers of Northern Michigan is the sleepy little town of Bellaire. The town that is often passed by as tourists make their way to Petoskey or to Traverse City. It’s a town so quaint, that if you blinked while driving through, you’d totally miss it. But for those who open their eyes, they will find a truly magical little Northern Michigan town.

Now I bet you’re thinking “Hmmmm. Why Does Bellaire sound familiar?” And no. It’s not the same one Will Smith made famous. There is probably one big reason you’ve heard of this Bellaire. And that reason is Short’s Brewing Company.

If you are a craft beer lover and have ever been to the Midwest, Short’s needs no introduction. Known for deliciously unique brews with even more creative names, Short’s is a craft brew mecca that was built by Northern Michigan, for Northern Michigan.

Short’s has earned it’s place among some of the best breweries in Michigan over the past 15 years. Since 2002, they have been striving to craft high quality, creatively fearless beer. And I think I speak for the entire state of Michigan when I say, they succeed year after year.

Trev and I absolutely love Short’s craft beers. From sipping Soft Parade on the beach to Local’s Lights at sunset all summer to Autumn Ale in the Fall and Woodmaster in the Winter, Short’s has a beer for every tastebud, in every season.

Making the trip to Bellaire to drink our favorite beers at Short’s Pub had been on Trev and I’s “To Do List” for AGES. This past summer, we finally made it. And we are seriously counting down the days until we can go back.


The vibe is right from the second you step out of your car. Short’s takes up pretty much an entire city block. The second I saw it, I knew it was the kind of place I’d love. In fact, the best way I can describe it is “home”. Whenever I try to describe to people in Detroit what Northern Michigan is like, I have the hardest time. They say things like “Wasn’t it boring growing up there? Or what was it like growing up in the woods?” Of course I tell them how lucky I was to grow up in the “Northern Michigan way of life.” And of course I tell them about just how beautiful it is no matter where you turn… but I can never quite convey the feeling of Northern Michigan without just calling it home. I feel like if I could send every single one of these people to Short’s for a beer, they’d totally just get “it” and understand what I’m trying to say.

The best thing about a visit to Short’s is that all your favorite beers are there and just waiting for you to try! I highly suggest getting a flight! They give you a list of all the beers they have on tap that day, and you get to check off the ones you want to try!


Choose the 5 that sound best to you, drink them, then do it over again if you still can’t decide what you like the best 🙂

Actual footage of Trev’s dreams coming true. HAHA

We only did one flight because we were SOLD on their Soft Parade Shandy. Fair warning… all of their beer tastes better while drinking it inside the Pub, so be prepared to drink wayyyy too many beers. They just go down so dang smooth!

Are you a Short’s Beer virgin? Or maybe even never gotten into craft beer in general? Don’t worry. The super friendly, knowledgable staff will never make you feel bad about being a newbie. They’ll treat you like family, and help you find something you will love.

OR you could just take my advice and order a Local’s, Soft Parade, Soft Parade Shandy, Exeter, or Melt My Brain. (Those are my favorites that are on tap as of this post going live!)

And while you may go to Short’s for the beer, I highly suggest grabbing a bite to eat while you’re there too. They offer an OUTSTANDING menu stocked full of fresh, local ingredients.


We opted for Loop de Loops (Housemade soft pretzels made with Local’s Light and topped with pyramid sea salt. Served with a side of spicy pilsner mustard and queso cheese dip.) as our appetizer and the Joppa Road Pizza (Housemade sausage, roasted peppers and onions, parmigiano reggiano, chili flake, oregano and marinara.) Which were both TO DIE FOR.


Oh, and if you are one of those people that like to pair their drinks with their food, the staff will totally help you out.

And of course, you can’t leave Bellaire without a Growler of your new favorite beer and souvenirs from Short’s Mart.


Learn more about Short’s Brewing Company here. (I highly recommend reading their story, and about the culture they create within their company!) Plan your trip to the Brew Pub or their Production Facility here. Can’t make it to Michigan but want to try their beer anyway? Use their Beer Locator to see if you can find it near you.

And whatever you do, remember. “Life is Short’s. Drink it while you’re here.”




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