Weekend Round Up

Ugh. Guys… my weekend was so less than ideal. Like seriously. In fact… it was so less than ideal that I feel like I shouldn’t even write about. So instead… I’m going to share pictures of what I wish my weekend looked like. Cuz you know, “Think Happy Thoughts” is supposed to get ya places 🙂

Friday night is Date Night at our house, and we go out to dinner when we’re home.

Here’s what I’d hoped Date Night would be like…

Processed with VSCO with c8 preset

Leaving the restaurant with big smiles, full bellies and all sorts of happy. Instead, we waited 45 minutes just to receive a cold appetizer and then another 20 for cold entrees. And then another 20 for our check after we finished our food. People who came in after we ordered had eaten their food and left before we even got our dinner. I’m still fuming about it, TBH.

Here is what I’d hoped my Saturday afternoon would look like…


Going on a fun adventure and enjoying the insanely beautiful, September weather.  Instead, I slept in be because I was sick and was silently dying.

Here’s what I’d hoped my Saturday night looked like…

Processed with VSCO with c6 preset

Nothing is more peaceful then beautiful sunsets over Lake Michigan! Instead… I was working at the Tigers game. Which, to be fair, was actually really fun until I was literally the last person to leave because people wouldn’t leave their suites even though the entire park was closed. Ugh.

Here is what I hoped my Sunday morning looked like…


Enjoying a relaxing morning after sleeping in and laying in bed all day prepping the blog for the week and getting ahead on lesson plans for work. Instead I was back to the ball park by 10 am.

And you know what stinks? I know next weekend is going to turn out pretty much the same. However, the good news is, it’s the last weekend we’ll be working at Comerica for awhile, and the weekends after that we are taking a few weekend getaways!

Alright guys. I’m off to try to get 2 whole days worth of stuff done in about 20 minutes. (The amount of time until my Nyquil kicks in.)

I hope your weekends were much more exciting than mine! Have a great rest of your Sunday loves. I’m back tomorrow with a Mitten Monday post you aren’t going to want to miss!


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