10 Things I learned Working for The Tigers

Hi Friends! Today I’m back with a super fun post. As most of you know, I spent my summer rocking this super cute, super stylish uniform.

Super cute bathroom selfie. You’re welcome.

That’s right! I worked for the Detroit Tigers and it seriously was so much better than I expected it to be. The job wasn’t glamours… at all. I worked in guest services. I basically pushed wheel chairs, opened doors and said “The Bathroom is at 138” a billion and a half times. As un-glamours as the job was, I met some really awesome people, and had a ton of fun!

Oh… and I got to work with this guy 🙂 We had this routine down that I freakin loved. I’d take him to work super early and then I’d pack dinner and we’d eat it at his work and go to the games, then head home late at night. As weird as it sounds, I seriously miss all our extra time together.


There’s a bit of magic that comes with attending a baseball game. The other fans, the smells of hot dogs, the icy cold beers and the famous players are more than enough to keep fans coming back game after game. It’s easy to let the atmosphere of the ballpark mask what’s really happening. There are literally thousands of people behind the scenes, working their butts off to make your experience the best it can possibly be.

Dudes dressed up as mascots, cooks serving up delicious treats to suite holders, ushers helping people find their seats, house keeping making sure everything is clean, supervisors sprinting from one end of the park to another and of course guest service representatives. The list could go on and on. All of these people are the reason you have so much fun while you’re at the ball park. And all of these people deserve a smile and a thank you next summer while you’re there. Because I can promise you, they are some of the best people you will ever meet… and they would really appreciate knowing that you appreciate all they do!

So while I was pushing wheel chairs, opening doors, granting suite access and filling out First Game Certificates, I kept notes in my head of all the things I learned while working at a ball park. And if you’ve ever worked at one, I guarantee you can TOTALLY relate.

10 Things I Learned Working For The Detroit Tigers

  1. Dudes get really, really, really brave by the 5th inning… thanks to those $11 beers. I’ve had guys kiss my hand, scream that I’m beautiful as they run down ramps, ask for my number, try to feed me food from their suites (Seriously the biggest test to my willpower ever) and say things that should never be repeated. As flattering as it may be, it gets real old, real quick.
  2. People will do ANYTHING for a free bobble head. You think Black Friday is crazy? You’ve never been at a gate when they’re giving away Miguel Cabrera bobble heads to the first 10,000 fans. They’ll push each other, throw punches AND knock over the elderly just to get their hands on one. Usually only to forget it in the bathroom an hour later and then scream at Guest Services when they won’t give them another one.
  3. Time is measured in Innings and Outs and 7th inning stretches… not hours and minutes. Seriously… 8:30 pm doesn’t mean anything to me. But you know what does? Someone saying “It’s the bottom of the 8th.” Because then I know there is only 9 more outs until the game is over. And when you’re stuck at a random suite access point that no one comes through and there isn’t a tv in sight, hearing the 7th inning stretch let’s you know you’re almost there!
  4. Speaking of the 7th Inning Stretch, Take Me Out To The Ballgame takes a solid three hours to get out of your head. That, and God Bless America.
  5. Baseball players are actually really nice. Seriously… they don’t act “too good” to smile and say hello to you. At our ballpark, we check in right next to the players clubhouse entrance. So after the game, they’re always standing around, fresh out the shower, greeting their family and friends. And for all you women out there wondering… I can absolutely confirm most are just as cute in person and smell even better than you’d expect 😉 HAHA
  6. Rain is the worst on Game Day. Nothing makes you cringe like seeing a storm creep close to the ball park on the radar. Rain delays are the WORST and you can seriously be there all dang night. So, it’s always good to do a little rain dance before heading to the ballpark
  7. Nothing will make you drop to your knees and pray like a tie game as the 9th inning nears. Seriously. I’ve almost cried watching them tie a game as they head into the 9th. Extra innings are the ABSOLUTE WORST. Because in my experience, these games go on, and on, and on, and on, and on….
  8. There isn’t a place on earth that is hotter than a ballpark in the middle of July. LOL you want me to feel sorry for you that you’re sweating while walking on the beach sipping an icee? You don’t know hot until you’ve pushed wheel chairs to the tip top of a ballpark in the middle of July. Seriously. The heat gets trapped in there and literally just cooks you.
  9. You get to see some pretty amazing plays… or in my case, brawls. I can PROUDLY say I was there for the Tigers/Yankees Brawls of 2017. I’ve never been so dang pumped in my life. Everyone, not just the players but the fans too, were fighting and it was just SO EXCITING! I happened to be working First Gamer Certificates that day, and everyone was having me write “The Brawl” on them. HAHA
  10. You end up wondering why you ever worked any other summer job. 

I’m seriously going to miss working for the Tigers during the off season, and only hope that I can work there next summer too! But lucky for me, I still have a few games left to enjoy before officially saying “See Ya Later” to Comerica Park. In fact, that’s where you’re going to find me this weekend! So if you’re at the game, be sure to come say hello!

Have a wonderful weekend my friends! It’s going to feel like summer here, so I hope it’s just as beautiful where you are too!! I’ll be back on Sunday 🙂


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