Crossing Off My Bucket List: My First Cruise + 10 Reasons You Should Be Cruising with Disney

Ahhh Travel Tuesday. How I love you so! I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. #TravelTuesday is hands down my favorite Instagram hashtag!

This Travel Tuesday, I’m sharing another trip that helped me cross something BIG off my Bucket List. When I was little, I was OBSESSED with Mary Kate and Ashley. (What 90s girl wasn’t?!) And I was particularly infatuated with the one where they go on the cruise ship!

Ever since I watched them board their Carnival cruise, I wanted to go on  one just like them. Fast forward a few years and they came out with Holiday in the Sun. Cue me wanting to spend winter break in the Bahamas.

Not too long after Holiday in the Sun came out, I got some of the greatest news ever. Our summer vacation was going to be a Disney Cruise. I was SO STOKED. Combining my love of Disney with a my dream of spending days at sea?! Heck to the yes.

We loved our first cruise so much, that two summers later, we went back again. This time, with my best friend and her family.

Okay guys! Ready to see what I crossed off my Bucket List while I was on my very first (and second!) cruise?! The pictures below are a combination from these two cruises. LOL at literally everything I’m wearing! hahahahaha  Remember… don’t judge the quality of the photos. Like I said, these posts aren’t about blog quality photos, they’re about high quality memories 😉

Go on a cruise.

100_1497Visit the Bahamas.


You guys. I just can’t even with these photos of myself. OMG. Hahahaha

LOL that’s it! These were the only two things that I had on my bucket list. But the experiences we had on the Disney Cruise were so great, that I can’t not share some more pictures!

All set for my very first Disney cruise! My gosh I was so dang little! July, 2003

100_1324.jpgHere we are for my second Disney Cruise! July, 2005[/caption]<<<<<<<<<<
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LOL here is me posing on the steps thinking I’m Rose looking for my Jack while I’m on my way to dinner.


Castaway Cay is easily the best part of Disney Cruises! We got to snorkel, play on the beach and have waiters bring us chocolate smoothies while we laid in the water.


Pirates In The Caribbean Party

You guys. I thought I looked SO GOOD with these braids. OMG. Look at me posing! Hahahaha

Every time I ever went to Disney world I wanted to get my picture with Aladdin and we never found him. Well… dreams really do come true on Disney Cruises. (Also, why does Aladdin look like my long lost brother? Something you want to tell me Mom and Dad?)


If you’re thinking about cruising any time soon, I really think you should consider a Disney Cruise. It doesn’t matter if you have kids or not, I promise! I feel like I’m doing Disney an injustice with this lovely photos of myself, so I’m adding a bonus to this Bucket List post. And thats the 10 Reasons you should be cruising with Disney.

10 Reasons You Should Be Cruising with Disney

  1. The Ships. Giant vessels with all the old time luxury feels, sprinkled with Disney Magic. These ships are one of a kind. Unlike any other cruise ship, guests are absolutely pampered from the second the step aboard (with the cast announcing your name and clapping for you, none the less) with state of the art amenities and the top notch service you have come to expect from the Disney company. Nightclubs, spas, pools, theaters, restaurants, and shops make these boats seem more like a little mini city that floats than a cruise ship. They are inviting and intriguing and I promise you, every port you pull into, you will be the envy of every other cruiser around. The Disney fleet is comprised of Four different ships, each with unique qualities and different Ports of Call.
  2. The Ports of Call. Speaking of Ports… Disney offers cruises from Alaska to Europe and everywhere in between. Each cruise has Ports of Call that are specifically picked to enhance your vacation. Heading to the Caribbean? You can bet you’ll find white sand beaches, exotic flavors and rum soaked Pirate history. Cruising around Europe? You’ll find the monuments and masterpieces that have shaped history, along side stunning fjords and charming villages. It doesn’t matter where in this world you’re cruising with Disney, it’s going to be SO magical.
  3. The Private Island. If you’ve set sail in the Caribbean, you’re guaranteed a stop at Disney’s Private Island, Castaway Cay. Crystal clear blue waters, white sandy beaches, hammocks under neath coconut trees… it has it all. And the best part? You don’t have to share it with ANYONE else. This place is for your cruise, and your cruise alone. The 1,000 acre island is split up into a few parts. A family beach, an adults only beach, a snorkling lagoon, a water playground, a teen hideout, a kids club, a shade pavilion filled with games, a sports beach, shopping, boat rentals, character greetings and places to eat. It’s basically a little slice of Hevean.
  4. The Food. Ugh. The food. You’ll probably leave your cruise having gained 15 pounds because there is SO MUCH FOOD. Each ship is equipped with family dining restaurants each with their own theme. You rotate through the restaurants so you’re able to experience them all. These restaurants are where you’ll eat dinner at your scheduled time. But don’t worry. There are way more than just the fancy dinner places on board too! Sweets and buffets, snacks and bars. You’ll find exactly what you’re looking for. And the best part? All of your food is included in the cost. You literally never have to pay… for anything. (Except alcohol.)
  5. The Fun for All Ages. The best thing about Disney is that they reach every single person on the ship. Children obviously love all things Disney, but they have specific things for the hard to please tweens and teens and relaxing getaways for the adults too. The Youth Clubs on Disney Cruise lines are top of the line child care disguised as Top Secret Clubs for babies, children and teens. For the babies, the It’s A Small World Nursery hosted by Huggies will give them the chance to romp and play. The Oceaneer Club allows children 3-12 years old immerse themselves in magical lands. The Oceaneer Lab is filled with activites and games for children 3-12 too. You just drop your child off and they are left in the care of Disney Cast Members. And I promise you, your little ones won’t want to leave when you come back to pick them up. You tweens cane hang out at Edge, and you’ll be able to find your teens at Vibe. My second cruise, my best friend and I hung out here every day and LOVED it.
  6. The Port Adventures. It’s pretty common that people expect nothing less than perfection when it comes to anything with the Disney name. Cruise ship excursions always have the chance to go awry. But you won’t have to worry about this with Disney. It’s easy to choose the excursions that sound the most fun to you, and you can find comfort in knowing that Disney only works with the best of the best companies, so you’ll always be in good hands! From dog sledding in Alaska to swimming with dolphins in the Bahamas, snorkling on Castaway Cay to boating the Almafi coast, Disney’s Port Adventures will show the best that your Ports have to offer.
  7. The Entertainment. Nightly stage shows, deck parties, movie theaters, fireworks, night clubs, shopping… Disney ships are packed full with so much entertainment that there is no way you’ll be able to do everything on board before your cruise is over. The Deck Parties were BY FAR my favorite. I mean… how many times do you get to say you danced the night away with Minnie, or were on a ship overrun by pirates only to have Mickey and his friends come save the day? To this day, I will NEVER forget looking over to the other ships during our Sail Away party (it starts while you’re still in port) and seeing all these other people on other cruise ships staring at ours and looking SO SAD that they weren’t having nearly as much fun as us.
  8. The Cast.  Disney Cast Members are the best of the best. They go above and beyond for you. They’re friendly and helpful, gracious and caring. While on the cruise, you get to know the people that clean your room, take care of your children, or serve your favorite treats. They know how to make you happy, and make your vacation the best it possibly could be.
  9. The No Worries Vibe. You literally don’t worry about a single thing aboard Disney Cruise Lines. They take care of absolutely everything for you. You’re safe, you’re taken care of, and you’re happy. No Worries = Pure Relaxaion. And pure fun.
  10. The Magic.  The only ships in the world navigated by Pixie Dust and Magic. They don’t say “Get Ready to Set Sail on a Fairytale” for nothing. It’s Disney. It’s going to be your most magical vacation yet!

Still not convinced? Pop some popcorn and watch their cruise planning video! You can find a current one here on YouTube, but if you want the official Cruise Planning DVD and Boucher click here! It’s free and they will mail it out to you ASAP. Or, learn more about the amazing adventures you can embark on here.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go watch the YouTube video and pretend I’m on a Disney Cruise and not sitting in my apartment. Have a wonderful rest of you Tuesday everyone!



PS… Sooo sorry if you’re getting an email twice for this post! It went up this morning but I noticed it had some serious technical difficulties so I took it down until I could get to a computer!

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