Praying for Florida

Hey loves! This morning, I started my typical Sunday routine. I woke up, got my massive cup of coffee, sat down with my Macbook and turned on the tv so I could start writing my Weekend Round Up.

But when I saw what was plastered all over the news this morning, it just didn’t feel right to talk about the fun I had when devastation is about to hit the entire state of Florida. Hurricane Irma is huge, terrifying and so dang dangerous.

While I sit glued to the Weather Channel, I have friends and family that I know didn’t make it out of Florida in time. They’re hunkered down in their homes listening to wind and rain pound their walls. And so today, I’m praying for them. For their safety and for the storm to pass over them without causing too much damage.

And for my family and friends who did make it out in time, but left their entire world behind them, I’m praying they can return home soon, and find their homes still standing, and belongings untouched.

If you have family and friends waiting out the storm, be sure to text them and tell them you love them and are thinking about them. Offer to help them however you can from where you are, and most importantly, pray.


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