Crossing Off My Bucket List: Banff Part 2!

Happy Travel Tuesday Wednesday Everyone! I know. Usually on Wednesdays we wear pink and write about weddings on Savannah Said It. But I decided I’d much rather write about Banff than wedding planning today.

If you missed Part One of my Banff Bucket List post, click here! You’ll get to see a bunch of fun things we did, and find out how Banff got on my bucket list in the first place. (You’ll never guess how I discovered this place!)

We left off with picnics in the mountains and trips up the Icefields Parkway. And as promised, today’s pictures are even more beautiful than last weeks!

Visit Moraine Lake

Easily my favorite lake in the Canadian Rockies! Lake Louise gets all the hype. And it should, it’s gorgeous! But there is just something about this lake that makes my heart burst. The water is just as pretty but the mountains that surround it are even more breathtaking in my opinion! 

Canoe in the Canadian Rockies


Which is why I chose to canoe on Moraine Lake instead of Lake Louise! It’s the same price, but it’s not quite as busy. And y’all. It’s GORGEOUS. 

See the Grassi Lakes

I really wanted to see the Grassi Lakes because the colors are supposedly awesome. And they were! Plus it was a quick and easy hike, and we really enjoyed it! 
PS… if you want to see Lakes like this but can’t make it to Canada… try Kitch-it’s-kipi in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula! They are not the same type of body of water but they look exactly the same!

That’s Kitch-iti-kipi on the right, and one of the Grassi Lakes on the Left! 

Try Poutine

I didn’t like it.

See if Peyto Lake is really THAT Blue


Spoiler Alert: It really is!!!

Hang Around and Enjoy The View


We hung our hammock in a spot we hiked back to. It was literally so perfect!!

Visit Lake Louise


Tierra? Is that you on the other side of the lake?!! 

Hike in the Canadian Rockies



Eat at the Tea House


By far the best tea and biscuits I’ve ever had! 

Ride the Gondola at Lake Louise


View from the top of the Gondola! 

Try the World Famous Pizza at Bear Street Tavern


So the pizza is awesome, but it’s their specialty sauce that it totally is strange but I promise, it’s the BEST sauce you’ll ever taste!!!!

Enjoy Downtown Banff


Our last day in town, we shopped on Banff Avenue and stopped for some beers at Banff Avenue Brewing. So perfect!

Try some Canadian Craft Brews


Funny story! Our first night in Banff, we went to dinner and they had their beer list. I wanted to try a Canadian craft brew, but didn’t really know what to choose! I saw one that said The Canadian and I thought “That’s it! That’s my beer!” So I ordered it. And OMG guess what came out?! Freakin’ Molson. Which they sell all over Detroit. Trev gave me such a hard time! Hahahaha Which is why I was stoked to try craft beers at Grizzly Peak in Canmore our last night there. 

Have the Honeymoon of a Lifetime


Banff was the adventure of a lifetime. I constantly think back to the day Trev asked me where I wanted to go for our Honeymoon and thank God for making Lake Louise pop into my head. When I left Banff, I left a giant chunk of my heart there, and I seriously can’t wait to go back someday!

We took a ton of videos while we were there, but this one is our favorite!

If Banff wasn’t on your Bucket List before, I hope it is now! Want to know more about all the things I mentioned above? Check out ALL of my original Banff posts here,  here,  here,  here,  here,  herehere and finally here.

You can find my other Bucket List posts hereherehere and here!

Next week, we’re going quite a few years back, for a fun flashback on a big item I crossed off my Bucket List when I was in high school. I can’t wait to share it with you! I seriously was LOLing so hard getting the pictures I needed this weekend!

Have a fantastic rest of your Wednesday friends! I’m back tomorrow with my official goodbye to Summer.


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