Weekend Round Up: LDW

Hey there loves! I wish I could tell you that I’m writing you this from a sunny beach in Northern Michigan while I soak up every last spec of summer possible. But I’m not. Im in a car on a freeway that has turned into a parking lot trying to make it back to Metro Detroit while its dark and gloomy and about to start pouring. Ugh. So not Instagram worthy!

Want to know what was Instagram worthy though? My amazing long weekend Up North! We had so much fun and I’m seriously SO SAD knowing that our fun summer days are officially O-V-E-R.

Our weekend was extra long, because it started on Thursday! Jacksy Cat and I picked Trev up from work, and we made it to Manistee in record time. We were home before dinner time, just like the trench coat twins, and got to eat dinner with my dad at TJs pub and of course, take a beach ride!

Dat golden highlight tho.

Friday we had planned to do a family hike, but my dad ended up heading down to Detroit for the day to help move my cousin into her college dorm! So my mom, Trev and I watched some movies, went to lunch and made some treats for our family BBQ.

Queso Bites!

I made these Queso Bites I found on Mix and Match Mama and let me tell you… they were a massive hit! So much so that my grandma had me write down the recipe so she could make them for our second family BBQ later in the weekend. They were so simple and took less than a half hour to make. I highly recommend this recipe!!

We had to sneak out of the BBQ early because Friday night was my mom’s schools very first home football game EVER. She teaches at a very small Northern Michigan school (Like 300 kids K-12 in one building, small!) and this year is the very first year they have a football team. They played against a team that is known as a football power house around here and guess what? They won!!! It was literally so exciting!

Bear Lake’s very first home football game! Go Lakers!

Saturday was of course Game Day! Our beloved Michigan Wolverines were playing. After a quick walk on the beach that morning we made some snacks, ordered our Big Al’s and settled in for the game. #GoBlue

Hardly Ann Arbor… but you know we’re always reppin’. 

We tried to get our hike in Saturday evening after the game but it started pouring rain! Instead, we just watched more football.

Sunday we had a really busy day! Trev and my dad went fishing while my mom and I hit up our favorite breakfast spot. We spent the afternoon celebrating my beautiful grandma. It was her 74th birthday! After my grandma’s birthday party we headed out to my great Uncle’s house for another BBQ and then to the beach to catch one last summer sunset.

Grandma blowing out her birthday candles! 
Love our grandma to pieces! Family Cookout number 2!
These are my people. 
One last summer sunset. 

Monday morning (today for me, but since I write a day ahead it’s yesterday for you… Hola from the past 😏) we had a big breakfast and packed up our car. We thought maybe we’d be able to beat out some traffic. But that totally wasn’t the case.

LOL we were SO PACKED on our way home today! (PS… don’t worry. I wasn’t taking pictures and driving down the road. We were 15 cars back waiting at a stop light. Ugh. LDW traffic.)

The rest of our night was unpacking, grocery shopping and prepping for the week ahead.

The weather was a bit cold, but overall we had an amazing weekend!

And in the blink of an eye, summer is over. 😦


hope your LDW was just as perfect as mine. Only, I hope you had warm weather and were able to grab a few relaxing days on the beach! Now that summer is officially behind us, I’m ready for all things fall! Cozy sweaters, warm drinks, football and crisp air. Eeeek!

Tomorrow you’re getting a Travel Tuesday post on a Wednesday! I’ll see you then.

Have a great day everyone!



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