LDW Essentials

It’s here. The most bittersweet long weekend of the year. The last weekend of summer is just days away. And while it’s tempting to start digging out my fall candles, cozy sweaters and riding boots, I’m determined to live our summer for one more weekend before it’s time to say goodbye again until next June.

If you’ve been lucky, you’ve packed many weekend bags this summer. And if you’re even luckier… your bag is still packed from last weekend’s adventures. But there are a few things you need to add to your typical summer weekender bag to get it LDW ready.

5 Things You Have to Pack this Labor Day Weekend 

All white, everything. It’s the last weekend of summer you can unapologetically wear white! (I’m not a fan of that stupid rule, but a lot of people are and will give you crap for wearing white after Labor Day.) I’m talking your favorite little white sun dress, white pants, white sweater and white bikini. Bring it all, and where it proudly before all these items don’t see the light of day until next year. Your tan, and your closet will thank you.

Your Beach Essentials. What is it you must have at the beach?! Pack it. Your favorite bikini, towel, sunscreen, and aloe are all must haves if you’re heading to the beach this LDW!

Your Favorite Beach Read. Packing a book is always a good idea! While you may have plans for BBQs and beach parties all weekend, chances are, you’ll have some down time too. And for me, the best way to relax is by grabbing my favorite beach read and reading in the hammock. Yesterday, I mentioned how much I love Elin Hilderbrand, so if you’re looking for a beachy book to pick up, literally choose any of hers!

Your favorite summer sandals. Does anyone else feel like when the first Tuesday of September hits you can’t wear your favorite summer sandals anymore? Or is that just me? Sure, I’ll throw on my Birks when I run to the store, but as for my favorite wedges and espadrilles? They just don’t match my fall wardrobe. So where ’em while you can! The clock on summer is tickin’ away quickly.

Bright Lipstick. Seriously… don’t pack your favorite dark colors just yet. Wear those pinks, oranges and punchy toned reds. You have 6 months to wear the colors that reflect your soul… live in the light for one more weekend, my friends. 😉

What are you packing for the long weekend ahead?!

I’m off to run some errands and clean my house before I start packing!! We’re leaving Thursday night to head Up North and tomorrow is date night! I’m soooo excited to be heading to the beach and see my family, I literally can’t wait for it to get here!

Have a great Tuesday love bugs! I’ll be back tomorrow.


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