How to Get Alone Time on your Wedding Day

Good Morning Loves! My goodness. I’m sitting over here like a zombie trying to keep my eyes open. On days we work at Comerica, I drop Trev off at his real job, and then go back with dinner and we sit in his office and eat and watch Parks and Rec before we have to head downtown. Well this morning, I was thinking about all the stuff I was going to get done before I left for Trev’s work AND I FELL ASLEEP ON THE COUCH WITH MY BAGEL IN MY HAND. There goes my productive day. HAHA

So todays post will be short and sweet and if you’re about to get married, pure freakin’ gold. I’m about to give you some of the best advice I can for your wedding day, and trust me, if you only take one piece of advice from anyone while you’re wedding planning, this should be it.

Your wedding day is going to be crazy. It will be a whirlwind of emotions, moments and people all flying around you in a literal blink of an eye. My advice to you? Find a moment to spend with just each other to really savor the day. 

When I look back to our wedding day, I think of a few moments we had to ourselves that make me smile. Those moments when we got to look at each other and say OMG WE’RE REALLY MARRIED and just be present and happy with each other.

But how do you get away from your wedding party, family and guests when everyone wants to see you and celebrate? Easy. You schedule it into your wedding day timeline.

Here are 5 Ways To Make Time For Yourselves On Your Wedding Day!

  1. Do a First Look. I’ve made my case for a First Looks over and over again. You can read my entire post about it here, but let me just say again… your First Look is the perfect time to spend a bit of time alone together (with your photographer and videographer of course) and I promise you, it will be one of your very favorite moments of your big day!


  2. Have a Sweetheart Table. I’m not sure if this is what everyone calls them, but it’s what our Day of Coordinator called ours, so I’m going with it! What exactly is a Sweetheart Table? It’s the little table for two where you and your brand new hubby/wife sit. I loved being able to eat our first meal as husband and wife just the two of us! It was like when you go out to dinner and even though the restaurant is packed around you, you’re still in your own little world. It gave us a solid 20-30 minutes together before started making the rounds to see all our guests.


  3. Take a Break. Your feet will probably hurt, you’ll be hot and at some point on your big day, you’re just going to want to take a minute to sit down and chill! Plan a quick break together. Whether it’s 5 minutes or 15 minutes, sneak away to sit down with your drinks and toast to a happy life together!


  4. Sign that Marriage License! You have to do it anyway, so why not use it as an excuse to break away from the crowd? We signed ours while our guests were enjoying cocktail hour and lawn games. We went out to the shaded patio behind our venue, signed our marriage license and hung out just us, and the people that needed to sign our marriage license too! (Our officiant, Maid of Honor and Best Man.) It was the perfect way to get a few minutes to ourselves to chat about everything that just went down!


  5. Add a special event for just the two of you. This one is a big “no-no” for some brides, and others love the idea of running off for an hour or two with their new husband. For me, I didn’t want to “miss out” on anything at our reception, but this is a personal opinion. If you don’t mind being away from everything for awhile, consider planning something special for just the two of you. Some idea?
    • Book a Car for Two. Do you need to travel from ceremony to reception? Book a car for just the two of you, and a party bus for your bridal party.
    • Eat Dinner Alone. Set up your Sweetheart Table away from the reception, and have a quiet moment for the two of you.
    • Have a Private Ceremony.  Skip the big ceremony all together, and just do the two of you and an officiant and a witness.
    • Take a Break. Plan some time in your schedule to run away. It’s your day, you can schedule it however you please!


How are you planning to squeeze in some alone time on your big day?

Alright guys. I’m off to try to get my errands done and house cleaned up before I have to be back up to Trev’s work. Fair warning, I may not get a post up tomorrow. I’m working the Tigers and have some #adulting to deal with when I get home. If you don’t see one tomorrow, I hope you all have a fantastic weekend… and you can look for a Weekend Roundup on Sunday.


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