15 Reasons The Great Lakes Are Better Than Any Ocean

Good Morning my loves! And a very Happy Monday to you all! I’m sitting here with my cup of coffee catching up on the new Hallmark movie from last weekend. (It’s so cute guys!) A relaxing morning is just what I need before my busy week ahead of me.

So… Today’s post is inspired by TWO different things. The first, was a conversation I was having with one of my best friends. She lives in Florida, and her boss just didn’t understand at all why she would be missing Lake Michigan in the summer. She thought it was just your average lake.

But y’all. The Great Lakes are nothing but Superior (you see what I did there? Haha) to every other lake in America. This is when I realized, that people that haven’t been to the midwest probably don’t realize just how Great our Great Lakes really are.

Oh and also… this video that straight up makes me cringe thinking about what could be in the bottom of the ocean. Save yourselves, swim in a lake instead. 😉

Sunsets, waves, sand, perfect weather. The Great Lakes have it all. Here, are 15 Reasons that The Great Lakes are better than ANY ocean!


One word… Unsalted. The very best part of all of our Great Lakes is they are 100% salt free. That means no salt left over on your skin. Our water is clean and fresh and totally drinkable. (Don’t just walk up and take a glass of it thought. Ew.) We are home to 21% of the earth’s Fresh Water. 21%!!

Empire Bluffs Trail, Sleeping Bear Dunes

We don’t have hurricanes. Or tsunamis. Or typhoons. Or any other scary ocean disasters. All those awful storms that come a long with the ocean, don’t happen in our Great Lakes. The worst we have to worry about is that pesky Lake Effect Snow that dumps piles on us every November-March. And on Lake Michigan, we get to watch thunder storms roll in. And storm watching over the lake is simply amazing!

Stormy Waters, Lake Michigan

Our creatures won’t eat us. Sharks? Nope. Those creepy fish with the teeth and lamps on their heads? We don’t have those either. We might have massive sturgeon that swim past your leg, but they won’t eat you. They’re just minding their own Ps and Qs.

DSC_0032 copy
The Golden Hour on Lake Michigan

Watersports here are better. Feeling like SUPing? Or spending the day on the boat? Calm sunny days are perfect for that. Want to get your surf on? Our waves (especially on Lake Michigan) are perfect for that too.

Charter Fishing boats coming in from a morning of fishing

We have the best Sunsets. Seriously. Come watch the sunset on the beach over Lake Michigan and you won’t ever want to leave.

We’ve got SO MUCH SAND. Do you like your sand in the form of dune, bar or coastline? Our dunes are massive, the sand bars are perfect for day drinking, and our coastlines…

Sleeping Bear Dunes Lake Michigan Overlook

We have more coastline than any other state. Well, besides Alaska. But seriously. We have more golden coastlines than states known for their beaches like Florida. We totally get under estimated. And honestly, we kind of like it that way. That just means more beach for us to enjoy 🙂

Lake Michigan Coastline

They only look “endless”. Standing on a shore of one of our Great Lakes looks just like standing on the shore of an ocean. No, you can’t see the other side. All you see is “the line where the sky meets the sea lake” (IT CALLS MEEEEEE AND NO ONE KNOWSSSSS HOW FAR IT GOESSSSS). But the great thing? Is that, even though they may look endless, they aren’t. And if you get lost in the middle of the lake, you’ll end up floating to one shore or another. (You know. In case you ever are worried about being shipwrecked in a Great Lake. Just to ease your mind.)

Lake Michigan from above

Our beaches are way less crowded. Seriously. You know how sometimes you drive for hours to get to the ocean, only to not find a parking spot, and then have to squeeze into a little sliver of sand between a bunch of strangers? That doesn’t happen here. We have so much coast line, that you’ll always find a spot to sit and enjoy the day.

An almost empty beach on a summer morning

We have islands too. Move over Nantucket and Islamorada. While other islands in oceans are beautiful, they don’t have anything on ours. The Great Lakes are home to unspoiled islands perfect for nature lovers and Mackinac Island… arguably one of the greatest places in Michigan. (Never heard of it? Click here for my Mackinac Island guide!)

Mackinac Island, Michigan

Our Beach Towns are just as cute as those on the ocean. Looking for a relaxing beach getaway? Pick one of our thousands of Beach Towns. They are lowkey and carefree, and fun all year round. These towns are filled with friendly locals, award winning wineries and breweries, the cutest shops and of course, gorgeous lake views.

Processed with VSCO with c8 preset
My favorite Michigan brewery… Short’s! 

It’s not “humid”. It gets warm in the Great Lakes, and a little humid, but never Florida or Texas humid. In fact, we have perfect summer weather 95% of the summer. 75 and sunny with a light breeze off the lakes.

Processed with VSCO with c8 preset
Perfect July Day

Our Fresh Fish are bomb. No joke. Ever had your cousin catch a massive salmon, and your grandpa smoke it the same day? Nothing tastes better.

Trev with his salmon. 

Rock Hunting. Rock hunting is better than finding sea shells. I promise you.

Finding Petoskey Stones is the best kind of Treasure Hunt! 

So. Refreshing. Our lakes and chilly, but dang are they refreshing. There is nothing better than a swim in Lake Michigan on a hot summer day to cool you down.


I’ve convinced you, haven’t I?! Welcome to The Great Lakes State of Mind. So, before booking your next beach vacation. Consider a Michigan lakeside rental. I can promise you, you won’t be disappointed.

I’m off to clean and do some errands. Have a wonderful Monday love bugs!


PS… BIP Is back tonight!!!!

4 thoughts on “15 Reasons The Great Lakes Are Better Than Any Ocean

  1. I love reading your blogs!! When you busted out into moana! hahaha. You have convinced me a little. Sounds just like the ocean actually but not as hott and no SALT. I hate salt! it’s itchy and smelly and ughhh I just don’t like it.


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