Crossing Off My Bucket List: France

Why hello there my beautiful friends! Welcome back to Savannah Said It. I hope you’re all having the best day! My day has been just kinda so-so. I had to say goodbye to my family, and I was so dang sad to have to leave Northern Michigan. It makes it even harder when it’s so beautiful outside and I know I’m going to be spending it in the car for four hours. (Insert eye roll emoji here.)

Anyways! I’m back today with another post in my Bucket List series. If you missed the first, you can find it here! I’m talked all about my first time in Paris. And as promised, I’m bringing you Part 2 of that post today.

As I mentioned before, we went to France my Junior year of high school with my French class. We toured with EF Tours and we had the best time! Our trip however, got a bit mixed up. We chose the “Paris and the Chateaux” tour. (We actually chose an add on for a few days in the South of France. But, the group we were traveling with had bailed on us and they couldn’t send us to Nice with such few people. So we ended up getting to spend 3 extra days in Paris.) They actually STILL are offering this tour, and it was really spectacular! Just note, that if you were to choose this one, you may not get to see all the things I talked about last week in Paris… because we did get the extra three days there.

After three perfect days in Paris, we loaded up on a tour bus and made our way into the French countryside.

Okay guys! Ready to see what I crossed off my Bucket List while I was in France?! Eeeek I can’t wait for you to see these pictures! I was SUCH A BABY! These were taken in the Spring of 2007. So please, don’t judge the quality of the photos. Like I said, these posts aren’t about blog quality photos, they’re about high quality memories 😉


Explore the French Countryside


Real talk… I don’t remember where this was. But isn’t it the cutest?! Also… is this a filming location from Da Vinci Code? Comment below if you know! 

See a real castle
Ever since I was a little girl, I wanted to visit a real castle. And while we were in France, we got to visit a bunch of chateaus which I considered basically the same thing.

Chateau de Chamboard, aka the most magical “hunting lodge” to ever exist, and my favorite chateau we had the pleasure of exploring. 
Chateau de Chenonceau… with the most gorgeous gardens (one for the wife, one for the mistress no less!) was so pretty! 
Chateau d’Amboise aka where you get to visit the tomb of Leonardo Da Vinci! 

Drink wine in France


Okay… so technically I didn’t get to “drink” wine in France. But I did get to taste it and tour a winery so ya know, totally counting that! 

Walk the streets of a picturesque village


Side street in St. Malo

Pay my respects in Normandy
Normandy was the saddest, most humbling experience we had while in France. They took us to Pointe du Hoc first. If you’re unfamiliar with Pointe du Hoc, I encourage you to click here. Standing in the bunkers, and the holes left by bombs is absolutely chilling. After we visited Pointe du Hoc, we headed to Omaha Beach, and then to the American Cemetery. It feels sad, it feels heavy, but nothing really hits you until you watch the video in the Visitor’s Center. To see the beach you were just standing on turn red with American blood will make you sob. To this day, I’ve never experienced this feeling again. And while I already respected those who gave their lives fighting for us, visiting the D-Day beaches took this respect to a whole ‘nother level.


Bunker at Pointe du Hoc


Omaha Beach. I love this picture. It’s a bit haunting to me… and that’s how standing on the beach felt. 


American Cemetery 

See Mont St. Michael 


If Mont St. Michael isn’t on your bucket list… it should be! Easily one of the coolest places I’ve ever been. The walk to the top is rough. But it’s totally worth it! We were actually there on Palm Sunday, and we got to attend mass. It was beautiful. 

Eat McDons in a different country


LOL How American of me. We were SO excited when we found a McDonalds at a little village one night. We all pigged out. We were def. missing our American cuisine. Also… MY OUTFIT. 

Do something the locals do



I believe this photo was taken in right after we left Chateau d’Amboise. We got to watch the end of a local parade, where they were throwing confetti. Of all the pictures we have from the trip, this one best describes the feeling of enjoying France for the very first time! 

Find a charming village


The Loire Valley is filled with one fairy tale like village after another. I remember thinking that I actually may have enjoyed the charming countryside the teeniest bit more than Paris! Here is 16 year old me and my Mama taking a selfie before selfies were cool. 

Ahhhh France. I had almost forgotten just how much I loved it there. Maybe I’ll win MegaMills tonight and I’ll be back on a plane by tomorrow morning?

When I think back to France, I have nothing but perfect memories. It is hands down, my most “iconic” trip. It was the first time I’d been to Europe, it was the first time I really crossed something huge off my bucket list, and it was the first time I knew what it felt like to have one of my biggest dreams become a reality.

Have you been to France? What were your favorite things you saw?!

Next week, a new bucket list destination will be here. Until then… have a wonderful rest of your night! Tomorrow, I’m teaming up with Shutterfly for something SO FUN and you aren’t going to want to miss it! I’ll see you then!


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