Answering the Age Old Question… How to Pee in your Wedding Dress

Calling all you soon to be brides! Today, I am here for you. We’re about to talk about the absolute WORST part of your wedding day. That’s right. There is one part of you day that is stupid, and sucky and totally a pain in the butt…

Going to the bathroom.

Is this a weird subject?! Totally. But it needs to be talked about. Because let me tell you, peeing in your dress is no walk in the park. Between buttons and zippers, layers of tulle and tight fitting lace, there ain’t no way you’re peeing without a friend (or 5) helping you along the way.

By the end of the night, I was pro at “holding it” and made it through my wedding day only using the bathroom twice after putting on my dress. But take it from me, and Kendall Jenner…


So I vowed that I would help out fellow brides, and lay it all out there for you. Because let’s face it… you don’t know how to handle the bathroom in a wedding dress situation until it’s thrust upon you. So don’t spend your wedding day, like realizing stuff.


Let me give you my tips and tricks to make using the bathroom a breeze on your big day.

Use the bathroom multiple times before you put your dress on. This might sound like common knowledge, but let me tell you, common knowledge totally isn’t going to be on your radar that day. Put someone in charge of reminding you to use the bathroom right before you slip into your dress.

Have a designated bathroom buddy. Choose one person from your bridal party (or your mom!) to be in charge of helping you pee. That way, you don’t have to ask around for help when nature comes a callin’. You can just give em a look and they’ll know to head towards the Ladies Room.

Always use the handicap stall. Don’t try to squeeze into a small stall when you’ve got your pretty dress and a plus one with you. You’ll need the extra space.

Don’t take your dress off unless it’s absolutely necessary. If your DBB (designated bathroom buddy) really can’t hold up all of your dress, then you can take it off. But just know that it’s going to take you at least 20 minutes to get yourself in and out of the bathroom that way.

A bathroom “schedule” is ideal… but let’s face it. We all can’t pee on demand! There are 3 times you should force yourself to try to pee. Before you put on your dress, before your ceremony and before your reception. Can’t pee? Turn on the water. It might help a bit!

Lift and Gather. Remind your DBB to lift and gather your dress, not just lift. If you just lift it, chances are it might slip down a bit. And the last thing you want is to pee on your dress. Have them lift it up really high, like almost to your head, and then bunch it all up so it’s easier to hold.

Sit backwards. Okay so I didn’t have to do this one, but I totally see how some people might need to. If your train is too long to gather up, or your just really worried about accidentally peeing on your dress, sit facing the toilet instead of away from it.

Don’t be shy. Seriously, don’t be shy about peeing in front of you DBB. Everyone pees. But if you can’t get past peeing in front of someone…

Buy a Bridal Buddy. And last, but certainly not least, there is this awesome new invention. (Thanks Shark Tank!) A Bridal Buddy is a sheer, lightweight slip that you put on before you don your wedding dress. You guys, it literally turns you into a human loofa so you can pee in peace. No. Joke. This thing is genius! Check out this video on how it works. If you ask me… it’s totally worth the $39! Buy it here.

Alright all you past brides, what secrets do you have to add?

I hope you’re all having a fabulous Wednesday! For me, it’s another night at the ball park.



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