How to Celebrate Christmas in July

LOL it’s 90 degrees outside, we’re under an air quality alert, and I’m sitting here in a bikini and a Santa hat watching Christmas movies while I write this to you. I’m like 90% sure I’m the real life Buddy the Elf.

Today, is a quick post on 10 things you can do to celebrate Christmas in July along with me this week! But before we get into it, I want to preface my list by saying this…

All of these things are a little bit Christmassy but still a whole lot summery. Why? Because we totally need to enjoy summer while it’s here, and I don’t want to accidentally wish it away! #superstitious

Visit Bronner’s (Or a Christmas store near you!).  You know I can’t do a Christmas post without talking about the greatest Christmas store in the world!! If you’re in Michigan, plan a trip to Frankenmuth this week (or at some point this summer)! I LOVE Frankenmuth, and there is so much more to it than just having the World’s Largest Christmas Store. Since it’s always Christmas at Bronner’s it seems like the perfect place to stop and enjoy the Christmas spirit, before heading into Frankenmuth to enjoy all the wonderful things about this place. Click here to see all the things Trev and I love about Frakenmuth!

Cool Off. It’s not Christmas if you’re not cold (at least where I’m from). So take some time to cool off in your favorite way. Whether it’s eating ice cream inside a freezing cold, air conditioned house, or jumping in the lake (or a pool), take some time to cool off this week. I know… this one seems like kind of a stretch. But I promise you, if you cool yourself down before getting lost in a Christmas movie, you’ll forget how sweltering it is outside and think you’re in a cozy cottage in the mountains. 

Make frozen versions of your favorite Christmas drinks. Christmas = Hot Cocoa. Christmas in July = Frozen Hot Cocoa. Get it? Good. Tomorrow, I’m sharing my family’s FAVORITE Christmas drink tradition. It’s cold and delicious and gives me all the warm Christmassy feels when I have it. Oh. And it includes alcohol. (Be sure to subscribe to get this delicious recipe delivered to your inbox tomorrow as soon as it goes up! I promise you’re going to want it for forever!)

Build a Sandman. Building snowmen are one of my favorite things about winter, so why not make a cute sandman in the summer? It’s the perfect way to bring a bit of the Christmas Spirit to the beach along with you. And everyone around you will love it too! How cute is the one my mom and I made?! (You can see it in the feature photo above!) Pro Tip… Use wet sand to build a large mound and then shape it with your hands. You won’t be able to roll balls like you can in the snow 🙂

Complete a Christmas Project. Is it a rainy day out? That means its the perfect day for a DIY. I think you should make this DIY Fixer Upper inspired Christmas Tree sign! It’s so easy, so gorgeous, and you’ll be all set for when it’s time to hang up those Christmas decorations in 4 months. (No, I didn’t miscount. We decorate before we leave to celebrate Thanksgiving with our families. HAHA)

Watch a Christmas Movie… or 4. The easiest way to celebrate Christmas in July is to enjoy your favorite holiday classics. Grab them out of your DVD collection or enjoy Christmas Keepsake Week on Hallmark Channel. Either way, your spirits will instantly be lifted because Christmas movies are the best movies. Click here to see yesterday’s post on my favorites you can watch this week!

Start your Christmas Shopping. Fashion lovers already know this… but the N Sale opens to the public Friday at 12 am sharp! Get AMAZING steals on snuggly sweaters and warm weather clothes. Like I’m talking designer goods at a price you can actually afford. And Nordstrom isn’t the only place having great sales. Shutterfly has everything for 40% off right now (and everyone loves their personal gifts at Christmas!), and Macy’s has a Black Friday event going on. Think of your favorite store and check it out. Chances are, there is some sort of awesome sale going on this week and next. And just think… how nice will it be to have some of your shopping done and out of the way when the holiday season rolls around?!

Take your Christmas Card Photo. Okay guys, you should do this one for me so I can live vicariously through you. I’ve ALWAYS wanted to take a beachy Christmas photo and send out “Mele Kalikimaka” or “Santa’s on Vacation” themed Christmas cards. Summertime is the PERFECT time to get these pictures without freezing your butt off. And like I said… 40% off everything on Shutterfly. You could have your Christmas cards ordered and at your door before Summer is even officially over. (If you’re a loyal reader of Savannah Said It, you know how much I love Holiday Card traditions. Click here to see just how much, and how awesome my family’s cards were over the years!)

Make a New Tradition. For me, Christmas is all about traditions. Trev and I were talking last night and thought of the one Christmas in July tradition we’d love to start with our family some day. How perfect would it be to spend a warm summer night around the fire, with icy frozen Hot Cocoas reading your favorite Christmas story? Sounds pretty dreamy if you ask me. Think of a tradition you can start with your loved ones this Christmas in July, and do it every July after.

And of course…

Bake Christmas Cookies. I can’t watch Christmas movies without craving Christmas Cookies. This is BY FAR my favorite Christmas in July tradition. I wrote all about it last July, and shared my favorite cookie recipe. Get it here!

How are you celebrating this Christmas in July?!

I’m off to go sit by the pool and listen to The Almost Famous Podcast with Ben and Ashley I. (If you love The Bachelor franchise and don’t listen to it… you should!) Have a wonderful rest of you Tuesday loves!




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