Breaking Traditions: Why You Should Say YES to the First Look

Y’all. I’m two cups of coffee in and still feeling like a zombie this AM. Working at the Tigers games WIPES ME OUT even thought I don’t do a whole lot except smile and talk to people (and pull my hand away from creepy drunk men who constantly try to kiss it).

Anyways… I’m not here to talk about how tired I am. I’m here to talk about breaking tradition when it comes to your big day! Now, I’d like to start this out by saying I’m all about traditions. I wouldn’t dream of walking down the aisle without my dad, and pinning something old, new, borrowed and blue in my dress. (Need some ideas on Old, New, Borrowed and Blue? Click here!)

However, there was one tradition I was willing to break. And that was Trev seeing me before we walked down the aisle. I’m going to be honest with you… I really only wanted to do a First Look in the first place because I wanted the picture. I wanted a picture of Trev’s face when he saw me so I could keep it forever. (My memory isn’t so good guys. HAHA)

But what I learned after the fact, is that our First Look made EVERYTHING about our day go so much smoother.

First off… it completely calms your nerves. You’re going to be nervous on your wedding day. I don’t care who you are… you will be. Not because you’re “not sure” about getting married, but because this is the biggest commitment you’ve ever made in your entire life. (Besides maybe that one questionable lease in college…) So chances are, you’re going to feel like your heart is going to jump out of your chest and really, really shaky. However, every single thing I was anxious about before I walked down the aisle completely melted away when I got to see Trev. I just knew everything was going to be okay. I mean… he showed up to the first look, so I knew he wasn’t going to skip out on me later 😉 Just Kidding! But for real, being able to hug him and laugh with him before we said I Do made all the difference.


You’ll like how you look in your photos more. Do you ever see your friends wedding photos and the bride instead of glowing as she comes down the aisle, the bride looks like she might throw up? Or the photographer only gets half of the grooms reaction when he first sees his bride because someone moved and stuck their shoulder in the way? Both of these situations could be avoided with a First Look. First Looks are made for a picture perfect moment, that you’ll have to cherish forever.


You can enjoy the best walk of your life. For me, I had already seen Trev, so I knew what he looked like, I knew what he was thinking, and I knew he was smiling waiting for me at the end of the aisle. Because of this, I was able to smile at my dad, wave to my Grandmas and take in everything about that moment. I feel like if I hadn’t seen Trevor before, that moment would have been completely lost in my memory because I’d have been way to anxious to enjoy it. Everyone tells you that your wedding day will go by so fast and you won’t really remember it. And I can absolutely say that is 1,000% true. I really believe that having the First Look before helped me to be fully present in this special moment.


You can fix your makeup. This one is totally a girly thing, but if you’re worried about your making being smudged from crying, you’ll have a chance to fix it before everyone you know sees you. (Disclaimer… you’ll probably still cry during your ceremony. We did!)


And the last reason is seriously the reason my wedding went SO DANG SMOOTHLY…

It gives you a relaxed schedule. Because Trev had already seen me before we walked down the aisle, we were able to get all our photos out of the way. We had more than enough time to get everything we wanted, and our photographer had time to retake anything she needed to after the ceremony. Another bonus? It gave us a ton more time with our guests. Instead of us leaving for two hours to take photos, we were able to participate in the Closest to the Pin challenge and Cocktail Hour we had arranged for our guests. We wandered around and talked to people, we hugged our family, and drank beers with friends. And best of all? We got to participate in cocktail hours appetizers. And trust me by the time your ceremony ends you’ll be starving and want to eat!

OMG I hate my arm in this picture… But Trev looks so cute! So please ignore my arm. HAHA

So what do you think? Were you willing to break tradition on your big day to get the perfect First Look?

Nope. We didn’t cry at all. HAHA

And now on to something super important that I just can’t wait any longer to talk about… THE SERIES FINALE OF PRETTY LITTLE LIARS! (If you don’t want spoilers stop reading!)



I TOTALLY CALLED IT. I KNEW SPENCER WAS A TWIN!!!! I remember telling my BFF that wasn’t Spencer in the airport when that episode aired. I was like, her bangs were different and she was acting weird. I was stoked. That was exactly how I hoped AD would play out. I haven’t watched the episode yet, but I can’t wait to!

I’m off to finish up my third cup of coffee now, and get a work out in. Have a wonderful Wednesday my loves! I’m back tomorrow with a Fourth of July post!





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