Weekend Round Up

Hey Hey Everyone! Happy Sunday! I hope it’s sunny and warm wherever you are… it’s a bit dark and gloomy here. However, for me, it kind of matches my mood. Going back to my normal routine from over a week of vacation is #hard. (First world problems. I know.)

We didn’t go far this year for our vacation, (which I’m super bummed about but you know… bills are real and so is having to feed yourselves while trying to save large amounts of money to put towards a house someday) but we spent a week Up North at my parents house having a blast. If you’re curious about what we were up to last week, check out my latest post here.

We spent this weekend with Trev’s family in the exact opposite spot of Michigan than my parents. Friday morning, we woke up early to travel the four-ish hours southeast to get to the very southern part of Michigan he used to call Home. Our drive was less than ideal…

We didn’t realized exactly how much rain the middle of the state got, and ended up driving though some absolute insane flooding. It was pretty scary. We saw so many cars in ditches and were one of the last cars they allowed through before closing a ton of the roads. So, if you could keep the people of mid-Michigan in your prayers for the next few days, I know it would be greatly appreciated!

We finally made it to Trev’s parents Friday afternoon. We spent the day helping get ready for his Brother and Sister-in-laws Baby Reveal Party later that evening. I don’t have any pictures of the event, because I was videoing for the new parents to be. I don’t want to share it here, because I feel like it’s for them to share with their loved ones first! But I can tell you this… I’ll have a niece later this fall! (I legit can’t wait to spoil her rotten, because that’s what Aunties are for… right?)

Saturday we attended two local-ish festivals. I add the “ish” because they weren’t festivals in his hometown, but they were pretty close! Saturday afternoon, Trev, his mom, Grandma and Grandpa and I headed to Levis Commons (in Perrysburg, Ohio) for Sandtastic. We were all a little bit disappointed because it wasn’t what we were picturing. However, if you’re in the greater Toledo area and have little ones, be sure to look out for this event next year. There was SO MANY cool things for your babies! We did see a few pretty awesome sand sculptures while we were there! We were expecting there to be a ton, but there were only four. I have to say my personal favorite was Captain Underpants! (I freakin’ loved those books when I was in elementary school!)


Saturday night I did something I’ve NEVER done in my entire life, and that was go to a truck parade! But, before we get to that, let me give you a bit of a back story. My father-in-law is a diesel mechanic, so he knows everything there is to know about big semis. He was telling us about how in the parking lot of Cabela’s, they were going to have show trucks for you to walk around and check out, and then they drive down the highway in a parade when it gets dark with all their fancy lights on, honking their horns.

So of course I needed to see this.

Y’all. These trucks weren’t your average semis you see driving down the road. They were extra big, extra shiny, and extra pretty. They had murals painted on the sides, custom light jobs and chrome. So. Much. Chrome. They legit looked like they all were on an episode of Pimp My Ride.

Okay so I literally just now realized that this is the only picture I took of the trucks in the daylight and they all look like they are plain old trucks. I promise you they weren’t! This is just a terrible photo. Oops! 

After we walked through all the trucks, we of course had to go into Cabela’s. Someone was DYING to pick out new fishing lures. Bet you can’t guess who that was.


Once we finished up at Cabela’s, we grabbed some dinner at Great Lakes Eatery and Pub (I always like to eat their when we’re in Dundee) and then waited for the truck parade to begin. Okay… so I totally thought we’d be the only people sitting on the side of the road but you’d have thought you were in Ann Arbor before the Michigan/Michigan State game the way people were lined on the streets tailgating.

Trev and his Mom waiting to see the trucks

The truck parade came through and holy smokes they were loud and bright!

Today, we packed up and took Trev’s Grandma out for lunch before we left town. Then, it was back to our usual grocery shopping, food prepping, unpacking, Sunday routine.

I’m back tomorrow with my Michigan Summer Bucket List! Eeeeeek I can’t wait to share it with you all! Have a wonderful rest of your Sunday loves. I’m going to eat some Brussels sprouts and sweet potatoes (OMG I have to share this recipe with you sometime. They are to freakin’ die for and I don’t usually like Brussels sprouts or sweet potatoes!) and snuggle in before Good Witch tonight. (Hallmark Channel is the best!)

Happy Sunday!


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