Life Lately

Hey Friends! Sorry for the late upload… I’ve been busy, busy, busy today! (And by busy I mean I’ve been sleeping in and enjoying time with my Mama before we have to leave tomorrow.)

If you’re a loyal reader of my blog (I love you guys!) then you’ll know last weekend was a HUGE weekend for Trev and I… we celebrated our One Year Anniversary! To celebrate the special occasion, we headed up to The Homestead for a little weekend getaway.

We had the best time in Glen Arbor and I wanted to share it all with you!

Our weekend technically started on Friday afternoon, when Trev got out of work. We headed up to my parents house for the evening to break up the drive and to drop off Jacksy Cat. He’s staying with Lovie (we’re convinced he would call my mom Lovie if he could talk, because he loves her SO DANG MUCH) until the Fourth of July… and he’s so dang happy. (He loves being up here!)

Friday evening, we headed to TJs to celebrate Trev’s birthday! It was great food and even better company. It was the perfect way to start off our vacation! (I have zero pictures from this for some reason. Oops!)

Saturday morning we woke up and realized that we have officially been married for a whole year!! My parents took us out to breakfast and the sweet ladies at The House of Flavors celebrated by giving us a delicious chocolate shake and singing Happy Anniversary.

I’m officially a believer that every breakfast should end with a chocolate shake now!

From there, we didn’t have a whole lot of plans! We hopped in the car and started our drive up M22. We stopped in Frankfort, because they had an arts and crafts show, farmers market, and classic car show happening. Trev found his dream car… and I found strawberries. It was a win/win situation. (Well, more for me. I got to bring my strawberries with us, he had to leave the car behind.)

This is Trev’s car. He almost cried when we saw it and spent 10 minutes walking around it with his hands over his mouth. Someday babe… someday.

We continued our drive up to Empire and decided to do a little mini hike that we’ve always wanted to do. The trek through the woods was 1,000% worth it. I mean, LOOK AT THESE VIEWS!

Boardwalk at the Empire Bluffs Trail.

If you’re in Empire, check out the Empire Bluffs Trail. You won’t regret it!

After the trail we decided to drive Pierce Stocking Scenic Drive. I’ve done this literally hundreds of times and it never gets old! We took our time and stopped at every turn out. And while they all are pretty dang spectacular, we decided the Lake Michigan Overlook is still our favorite.

Could Lake Michigan be any more beautiful?! 

We still had some time before we could check in to The Homestead, so we headed to our favorite place in town, Art’s. We sat in the Beer Garden and ate tater tots and cheese curds while we talked about all our favorite memories from this past year.

Snacks at Art’s!

When we checked in to The Homestead another wedding was just getting ready to start. It was so surreal watching their guests line up to head up the chair lift, because the exact time, one year before, those were our family and friends. Our suite in Little Belle had a view of The Mountain Flowers Lodge and the chairlift, so we watched as the bridal party made their way out and up the mountain.

After our serious creepin’, we got cleaned up and headed out to our anniversary dinner.

Heading out to our Anniversary dinner!

If you know Trev and I personally, you know we aren’t into really fancy affairs. Like, we’d both MUCH rather have a burger and fries over a 5 course meal with 12 forks. So, instead of heading to some of the fancy restaurants in the area, we headed to Boone Docks, where we sat on the deck, listened to music, and drank their hand crafted beers. It was perfect!


As we sat at dinner, we could feel a storm blowing in. We got back to our place just as the rain started pouring down. We had hoped to head to the pool but instead, we sat in the hot tub in our room hoping the rain would let up around 9.

And it did!

We were thrilled because we were able to walk up the mountain and stand in the exact spot we were married in one year later, as the sun was starting to set. We sat there and watched our wedding video and honestly, it was the absolute perfect ending to our first wedding anniversary! Here’s a few then and now pictures… we were dressed MUCH better the first time around. HAHA

Sunday morning, we decided to sleep in and head to Fishtown just before lunch. We had our hearts set on The Village Cheese Shanty… and it didn’t disappoint. We followed M22 up to Northport and wandered around the state park, and downtown. Unfortunately, this is when the rain started coming, and it didn’t really stop.


We still enjoyed our day Sunday, but unfortunately, didn’t get a chance to do a lot of the things we were hoping to. But, we did make it to our favorite store in all of Glen Arbor!


And even though it was chilly, we got to do some rock hunting on the beach too!


That evening, since there was no wedding at Mountain Flowers, we got to go wander around and reminisce about our wedding reception.

We recreated our first look (DYING HAHAHAHA)…

And hung out on the patio.


Monday, we checked out and made the hour drive over to Bellaire. If you’re from Michigan, you already know where I’m going with this 🙂 We decided to make Trev’s dreams come true and head to Short’s! Oh man you guys… it was so dang awesome. I’ll do an entire blog post on it later, don’t you worry!


Trev’s grandparents don’t live too far away from Bellaire, so we went to visit them before heading back to Manistee for the week.


This week, we’ve been relaxing a whole lot and doing things around town. Trev and my dad have been fishing literally every day, and I’ve been hanging out with my mom.

Tomorrow, we’re getting up early and heading down to Blissfield to spend the weekend with Trev’s family. Then it’s back to Detroit and real life. Ugh. Can’t we just be on vacation all the time?!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!! I’ll be back Sunday for my normal weekend round ups.


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