How to Freeze your Wedding Cake… And Eat it Too!










Happy First Day of Summer loves!!! I’m so excited to fully embrace all things summer, and I know I can’t be the only one! How are you celebrating today? I’m laying in the sunshine and eating watermelon. So. Much. Watermelon. My Michigan Summer Bucket List is coming at you next Monday, so be sure to be on the lookout for that!

But today, we’re not here to talk about summer. We’re here to talk about something MUCH more important. If you are a bride reading this, or know someone getting married, you need to book mark/Pinterest/share/save/screenshot RIGHT THIS INSTANT. I am about to save your lives. No joke. How might you ask?

I’m going to tell you how to make sure your cake tastes as amazing on your One Year Anniversary as it did on your wedding day. This post is 365+ days in the making, and I’m so excited to finally share the results with you. (Because honestly, I didn’t know if it was going to work.)

Over the years, I’ve heard so many horror stories of couples who have pulled out their top layers a year after their big day, to find freezer burned lumps of stale cake. I was determined to make sure ours wasn’t like this. Especially because I wanted pictures of us eating our cake… we couldn’t be making grossed out faces!

We were pretty dang nervous when we pulled our’s out of the freezer. We were honestly hoping for the best, but expecting the same fate as everyone else we know. And boy were we surprise. Not only was our cake still perfectly intact and beautiful, it tasted just as amazing as the day Jennifer Dontz set it up on it’s pretty cake table for us. (If you’re in the Manistee area and need someone to make your wedding cake, check out Sugar Delites. She is AMAZING.)

For reference, here is our cake on our wedding day, June 17th, 2016…

And here is our top layer one year later!


Want a perfectly delicious cake one year later too? Keep reading!

How to Freeze Your Wedding Cake

  1. The night of your wedding (or more realistically the next day, just make sure the top is saved for you!) put the top tier of your cake on a plate and stick it in the freeze. Let freeze for a few hours (I think we let ours freeze for around two).
  2. Now, it’s time to pretend your one of Santa’s elves wrapping is YOUR JOB. But seriously, you’re going to need to tightly wrap your cake in layers of plastic wrap. I used an entire roll of plastic wrap around our little layer. (Our top tier was about 6″x4″… if you had a bigger top tier you will want more than one roll.) Remember… you can’t wrap it too much.IMG_0586
  3. Once you’re cake is tightly wrapped in plastic wrap, grab some heavy duty tinfoil. Continue to wrap your cake tightly. We did four layers of heavy duty foil.IMG_0584
  4. Now your cake is ready to be stored! Find an air tight, plastic container. I am telling you right now, this is what made all the difference for us! Our baker told us that she did not provide cardboard boxes for the top layer because they don’t protect the cake over the year. Finding a container large enough to fit your cake can be a bit tricky. So start looking early! But I promise you, it is worth the search and the little bit of extra money. (I think I ended up finding mine at Walmart for around $12.) Place your cake in your plastic container and tuck it away in the freezer.IMG_0582
  5. Leave alone for one year.


How to Defrost Your Wedding Cake 

Okay guys… I feel like maybe I’m not the best person to tell you how to defrost your cake, because we didn’t do our correctly. I’ll tell you more about how, and why, we defrosted ours the way we did in a minute. But first, I’m going to tell you how I’d originally planned to defrost our cake!

  1. The night before you’re ready to eat your cake, take it out of the freezer.
  2. Unwrap your cake from it’s multiple layers, then set on a plate.
  3. Let cake unthaw in the fridge overnight.
  4. Enjoy the following day!

Now, we actually didn’t eat our cake on our actual anniversary. We were going up to The Homestead to celebrate, and knew we wouldn’t have a big enough fridge to defrost our cake properly. So we decided to eat it just before our anniversary. We had come home for the weekend, and were planning to take the photos on Sunday. Well, rain was forcasted for the entire weekend, so when we arrived on Friday morning, my mom (our amazing photographer) decided we should take them later that afternoon.

So, we grabbed our cake out of the freezer and unwrapped it quickly. We then left it on the counter to unthaw quicker. Every 10 minutes, I had to dab the cake with paper towel to keep it from getting all gross. I was super worried the cake would still be frozen when we went to eat it, but it wasn’t! It only needed 2 hours to unthaw. Plus, the buttercream frosting on the outside tasted a bit like ice cream which made it even more amazing!

Now like I said, if you’re getting married, or know someone getting married soon, please share this with them! I’m single handedly starting the “Make Your Cake Taste Great A Year Later” revolution. It makes me so sad to think that most people can’t even enjoy their cake a year later!

I hope you have a wonderful rest of you Wednesday! I’ll talk to you all tomorrow.




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