Wedding Registry 101: The Top 10 Mistakes Couples Make… And How To Avoid Them

Hey Everyone! So we’ve covered every room in the house. From the bedroom to the kitchen and everything in between, I’ve shared all the things you’re going to need to register for when your big day comes around. And today, we’re wrapping up the series by talking about the common mistakes many couples make when it comes to their Wedding Registries.

Before we started registering, I remember finding an article on Pinterest with the biggest mistakes most brides make. I made a mental note of all the things it talked about, and made a very conscious effort to not make these common mistakes. And oh my goodness. Guys. It literally made everything about our registry go so perfectly! I looked everywhere for the original article we found, but of course I can’t find it again! I deleted my “Secret Someday” board not long after our wedding… and now I’m kicking myself for doing there. 

So, combining what I can remember, and some mistakes that I found out a long the way, I bring you…

The Top 10 Mistakes Couples Make When Registering For Their Wedding…
And How To Avoid Them

  1. Registering last minute. I know… your brain is so dang full with wedding planning details. It’s super easy to push your registry to the back of your mind for later. But by doing this, many couples completely forgot about registering and end up rushing last minute. Don’t let this happen to you. Write it in your planner, put it in your phone, write in on your mirror with lipstick, whatever you have to do to remember you need to register for gifts by a certain date. (Most professionals recommend registering 7-9 months before your wedding. That way, people can buy you gifts from your registry for all pre-wedding events.)
  2. Registering for the incorrect number of gifts. Alright… everyone has a different opinion on this one. Personally, I followed this chart I found on Pinterest and it was perfect for us.  (You’ll notice price points on it… we’ll talk more about that below!) We constantly had people in our ears saying “Well So and So told us that they couldn’t find anything on your registry you need to register for more.” Stick to your guns! Don’t keep adding to your registry because someone doesn’t see something they like on it. They can easily give you a gift card, money, or a gift that they want you to have. If you keep adding more things just because, you may end up with all of those things, and not the things you actually want and need.
  3. Registering for too many Big Gifts. Guys. Professionals actually have this one down to a science. Did you know that based on your number of guests, there are a certain number of gifts to add to your registry at certain price points? I’m not even joking. We followed this chart  (the same as above!) while registering and I can tell you… it freakin’ worked. We got almost everything on our registry.
  4. Registering for only typical “Wedding Registry” items. Okay… that might not be the right way to put it. But hear me out. This is your registry. Just because The Know says you need beautiful, expensive fine china and crystal doesn’t mean you actually need it. Consider your lifestyle before adding big ticket, typical items to your registry. I can tell you right now that we did not register for china and we don’t regret it in the least. Why? Because we would literally never use it, and let’s be real. I’m clumsy AF and would just drop it anyways. Which brings me to…
  5. Registering for a different lifestyle. Just because you want to be an outdoorsy person that goes camping and hiking doesn’t mean you should register for those items… especially if you like in a New York City high rise and your idea of enjoying nature is a quick jog in Central Park. Register for the lifestyle you and your future hubby/wife currently hold. People change… but not that much.
  6. Registering at only one store. Whatever you do, choose multiple stores to register. I mentioned this in an earlier post, and I’ll mention it again. Not every one of your guests is going to have access to a Williams-Sonoma or Pottery Barn. Think of places you love, but also that your guests have easy access to. It’s a win/win situation that way.
  7. Registering without your partner. Oh man. Trev would have disowned me if I picked out all our items without him! Remember… this is about to be your life together. You’re building it from the ground up. So start by registering for things to fill your life with together.
  8. Registering for dreamy items only. Of course their are items that you dream of owning. And of course they should be on your register. But don’t forget about practical ones too. As lame as a Keurig may seem compared to a brand new DSLR camera for your honeymoon, your brand new camera won’t brew you coffee every morning to help you start your day.
  9. Registering for the same item at different stores. This is the number one reason you spend the month after your wedding returning items and receiving store credit. While you will almost always end up with duplicate items, you can cut the number in half by not registering for the same items at multiple stores. Find the place where your guests will get the best deal, and register for it there.
  10. Not checking your registry. Ugh. I know… you really don’t have time to monitor your registry while planning your wedding. But it’s important. Items go in and out of stock, you receive random gifts all they way up to your big day and or you may realize you don’t need another spatula. Whatever the reason, your registry may need to updated every now and then. Pick one day a week to check it, and make sure that everything still looks good.

If you can avoid these 10 mistakes, I promise you… registering for your big day will be a breeze! If you missed any of my other Wedding Registry 101 posts, you can find them here, here, here, here, here and here.

And I can tell you right now that I absolutely can’t wait until next Wedding Wednesday! Why you ask? Well you’ll just have to come back and see.

Tomorrow’s post will be BURSTING with “happys” and a little update about what we’re up to the weekend. Want a hint?


I’ll talk to you all tomorrow!


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