A Whole Bunch of Happys

Happy Thursday my loves! And welcome to Savannah Said It’s very first drinking game. If you’re feeling a little down today… get ready to get Happy! Every time you read the word Happy, take a drink. HAHA Just kidding. But fair warning… I don’t think you’re ever going to see the word Happy this many times in one place ever again. 

This post is exactly what the title says… A whole bunch of Happys. Why? Because there are so many special days this weekend, and I want to give everyone the proper shout of they deserve. However, one special day just so happens to be our anniversary. And since we’re heading out Friday for a mini First Anniversary getaway, I won’t be able to post. So I thought why not put them all in one giant post here?

Ya feel me? Alright. Let’s get started!

Today is a very special day… my handsome hubby turns 29!!! When the heck did you get so old babe? I feel so dang lucky because I’ve been able to spend his last 7 birthdays with him… and even luckier that I get to be by his side for the rest of his birthdays too! We’re celebrating tonight with wings and movies, and then again tomorrow when we get Up North.


So today, I’m wishing a very Happy Birthday to the love of my life, my very best friend, anddddd the Peanut Butter Snickers of arm candy. Love you Babe!

Next up… on June 17th we will officially be married for one whole year!! It’s kind of crazy how day after day I see just how perfect he is for me and how happy he makes me. Whether we’re hiking mountains in Canada or binge watching old episodes of our absolute favorite show ever (Parks and Rec) we always have the best time. I’m so happy that we get to spend the rest of our lives together. Being married to your very best friend is the best feeling on the planet!


(Next week I’ll be sharing how we celebrated our anniversary on The Blog stretched out across the week. So be sure to come back!) 

And of course, Sunday the 18th is Father’s Day! So I wanted to give a shout out to a few very special people in my life.


The first, of course, is one of my favorite people in this world… My Dad! From the day I was born they’ve called me June (well Junior, but they decided I was too pretty to be a Junior so it got shortened to June) because I’m a carbon copy of my Dad. We look alike, we have the same sense of humor, and we both slap our knees when we laugh. He’s always there for me, and would do anything to make me smile. He’s the best Dad in the whole wide world. And I’m so lucky to have him by my side.

And what would a Father’s Day Shout Out be without mentioning the other awesome dudes in my life?

My Grandpa Hughie and Grandpa Candybars (or Larry) are two of the best people I know. They are so kind. They would literally give you the shirt off their back. They care so much about their family’s and always put us as Number 1. They are happiest when their homes are filled with us all, and if you ask me, that says a lot about a person. They don’t need things to be happy… just us. My Grandpa Hughie makes the BEST stuffing on the planet (you can see his top secret recipe here!) and My Grandpa Larry is the King of the Bonfire. There are no two people on this planet I would rather call my Grandpas!

And of course… I’ve got to give a shout out to my amazing Uncles. They are all so different, but so freakin’ awesome. Not only are they each amazing Dad’s to their children, but they have always been there for me whenever I needed them. Even if it is to just knock me down from my Tom Brady Bragging Pedestal… Uncle John 🙂 (Y’all. I’m DYING! The only picture I could find of me and my Uncle Joe is him walking past me while I’m laughing. I just can’t… bahahaha)

When I started dating Trev, I got two new guys in my life.


My father-in-law Larry is the best. He is kind, quiet and so creative. Did you know he made all the beautiful wooden things we had at our wedding? I showed him a picture of what I was hoping for, and he turned them into reality. (And he made everything BETTER than the pictures.) He’s a Marine vet, a fisherman, a hunter, a Harley rider, and most of all, he’s an amazing dad to Trevor and Jared. I can tell that Trev got so many of his wonderful qualities from Larry. I’m so lucky to call him my father-in-law!


The minute I met Trev’s Papa, Melvyn I loved him. He has ZERO filter, and says what’s on his mind. When we met, I told him my name was Savannah. He said “Like Georgia? I just drove through there!” And from that moment on… he’s called me Georgia. I adore him and wish we got to see him more often!

Alright guys. I think that’s all the Happys I have. I’m off to get stuff done. We’ve got a big weekend up ahead, and we have a lot to get done before then! I have to clean and pack before Trev gets home from work so we can celebrate his birthday!

No weekend round up this weekend, because we’ll still be at The Homestead! We’re heading back to Glen Arbor for the weekend to celebrate our anniversary and we can’t wait!!! So I’ll be back Monday. Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


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