Weekend Round Up

Ahhhh I LIVE for days like today. Sunny, warm summer days that practically beg you to get outside and enjoy them. I’m sitting poolside as I write this, and let me just tell you, I’m soaking up every bit of sunshine as I can and reminiscing on my awesome, albeit too short, weekend.

We headed back Up North for the 500th weekend in a row. Okay… not 500th. But we’ve been Up North so much lately! Not that I’m complaining, I love spending so much time with my awesome family! This weekend, the sole purpose of our trip was for my cousin Dakotah’s graduation party.

Trev was visiting the strength staff at CMU with work, so Friday afternoon, Jacksy Cat and I ventured up to Mount Pleasant to pick him up on our way to Manistee. When we arrived, we headed to dinner at The Fillmore (great place, if you’ve never been!) and then helped decorate for the party. After decorating, we headed to my Grandpa’s for a bonfire. It was the perfect end to our long work week.

We spent Saturday at the party. It was so nice seeing so much of our family! After the party, we headed for a walk on the beach but it was SO DANG WINDY. So instead, we went to Big Als. Because Big Als is the best 🙂 After dinner, we watched Beauty and Beast (love that movie!) before getting snacks and heading back down to the beach to watch the sunset… from the truck.

Today, we were up early and had breakfast (my dad made waffles!) before heading back to Detroit. We wanted to get back early so that we could enjoy some time at the pool. It’s super hot here today, so the pool was packed! However, our first swim of the summer was successful.

Now, we’re grabbing some groceries and prepping for the week ahead.

This week is my last week of subbing before school comes to an end… so I see quite a bit of sitting in the sunshine in my near future. (Since most of the games and events I work at Comerica are in the evening!) But other than all that, this week is going to be so great for so many reasons! We get to celebrate Trev’s birthday on Thursday, and then are heading to The Homestead for our FIRST ANNIVERSARY!

I’m so excited that I almost wish I could fast forward to Thursday!

I hope all of you have had wonderful weekends and got to enjoy some of the beautiful weather! I’m back tomorrow with TWO posts. So be sure to check back then.


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