Wedding Registry 101: The Only Outdoor Registry You’ll Ever Need

Hey Everyone! Happy Happy Wednesday! It’s an especially happy Wednesday in my book because I’m snuggled up in bed with my sleepy kitten watching Last Man Standing. (Love that show! If you’ve never seen it you should watch it… so funny!)

Today, I’m FINALLY getting to the blog post I’ve been meaning to get up for almost two weeks now. Seriously. I’m shaking my head so hard at myself. So… without further ado, let’s get going on the next installment of my Wedding Registry series!

While I started thinking about this Wedding Registry series a few months ago, I had a really hard time deciding what I was going to do with this week. Why? Because it should be the week I talk about the things you should register for when it comes to your living room. It’s pretty much the last room in the house we haven’t covered. But I honestly couldn’t figure out what I’d tell you to buy. Maybe you want to register for picture frames, maybe you don’t. Maybe you want to have decorative pillows and throws, or maybe not. I realized pretty quickly, it’d be way to hard to tell you everything you need for your living room. So I decided to skip it.

When it comes to registering for items for your living room… you do you, boo boo.

But there is one “room” in a house that tends to get a bit over looked when registering. Why? Because it’s really not even a room. It’s the great outdoors. If you’re anything like me, you take every chance you have to get outside. Whether it’s lounging in a hammock in the shade on a sunny day, or sitting by a fire all night, keeping your front yard pretty, or watering your garden, you’re going to need quite a bit of “stuff” to make all your backyard dreams come true.

If you’re lucky enough to have a house before you get married, or are in the process of finding your home close to your wedding, you are so dang lucky. You have the opportunity to register for everything a house needs for the outside of it. The things you really don’t want to spend money on, but will have to at some point or another.

They’re things that keep your house in good shape, that make curb appeal possible, and make the most of your time outdoors are not only necessities, but also things that are honestly pretty fun to register for. Since we don’t have a house, we didn’t get to register for any of this. Because let’s be real. Where the heck would we put our brand spanking new fire pit while we’re living on the second floor of an apartment building in the middle of Detroit?

Now, if you read my other registry posts, you can skip these next two paragraphs. 

The hardest part about registering for anything really was the insane amount of lists out there telling us what we needed to register for. Just typing in “Wedding Registry Checklist” on Pinterest gives you enough results that it would take you a solid year to get through each one. (Oh… if you’re here from Pinterest HIIII! I’m glad you found your way to Savannah Said It!)

Honestly, each list was a little bit different. We’d find one that seemed perfect, but then the next completely contradicted everything the first one said. One said we absolutely HAD to have a garlic press, the next? It wasn’t even on the “maybe” list. So, ever since we registered, I’ve been working my brain. I’ve been keeping notes of the things we really needed, the best registry advice we’ve gotten, and the things we didn’t register for that we really wished we had. It’s my goal in the series to make an easy list for you to follow, that is comprehensive and easy. And so, without further ado, I bring you…

The Only Outdoor Registry You’ll Ever Need

Hammock This is the number one thing you should register for! Whether it’s a packable hammock (we love ours and take it hiking all the time!) or one that will set up residence under your big shady tree all summer, you will LOVE having a place to enjoy long, lazy, summer days.

Grill If you don’t already have a grill, you should register for one. Some people like to chip in to purchase a large gift, so a grill really isn’t that far out of the question. Plus, people really love to give you something they know you will use. What better way to show them how much you love their gift than by hosting a summer BBQ?

Patio Furniture You can’t have an outdoor party without a place to sit. Choose a set, or a few comfy chairs to deck out your deck.

Fire Pit Find an above ground fire pit that you love, or just register for a fire ring (check out the rules of your city first). This will quickly become one of your most used items from your register the second the warm weather rolls around.

Plastic Dinnerware If you’re planning on hosting a lot of outdoor BBQs, register for some plastic dinnerware. It’s cheap and you don’t have to worry about someone breaking one of your pretty new dishes.

String Lights Sting lights are pretty and every backyard should have them. ‘Nough said.

Outdoor Games We LOVE outdoor games. Corn hole is usually our game of choice. However, there are so many great options out there! Pick a few because you will pull them out time and time again.

Water and Irrigation Want to keep your grass green? Register for a hose and sprinkler. And even if you don’t use it for watering, you and your new hubby can play in it on a hot summer day.

Gardening Tools If you’re planning to garden, now is the time to stock up on everything you need! Generally, gardening tools are inexpensive, I know I would be SO EXCITED to see them on someones registry. Think of how cute of a gift basket you could make with them! Now, I’m not a gardener, so I’m not going to even pretend to know what you’d need… but if you like to be in the garden, you know exactly what tools will help you to grow the most beautiful garden ever!

Outdoor “Equipment” I’m using equipment for lack of a better word. If you wanted, you could register for a lawn mower, or big ticket items that you will eventually need someday. However, I have to be honest and tell you most people probably won’t purchase big things like this for you. They may however, get you a leaf blower or trimmers and edgers. That being said, I’d register for…

Gift Cards Register for Gift Cards to your favorite places for all your outdoor needs. That way, if you need to go pick up a hose, or a buy a snowblower later in the year, you will have a little bit of help making a necessary purchase.

What outdoor items make your must have list? Just typing about all these things are making me long for a backyard party. Lucky for me, we’re heading Up North this weekend, and I can practically smell the bonfires and bbqs already!

Have a wonderful rest of your Wednesday loves. I’m off to grab some lunch and troll Pinterest for some inspiration for our living room wall. (We ordered a canvas of one of our wedding photos and its STUNNING but now the wall looks empty. Gotta add a little something something before it looks complete!)

I’ll be back tomorrow.
























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