The Worst Blogger Ever.

Oh my goodness. It’s official. I’m the worst blogger ever. Why? Because a few days ago I started writing todays post, thought I finished it and guess what?! I totally did. I literally must have fallen asleep typing because I was mid sentence. I’m rolling my eyes so hard at myself rn!

And unfortunately, life has me sprinting all over the place this evening, prepping to head back Up North tomorrow. I’m making a pit stop in Manistee before we head way way wayyyy Up North to The Pictured Rocks and then Marquette for the weekend.

If your interested in seeing my adventures this weekend, follow me on Instagram (there’s a link in the side bar!) or on Snapchat. Just use this snap code!


In the mean time, why not take a walk down memory lane with me and check out a few of my favorite past blog posts! I love reading and rereading all my posts from Banff mostly for the freakin amazing pictures! Find them here,  here,  here,  here,  here,  herehere and finally here. Not interested in Canada? Click the “Travel” tab at the top of the screen and I promise you’ll find a Travel Series to a destination you’ll love!

Or, take a minute to explore some of my other tabs! You’ll find recipes, fashion posts, make up and beauty posts, wedding posts, and all sorts of posts about my love of the Great Lakes State.

No matter what you decide, I hope you have a wonderful Wednesday! And I really am sorry my Wedding Wednesday post just isn’t ready for you. It’ll be up next week. I promise!

No post tomorrow, because I’ll be traveling. I’ll be back MONDAY with a weekend round up for you, and then I should be back to my regular schedule for blogging! The hectic-ness of the last few weeks should finally be behind me.

I’m off to pack!


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