Memorial Day Weekend 2017

Hello Loves! I hope you’re reading this lakeside/poolside somewhere in the sunshine soaking up every last bit of your Memorial Day Weekend before you have to go back to work tomorrow. (EW.) I REALLY hope you’re not like me right now, blogging from the front seat of Trev’s car on a very very crowded highway trying to get back into the city.

We considered heading back yesterday for like a second just to beat the traffic, but quickly realized we’d rather take a little longer getting home than miss out on an entire day of relaxation and fun in Northern Michigan. Which we totally needed that day of relaxation because our weekend was busy, busy, busy!

We started our trip North bright and early on Friday morning. (Seriously… 5 am early!) We wanted to beat out any traffic, and new if we left this city before morning rush hour, we’d be to the back roads of NoMI before we knew it. Our morning started out a bit rocky with quite possibly the worst McDon’s stop EVER. But quickly turned around when we made it to Clare less than two hours later.

Why Clare you ask? Cops and Doughnuts of course! If you’ve never been, you’re missing out. And don’t worry, I took lots of pictures to share with you in a Mitten Monday post later on.

How cute are their patriotic donuts?! 

We were in Manistee by 10 am and it was so nice to be home early and have the entire day to do whatever we wanted! We took my pups for a walk and then we did something that was SO FUN. I can’t share it just yet, but let’s just say it’s in preparation of our upcoming anniversary! Later that afternoon, we stopped to see my Grandpa. It was his birthday and we were so glad we got to spend some time with him!

Snapped a quick picture before graduation on Saturday because we matched so dang nice!

Friday and Saturday were a blur of graduation caps and congratulations. We spent Friday night celebrating my cousin Nick. He graduated from a small catholic school in town. (So small there were only 10 graduates in his class!) We are so proud of him! He’s heading straight to the workforce, and we know he will be so successful in whatever he decides to do in life. (Especially if it has something to do with fishing… Dude can fish like no ones business!) And then on Saturday, we spent the day helping out with his graduation party.

As soon as the graduation party was over, we ran home to change because it was time to celebrate another graduation! This time, it was my beautiful cousin Dakotah. She graduated from my old stomping grounds, Manistee High. She finished Top 10 in her class and is headed to Oakland in the fall. We are so proud of her too and know that she will be so dang successful in Auburn Hills.

The world is yours for the taking guys… and we know that it will be in good hands with both of you in it.

PicMonkey Collage

Saturday night, we headed to my Grandparents for a bon fire, because is it really Memorial Day Weekend if you don’t have at least one bonfire?!


Which brings us to Sunday, our only day to do whatever we wanted. We were super bummed because we woke up to a rainy, cold day. Not how we were hoping to enjoy our last full day in town. We did some errands with my parents, ate Big Al’s for lunch and watched a movie. Luckily, after a few hours, the rain cleared and the sun came out. I spent the afternoon/evening working on my tan and starting a new book while Trev and my Dad headed out on the boat to do some fishing.


We finished our Sunday with a beach walk and watching a stunning sunset. Talk about a perfect way to end our weekend!


Today, we celebrated the memory of all those whose lost their lives fighting for our country. While we all enjoy our long weekends, it can be easily forgotten that our freedom isn’t really free. The least we can do is pay our respects every Memorial Day to those who paid the ultimate sacrifice for us. Manistee has a Memorial Day parade and service every year that we really enjoy attending.

And now, here I sit in the car, typing away and hoping to make it home in decent time. We avoided the two main highways in the state, and so far, our decision seems to be paying off. Fingers crossed it stays that way 🙂

Enjoy the rest of your Monday my loves! I’m back tomorrow with a final post on DC.


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