Everything You Need for a Perfect Memorial Day BBQ

Happy Thursday Loves! Who else is completely stoked for the long weekend ahead of us?! Memorial Day Weekend is always the sign that Summer has officially arrived in Northern Michigan. And with it comes beach walks, bonfires and BBQs.

Memorial Day Weekend is always really really busy in my family. It’s my Grandpa’s birthday, all the local graduations happen within three days of each other (which also means graduation parties are inevitable) and everyone is prepping for the end of the school year. But even though we’re all so busy, we ALWAYS take time to sit back and enjoy some time together in the most American way we know how… at a BBQ.

While BBQs aren’t exclusive to the Midwest, I like to think we do them best. We’re never short on lakes, laughter, corn hole, sunsets, drinks and food. So. Much. Food.

A perfect BBQ is an art, and lucky for you, I’ve got just the recipe. So stop racking your brain about what to bring along with you to your Memorial Day celebrations, and let your girl help you out.

Everything You Need for a Perfect Memorial Day BBQ

  1. Yard Games No BBQ is complete without a few yard games! My family (and pretty much every other family in the Midwest) is HUGE on Corn Hole. We play for hours on end, and get super competitive! Not a Corn Hole fan? Whip up a giant sized Kerplunk, grab some bottles for a ring toss, or go buy some yard dice. Whatever you choose, everyone will love that you brought along some entertainment.
  2. Music Speaking of entertainment, no good time is complete without music. You don’t need it crazy loud where no one can hear each other. Just a little music in the background to add to the laid back vibes of the party. (Try a Country playlist on Pandora or Spotify!)
  3. Meat Meat is the star of any backyard BBQ. Stick with classics for your first BBQ of the summer. Think Brats, Burgers, Hot Dogs and Kabobs.
  4. Side Dishes While the meat is the star, it’s the side dishes that make or break your BBQ. We ALWAYS have sweet corn. You can’t have a good cookout without it if you ask me! Plus it’s super simple to make. Soak it in salt water and then cook over the fire. Ugh. Now I’m craving sweet corn! Also, potato salad, pasta salad and baked beans (homemade, not from the can).
  5. Snacks Everyone loves snacks! Chips and salsa, hummus, guac, veggies and bar cheese are a few favorites that everyone loves.
  6. Desserts Mmmmm my favorite part of any BBQ is the dessert! My family always brings killer desserts. If you want to go out, there are hundreds of Red, White and Blue desserts out there. But I’m pretty sure everyone would love chocolate chip cookies too 🙂
  7. Alcohol Alcohol makes everything better. Head over to Pinterest to find some seriously amazing Patriotic drinks!
  8. Bonfire The best BBQs last all afternoon and into the night. Bring some blankets and fire wood and start up a bonfire.
  9. S’Mores and Hobo Pies And when you have a bonfire, you have to have s’mores and hobo pies! My family likes to make their hobo pies with pie filling and top them with frosting for a super sweet treat at the end of the night! We also like to use Keebler Fudge Stripe cookies for our s’mores instead of graham crackers. It’s life changing… your welcome.
  10. Red, White and Blue Do I even need to explain this one?

What are you taking to your BBQs this weekend?!

I hope you all have a safe and wonderful Memorial Day Weekend! However you are celebrating, be sure to take a minute and remember those Heroes that paid the ultimate sacrifice so we could have the freedoms that we do today.

We have such a busy weekend ahead of us but I’m so looking forward to it! It’s about to be jam packed with family time and sunshine and I seriously can’t wait. Our long weekend has already started (we kicked it off with dinner at Red Robin and chocolate shakes from Sonic.) We’re packing now and leaving bright tomorrow morning.

I’ll be back on Monday!


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