Weekend Round Up 

Hey Everybody! I hope you’re all having a fabulous Monday. I know this is the second weekend in a row I’m sharing my weekend round up a day late… but to be honest, it’s probably going to be like that for the next few weeks. I’m crazy busy these next couple weekends! (Seriously. I have so many cousins graduating High School this year!)

Last weekend was another great one! On Thursday I hopped on with a quick post letting you know I was taking a sick day from blogging. In reality, I took a sick day from life. After a week of not feeling good, I took a day off work and slept… a lot. Trev actually didn’t have to work either. So we were able to sleep in and head Up North earlier Thursday afternoon to beat out the rush hour traffic.

When we got there I got some medicine and some tea, and my mom and I snuggled up to watch La La Land.


Friday we had all sorts of plans to go hiking, but it was cold and I still wasn’t feeling the greatest. So instead, we made a run to Dublin General for brats later in the weekend. (Click here to read more on Dublin!) Trev’s Mom and Dad got to Manistee that afternoon so we spent some time visiting with them.


Friday night, Larry (Trev’s dad) was at his Tight Lines Orientation. The rest of us headed out for dinner at TJ’s.

Short’s Soft Shandy is my new favorite Summer beer!

Saturday Larry headed out for the fishing tournament and we all went to breakfast before the big Welcome Back parade! It was a beautiful morning but dang the wind was crazy! However, it’s always a perfect day to thank our Vets.

Me, Trev and his parents. Larry fished on the shore division this year! Instead of riding in on a boat he came to stand with us to welcome in the other Vets. 

Saturday night, we were supposed to have a cook out and bonfire. But the rain changed our plans and we ended up just having a get together at my Grandmas. We still had a blast even if we couldn’t be around the fire!

Sunday we were up early to visit my other grandparents, and we ate lunch before our long drive home. We spend the rest of the day unpacking (and repacking for this weekend), grocery shopping and watching Parks and Rec. (We’re on our 4th time through. We just love that show SO DANG MUCH.)

Now we’re both home from work, and we’re cleaning, cooking and working out. We have a crazy busy week ahead of us again!

I’m back tomorrow with my final farewell to D.C.!



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