DC Eats that Won’t Break the Bank

Hello my beautiful friends! Guess what? I’m still sick. I literally was SO embarrassed this morning. I got to the school I was subbing in and had a coughing attack as I was walking to the Art room. OMG everyone was staring at me and of course I couldn’t get the key to work and I started choking and it was AWFUL. Ugh. I’m still cringing just thinking about it.

So let’s get some happy thoughts flowing through my head! There are very few things in this world that make me happier than food. I love food. And I especially love food that is fast and easy and doesn’t break the bank.

While everything you want to see in Washington DC is pretty much free, you’ll make up for the cost in your food. From delicious to iconic, ethnic to all American, you’ll find a little bit of everything in DC. We found out pretty quickly that a long and fancy sit down lunch wasn’t in the cards for us. Why? Because we had so much we wanted to do during the day. We scratched most of our dining plans and moved on to find places that were unique to DC but a quick place to grab food before heading on to our next adventure.

Here are 5 lunch stops to make on your trip around DC.

Ben’s Chili Bowl DC is known for it’s half-smokes, and the only place to get them is Ben’s Chili Bowl. (Okay… I’ve heard great things about other places too. But, Ben’s is a classic.) Since they opened their doors in 1958, Ben’s has been serving their half-smokes smothered in their signature chili sauce to adoring customers daily. And while many people may say the chili dogs at Ben’s are “just okay” (I liked them! But personally, they ain’t got nothing on Coney Dogs from Detroit.) it’s the history that holds this restaurant’s status as a DC institution. Ben’s has been a landmark since the 1968 riots hit the city after Martin Luther King Jr.’s assassination. While much of U Street’s NW corridor was decimated, Ben’s was spared. They stayed open all through the night, serving food to black activists, firefighters and police officers. They’ve seen U Street through hard times at it’s worst, and through it’s revitalization at it’s best. And the best thing about Ben’s? It hasn’t changed even a pinch since it opened in 1958. Hey… if it was good enough for President Obama, it was good enough for me. Find Ben’s locations all over the city, but if it’s your first time eating there, head to the original at 1213 U Street NW.

Good Stuff Eatery Welcome to the Party y’all. (If you’ve been to Good Stuff Eatery… you’ll get it.) Does it get any more American than shakes, burgers and fries? No. No it does not. It doesn’t matter if you’re a Democrat or a Republican… a trip to Good Stuff Eatery will leave you with a happy bell and craving their top notch shakes. Their flagship location is literally in the shadow of the US Capitol building, making it a perfect spot to grab lunch while you’re visiting Capitol Hill. The line is long, but it’s worth the wait. Besides you never know who you’ll be bumping elbows with. Good Stuff Eatery is a favorite amongst all those politicos working on The Hill. Sound good but not anywhere near The Capitol? You’ll find locations around DC, and if you’re reading this from Chicago or Saudi Arabia… you’ll find them there too!  Click here for all Good Stuff Eatery’s locations. 

&pizza Gourmet flatbread pizzas?! Yes please! &pizza is a favorite for their fresh take on one of America’s favorite foods. Pick your crust (Traditional, Ancient Grains or Gluten Free), you sauce (they have 5!) and any of their 18 toppings. Or, if you don’t feel like customizing, choose from one of their classics, like The OG, Pineapple Jack, and Lori Lane. And for about $10, you’ll be able to sink your teeth into award winning pizza. &pizza has multiple locations throughout DC… including one right around the corner from Ford’s Theater! For all locations, click here

Red Apron Butcher Don’t let the name scare you! This is the place you want to go to grab a delicious deli sandwich! Just up the road from the National Mall (less than a mile away from the Natural History Museum) you’ll find Red Apron. Here you’ll find sandwiches, salads, burgers and dogs. Grab your food, and head back to the National Mall for the most delicious picnic ever! Find the Red Apron Butcher on D street between 7th and 8th.
DC Food Trucks  What would a lunch post be without mentioning food trucks?! DC has some of the best in the country, and with just about 200 roaming the streets, you’re sure to find whatever you’re craving. Personally, I’d be on the lookout for Captain Cookie and the Milkman. But ya know… whatever floats your boat 😉 Click here to bookmark the link for The Food Truck Fiesta. They’ll show you what trucks are where and in real time.

Where are your favorite lunch spots in DC?

I’m off to go crawl in bed and try to sleep away this sickness. I’ll be back tomorrow!



5 thoughts on “DC Eats that Won’t Break the Bank

  1. I love Bens Chili Bowl! Funny story, during my visit to DC a few years ago it was their anniversary so I actualy was on CNN being interviewed about their yummy food while there! Fun day. Great post!!!!


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