Wedding Registry 101: The Only Kitchen Registry You’ll Ever Need

Hello Beautiful Friends! I’m so excited about today’s post! If you know anything about me, you know I loveeee to shop. But, I’m broke so shopping sprees really aren’t an option at the moment. However today, I basically got to go shopping for the very best items for your kitchen registries, and it made my heart really happy. (Is that sad? Am I basically Rebecca Bloomwood? Crap. Better go auction off my green scarf.)

Of all the things we registered for when we made our wedding registry, the kitchen stuff was hands down our favorite. Why? Probably because we both love to cook. We already had a kitchen full of stuff. But it wasn’t “good” stuff. It was a hodgepodge of everything we had collected through our college years, and our first year of living together. So we picked out the things we knew we would want in our dream kitchen. The things we knew we would need, and the things that we figured we’d need to replace someday. And oh boy… did our guests deliver.

My dance studio in my parents basement is FILLED with so many amazing things for our kitchen. Things that we deemed way too pretty to bring to our ugly apartment. We knew that when we bought a house, we would want to start off with as many new things as we could. So we’re saving them until the day we finally get to move our of our apartment and into a house. (Or townhouse, or condo. Whatever comes our way!) Of course, a few things made it back to Woodland Villas with us… like our Keurig and Stand Mixer. (Legit couldn’t live without them!) 

The hardest part about registering for anything really was the insane amount of lists out there telling us what we needed to register for. Just typing in “Wedding Registry Checklist” on Pinterest gives you enough results that it would take you a solid year to get through each one. (Oh… if you’re here from Pinterest HIIII! I’m glad you found your way to Savannah Said It!)

 Honestly, each list was a little bit different. We’d find one that seemed perfect, but then the next completely contradicted everything the first one said. One said we absolutely HAD to have a garlic press, the next? It wasn’t even on the “maybe” list. So, ever since we registered, I’ve been working my brain. I’ve been keeping notes of the things we really needed, the best registry advice we’ve gotten, and the things we didn’t register for that we really wished we had. It’s my goal in the series to make an easy list for you to follow, that is comprehensive and easy. And so, without further ado, I bring you…

The Only Kitchen Registry You’ll Ever Need

I like to think of the kitchen split up into a few different parts. This really helped us to see what we truly needed. While one long list may be convenient, it’s super easy to forget about forks when you’re already moving on to that beautiful serving tray. Ya feel me? I like to separate these “parts” like you’d see on a dropdown menu on a website.

For starters, your “kitchen” registry becomes two parts. Kitchen and Dining. And then these two parts each have their own mini sections.

Now… let’s move on to the fun part! The things you absolutely can’t live without.

Kitchen Registry Must Haves

Cookware. Let’s start with the obvious! Kitchens are for cooking. So cookware is a must! Look for high quality pots and pans, dutch ovens and casserole dishes. Cookware items you should register for?

  • Cookware Set. Registering for your cookware in a set is a sure way to be sure you get every piece you need. Look for brands like Calphalon, All-Clad, and Le Creuset for top notch cookware. If you’d rather get your cookware individually, make sure you register for…
    • Fry Pans
    • Saucepans
    • Saute Pans
    • Skillets
    • Dutch Oven
    • Stockpot
    • Cast Iron Skillet

Bakeware. Snapple Fact! Cookware is completely different than Bakeware. I never knew this! Even if you don’t consider yourself a baker, and don’t envision baking cookies every night of the week, you’re still going to need a few Bakeware pieces. Really good baking/cookie sheets, and dishes will actually be a staple in your kitchen, you just may not use them for their intended purposes. Bakeware items you should register for?

  • Bakeware Set. Just like a cookware set, a bakeware set makes your life so much easier. You can get pretty much everything you need all in one. Look for classic brands like Calphalon, Cuisinart, Le Creuset, Martha Stewart and All-Clad. All bakeware sets include different pieces, but what you’re generally looking for are…
    • Cookie Sheets
    • Baking Sheets
    • Cake Pans
    • Brownie Pans
    • Muffin Pans
    • Loaf Pans
    • Baking Pans
  • Ceramic Bakeware or Glass Bakeware Set. Or Both! In my personal opinion, nothing is better than Corningware. It’s a timeless classic for a reason. My mom still uses her Corningware from their wedding, and we will use ours for years to come as well. It’s pretty and it’s well made. Pyrex is also a good brand to look at too!
  • Cooking Rack. This one can be easily forgotten, but you should register for a cooling rack or two! It will come in really handy, whether you’re cooling off Christmas cookies or baking bacon in the oven.

Tools and Gadgets. Mixing bowls, measuring tools, scales, cooking utensils, graters, slicers, even ice trays are all considered Kitchen Tools. This is the category where you tend to go a little crazy. There are SO MANY COOL GADGETS out there that you’re going to think you absolutely need. Then you’re going to get a veggie spinner that you use two times instead of the really nice bamboo wooden spoons you could actual use.

  • Measuring Spoons and Cups. Find good quality spoons and cups that you will be able to use over and over again.
  • Can Opener. Weird right? We forgot to register for one, but my Grandma totally had our backs! You need a can opener… even if you don’t use it all the time. You’ll be thankful when it’s in your drawer and you don’t have to run to the store before you can get dinner started.
  • Mixing Bowls. You can never have enough!
  • Colander. You gotta drain that Ramen somehow… 😉
  • Garlic Press. If you don’t use garlic a lot in recipes you don’t need this. But for me, a garlic press was LIFE CHANGING. It’s my absolute favorite kitchen tool.
  • Grater. Again, not something you’ll use every day. But you’ll be glad you have it when you need it.
  • UtensilsYour kitchen utensils are a must have! Ask for a mix of stainless steel and silicone. You’ll find that some of your new pans may not be cut out to use stainless steel in. Utensils will also come in a set, which I highly recommend getting them like this. (Brands like Oxo aren’t crazy expensive and really good quality!) But if you want to register for them separately, our most used are…
    • Whisk. Ask for multiple whisks in multiple sizes!
    • Spatulas. Okay… this is weird but I call the things I flip my eggs with a spatula. But apparently the rest of the world called them a turner?! I don’t know. I’m just hearing of this. Let me know if you call them spatulas too! However, register for the spatulas you mix with, and also the spatulas/turners you’ll use for everything else.
    • Spoons. Slotted, wooden, stainless steel, bamboo, ladles, if it’s a large kitchen spoon, you need it.  
    • Tongs. Choose big and small tongs so you always have just the right size.
  • Cake/ Pie Server. Trev says this isn’t a necessity, but I disagree! Coming from an avid dessert lover, these mini “spatulas” are legit perfect for anything and everything. Not just cakes and pies!
  • Meat Thermometer. If you don’t want to poison your new husband or wife with raw chicken, you need one.
  • Ice Cream Scoop. Do I really need to explain this? Ice Cream = Happiness.
  • Cutting Boards. Register for a bunch of cutting boards. Register for one or two really nice once, and a few cheap plastic ones too. You’ll like having the variety and not having to wash one cutting board after you finish chopping up meat before you move on to the veggies.
  • Salad Spinner. Trev says you need this. He uses it all the time. I’m still on the fence about it.
  • Scale. Scales make measuring ingredients super simple. Choose a classic looking scale so it can sit out on your counter. Trust me. You’re going to end up using it all the time.

Cutlery. Good knives are hard to find… especially for a good price. But trust me… you need good knives in your lives.

  • Knife Block Set. More sets… I know. But a knife block is 100% the way to go. Seriously. They’ll include every knife you could ever need. And then some. The knifes you’ll probably use the most?
    • Bread Knife.
    • Chef’s Knife.
    • Paring Knife.
    • Steak Knifes.
  • Knife Sharpener. You’ll need something to keep your knifes sharp!

Small Appliances. Emphasis on small. I really don’t recommend putting large expensive appliances on your list, because chances are, you’re not going to get them. However, small appliances are super popular purchases among guests. Think mixers, toasters, microwaves, coffeemakers, panini presses, even wine refrigerators.

  • Stand Mixer. If you don’t like to bake, you don’t need a KitchenAid. But dang do I love ours. I use it all the time!
  • Hand Mixer. Even if you do register for a stand mixer, register for a hand mixer too! It’s easier to use when you’re in a time crunch. We have the KitchenAid hand mixer and love it.
  • Blender. Vitamix, Ninja, KitchenAid, NutriBullet. It doesn’t matter what brand you choose, but you need a blender. (We got a Ninja and LOVE it.)
  • Deep Fryer. Legit my favorite thing in the world besides my garlic press. (Both recommendations for my #WCW Chrissy Teigan.) I don’t think I’ve ever been more excited to open a gift than my deep fryer at my bridal shower. We use it all the time!
  • Slow Cooker. Another favorite gift. Life is hard. And when you’re way too busy to sit and cook for three hours after work, the slow cooker will be your BFF. Get one with a timer on it so you can control the cook time before you even leave in the morning. (We got the Bella 5 quart one and I honestly can’t rave about it enough.)
  • Coffee Maker. If your’e like us and can’t function without caffeine, your wedding registry is the perfect time to get the perfect new coffee pot. We opted for a Keurig, and love it so much!
  • Toaster. Wedding Registry Classic!
  • Waffle Maker. Make sure it’s a Belgium waffle maker… the thicker the waffle the better!
  • Griddle. We love our griddle. We use it for everything from pancakes to bacon.

Storage. It may seem strange to think about storage for your kitchen as a registry item. But trust me… you will need and want good kitchen storage. While you may not want to register for drawer organizers or closet helpers, you should register for food storage. Pyrex is about to be your BFF people!

Kitchen Linens. This is probably the least necessary category on the list, but I know these were some of my favorite gifts. Kitchen Linens are your kitchen towels (which you’ll totally need), drying mats, rugs, oven mitts, pot holders, aprons… that kind of stuff.

Dining Registry Must Haves

Dinnerware. I’m like 98% sure that not registering for dinnerware isn’t allowed. If there is one thing that literally everyone registers for it’s this. And why wouldn’t you? Brand new dishes for free. It’s the best! We haven’t used our yet, but OH.EM.GEE I can’t wait to. They are so freakin’ pretty! And just remember, if you don’t have a house yet (like us) you can easily choose plain white dishes. That’s what we did. White is classic, and it goes with anything. So no matter what you choose for your home someday, it will fit in perfectly. 

Serveware. Most times, you can choose serveware that matches your dinnerware. We did. We literally found the brand and collection we wanted and just went down the list adding to our registry. Now, I’m going to recommend that you don’t choose EVERYTHING you see in the serveware category. Because you’re not like those people on House Hunters that have to have space for huge dinner parties that they host literally every night. (Eyerolling so hard right now.) But a few serving bowls and platters never hurt anyone!

Flatware. Flatware is the fancy person’s name for silverware. You need it to eat. ‘Nuff said. Forks, knifes, spoons. You know… everything you use to feed yourself. It comes in a set. 

Drinkware. Duh. This usually comes in a set too. 

Barware. Okay. Hear me out on this one. Most guys dream of their future mancave that will have a bar in it. Tell your future hubby (or yourself) that that dream is far off in the future, so you don’t need to register for a beer tap right now. Things you should choose from this category? Beer, wine, cocktail and martini glasses, based on what the two of you like to drink.

Dining Maybes

The next three things are hard maybes in my book. Really step back and take a look at how you and your fiance live your life. If you don’t have tons of people over every night now, chances are, you aren’t going to have them over later in life either. If you are the couple that are always hosting dinner parties and family gatherings, these categories of course make sense to you. But if you’re the couple that likes to eat sitting squished together at the coffee table on the floor under fleece blankets watching House of Cards, these aren’t for you. (Not speaking for experience or anything… HA!)

Table Linens. The Table Linen category is where you’ll find everything you need for a picture perfect dinner party. Tablecloths, placemats, napkins, table runners, chair cushions. You know… all that “stuff” that people use on special occasions (or for their Instas) but not every day.

Fine China. The thought of fine china makes me cringe. Not because I don’t think it’s beautiful for anything, but because all I can picture is my clumsy self dropping it and it smashing into a billion pieces. Registering for fine china is a personal choice, which is why it’s on the maybe list. Where it wasn’t something we felt like we needed, this classic registry item may be number one on your list.

Crystal. My feelings on crystal stemware are right up there with fine china. Don’t give it to me, because I’ll break it and then feel horrible about it for the rest of my life.

What are the kitchen items you can’t live without?!

I’m off to start making some nachos! My BFF is coming over to watch last night’s Pretty Little Liars! Eeek. I can’t wait. So obsessed with that show… and cheesy nachos.

Have a happy Wednesday loves!




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