Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Happy Thursday My Lovelies! Today we’re talking about one of the most IMPORTANT subjects in the world. It’s more important than politics, it’s more important than climate change, and it’s more important than what happened on Survivor last night. (But can I just say… love me a good blindside! Except for last week with Ozzy. I loved Ozzy.) We’re talking about Moms.

Moms are the most important people on the planet. They love you unconditionally, will drop everything to be there for you, are your biggest supporters and best friends. Moms constantly claim “I don’t want anything” or “I don’t need anything.” They’re selfless that way. (At least most moms are.) But let’s be real. If there is anyone on this planet that deserves everything good in this world, it’s our moms. That doesn’t mean you have to buy her designer gifts, send her on vacations and book her spa treatments. It just means you have to spend time with her, show her you appreciate her, and let her know just how special she is to you.

While we should be doing this every day of the year, the most important day to shower our moms with gratitude is May 14th… Mother’s Day! It will be here before you know it. So you best get to shopping!

I’ve rounded up my favorite gift ideas that won’t break the bank, that your Mom (or Mother in Law, Grandma, Aunt, Godmother, Mother to Be…) will absolutely adore.

For the Mama that Loves to Cook. I think I put this on just about EVERY gift guide. But guys… it’s because I love mine SO MUCH. My Martha Stewart Enameled Cast Iron Round Casserole pot/dish was one of my favorite wedding gifts. I get so much use out of it. I literally cook everything in it. I promise you, your mom will love this gift. And it’s a freaking STEAL right now. I’m not joking… this $179 dish is on sale for $59.99. No… that’s not a misprint. $59.99!!! Even if you don’t want to buy one for your mom you should buy one for yourself. PS… that pink one has my name written ALL over it! On sale until May 7th. Buy it here!

For the Mama that Loves Fashion. This mom is not a regular mom… she’s a cool mom. Get her a present that is as chic as she is. Dainty necklaces are in right now, and your mom will especially love this one. Write Mom out in your handwriting, email it to Bauble Bar, choose your colors and a week later, you’ll have the perfect gift for mom. Now, if the acrylic colors are a little bit too funky, and your mom has more of a classic style, check out this option from Etsy. Same thought, but on a classic gold or silver bar. (Etsy option pictured above.)

For the Mama that Loves Flowers. Okay… so the ones in the picture are a splurge to say the least. And if you have the money, BUY THEM FOR YOUR MOM. But for all us normal people that can’t afford $500 worth of roses, send your Mama a beautiful bouquet of her favorite flower. (I really love this tulip bouquet from FTD! I love tulips!)

For the Mama that Loves Candles. Most ladies love candles. And in my opinion, they’re a can’t go wrong gift! Personally, I don’t buy candles anywhere but Bath and Bodyworks. I absolutely love their 3 wicks. They smell great, last quite a long time, and there are SO many different scents to choose from! My personal favorite is Watermelon Lemonade (seriously I’ve burned it non stop for the past 3 summers!). HEY MOM SKIP DOWN TO THE NEXT ONE RIGHT NOW. (Seriously. I know you’re reading this.) I picked her up a new scent for this Mother’s Day to go along with the rest of her gift. I picked Fresh Cut Lilacs and OH EM GEE it smells incredible! She’s going to love it! And guess what?! 3 wick candles are on sale right now, 2 for $24.50! Click here to get shopping. 

For the Mama that Loves to Garden. If your Mom has a green thumb, she absolutely NEEDS something from Magnolia Market. Whether it’s an ultra chic garden tote, the most Joanna Gaines watering can to ever live, a perfect little garden sign, or the shirt that is almost too cute to wear while gardening, she will love getting a little package straight from Waco.

For the Mama that Loves to Decorate. Mama’s spend a lot of time at home. So it’s no wonder they like to make it pretty. When you’re stuck in the same place all the time, it might as well be picture perfect! If you know your Mom’s decor style, you know what she’ll like! If you’re not sure, go all out with the “mom” theme, and grab her something that let’s her know how much you love her. While it might not stay out all year, it will be the first decor piece she puts out every May. I love this wood sign, this succulent pot, and this trinket dish all from Francesca’s. Or, if you want to get her something you know she’ll LOVE… you can’t go wrong with a gift card to her favorite decor store 🙂

For the Mama that Loves Alone Time. Sometimes, moms just need a vacation. And while she deserves a private island escape, that isn’t necessarily in most people’s budgets. But you can get her everything she needs for a relaxing night in. Get her a bath bomb (or 3!), the newest copy of her favorite magazine, and a perfectly soft bathrobe or pjs. She’ll have everything she needs to be able to escape… even if just for an hour. Check out Nordstrom’s favorite Mother’s Day Gifts for great robe and pj options. Most are on sale! Click here

For the Mama that Loves to Entertain. So moms love dinner parties. So why not get them something they can show off next time they have everyone over? The weather is about to get gorgeous, so pick up everything she needs for a perfect patio party. Think string lights, tiki “torches” that aren’t ugly, and outdoor dinnerware. (How freakin’ cute is this collection from Draper James? The plates, tumbler set, snack bowls are to die for! I wish I had a house with a backyard so I had an excuse to buy this! 

For the Mama that Loves Handmade Gifts. Get your butt over to Pinterest my friends. There are so many wonderful ideas out there to make your mom a little something special. (And while you’re there… you should follow me!) 

For the Mama to Be. Don’t forget the soon to be Mama who is literally growing a human inside her. Grab a book that will make her smile, the greatest mug ever and tea so she doesn’t get bored while she rests those probably exhausted (and a little bit swollen) feet. 

And if all else fails…. Make your mom a card and spend the day with her. That just might be her favorite gift of all.

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! My plans? Sitting on the couch and watching Hallmark movies all day erryday. Trev has a conference this weekend so I’m left to fend for myself! I’ve got lots of chocolate from Easter, and Hungry Howies on speed dial. I think I’ll be just fine 😉

Have a wonderful weekend my friends! I’ll see you on Sunday with what will probably be the world’s most boring Weekend Round Up.


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