Wedding Registry 101

Raise your hand if you love presents! Everybody loves presents. Whether they are for your birthday, a holiday or just because, presents always bring a smile to your face. And the best gifts? They’re the ones that you wanted SO BAD but didn’t know if you were getting them for sure. And then, you’re even happier because you got exactly what you wanted / needed but it was still kind of a surprise.

That my friends, is literally what opening up half of your bridal shower and wedding gifts is like. That is, if you did your registry correctly!

Registering for gifts is HARD. Seriously. We were super overwhelmed trying to decide what we’d need/ want for our future home. We spent hours on Pinterest, weeding through “Registry Must Haves!”, “Registry Dos + Don’ts!”, and trying to answer the hardest question of all… where the heck do we register?!

Thats why I decided Savannah Said It needed a comprehensive guide to all things Wedding Registry. I’ve rounded up all the tips and tricks we learned along the way, mistakes we made, and questions we wished we had answered to bring you the Ultimate Wedding Registry Guide.

This series will take you through everything you could ever want to know about registering for your big day. From choosing where to register, to what to actually register for, and everything in between, I’ve got you covered!

Next Wednesday, look for the very first post in the series… choosing where to register!

Send me your wedding registry questions, and I’ll be sure to answer them as this series continues!

Sorry for the short post today guys… our evening took a very unexpected turn when someone stole our Blue Apron box. We had received a week’s worth of meals as a wedding gift, and were SO excited to finally try it! Unfortunately for us, the Fed Ex person left in the entry way of our apartment and someone decided they needed it. So we had to plan meals for the week and run to the grocery store. We’re super bummed. We were really looking forward to trying out a subscription box. Here’s to hoping we can get it cleared up!

Enjoy the rest of this dreary (it’s pouring rain here!) Wednesday. We’re half way to the weekend!


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