Weekend Round Up

Happy Sunny Sunday everyone!

Oh my goodness it has been SO beautiful this entire weekend in Metro Detroit. It’s been so nice being able to spend so much time outside. I sure have missed the sunshine.

How have your weekends been? I didn’t really do a whole lot. In fact, I did so little I don’t even have any pictures to show you. Friday night Trev and I went to a fish fry at one of our favorite dive bars in the area. (The Rusty Nail in Canton… if you’re interested!) Then we went grocery shopping. Super wild Friday night… right? HAHA

Yesterday, I spent most of my day laying in the sunshine. Trev was at a conference in Kalamazoo all day, so I laid around reading and working on my tan. (Thank God. I was practically see through after the long Michigan winter!) When he got home we decided to find a movie on HBO Go and guess what we found? The original Power Rangers movie! I’d NEVER seen the Power Rangers before. So of course we had to watch it. Basically, I’ve decided I’m the Pink Ranger 😉 HAHA (22 years late to the party… I know!)

Today we woke up and went for a walk. And then we discovered Trev had a freakin’ hole in his tire. I’m trying really hard not to complain, and just be thankful that we found it in the safety of our own apartment complex, and not on the side of a road in the not so great parts of Detroit. However, it seems that luck just hasn’t been on our side much lately. And we’re both really hoping that changes soon.

And of course, no tire stores are open today. So hopefully they’ll be able to get us in tomorrow so we can get a new one! (Unlucky for us, it’s in a place where they can’t patch it.)

I’m really looking forward to this week. I’ve been super sad the past week because my long term sub job that I’ve been at since September ended on Friday. So I’m feeling pretty grateful I have such a fun week ahead of me to look forward to. I’m super bummed that Trev can’t come along with me (boo for having to work on Easter weekend!) but I’m thrilled that I get to head Up North and spend some time with my family! We’re going to be cooking to of my dads super awesome recipes (which I will be sharing with you soon!), heading up to Glen Arbor for the day, and celebrating Easter with both sides of my family. I can’t wait! I hope your weekend was fantastic and you got just as beautiful of weather wherever you are!

I’ll be back tomorrow with a fun idea for a little day trip for you to take if you’re in the Northern Michigan area! (You won’t want to miss this one. So be sure to come back! Or subscribe… if you’re interested!)

Have a great rest of your Sunday!


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