Washington DC

Guys. I’ve been walking around singing Patriotic tunes and dreaming of cupcakes in Georgetown for almost TWO whole weeks now because I’m sooooo excited about the newest travel series we’re starting today! We’ve been through mountains. So. Many. Mountains. But now, it’s time to get a little bit more urban and a lot more patriotic. We’re heading to our nation’s capitol… Washington DC!

Eeeek! I’m so excited!

Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve been DYING to go to DC. I love history, and there is no better place is the USA to get a daily dose of history than Washington DC. Plus, I’ve always been obsessed with any TV show that has anything to do with the place. (Lookin’ at you My Date with the President’s Daughter, House of Cards and Designated Survivor.)

Now maybe you love politics. Maybe you hate them. Maybe you love President Trump. Maybe you hate him. But please remember…. A trip to Washington DC is SO MUCH MORE than letting the world know where you stand politically. The power of this city goes way beyond that. It’s in the history, the cultures and people that you will find yourself loving every inch of this Metro area. (And a quick disclaimer: any political statements will be delated from the comments section… because that is not what this post is about.)

So… who is ready to get their history on?

 10 Reasons To Get To Washington DC ASAP

The History. How can I make a list and not talk about the iconic history here? From monuments to memorials, significant buildings and final resting places, Washington DC is where the history of America will live on forever. And my favorite thing? You don’t have to be a history buff to take it all in and appreciate it. I don’t care who you are, as an American, when you stand in front of the ACTUAL Declaration of Independence, you will be speechless and feel so much American pride.

Early morning on the National Mall. 

The National Mall. Fondly called America’s Front Yard, The National Mall has symbolized our nation for more than 200 years. The long green lawn stretching from the Nation’s Capitol to the shores of the Potomac River is surrounded by monuments and museums commemorating the history of America. The National Mall is actually considered a National Park. So that the iconic monuments and 1,000 acres of greenspace can be protected for many years to come.

A trip to DC didn’t actually happen if you don’t visit Honest Abe.

The “Family Friendly” Vibe. This might sound strange to you… especially if you’re an avid fan of shows like Scandal. But I can tell you this, when Trevor and I were there we kept saying over and over “We can’t wait to bring our kids here someday!” The Smithsonian Museums literally make history available to children at their fingertips. There are so many hands on, interactive things for kids that they will love.

And also they have pandas. And all kids love pandas!  And adults too. You just can’t not smile when you see a panda! 

The “Free” Factor. Washington DC is a city for the American People. It is common knowledge there that the artifacts of our history belong to us, the citizens of the USA. People shouldn’t have to pay for the things that belong to them. Which is why so many places in DC have no cover charge. It’s pretty amazing. You can literally see anything you want, without breaking the bank. And let’s be real… everyone wants to be able to save money when they can.

“Oh, 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. It’s a big white house… you can’t miss it.” (You better know this is a quote from My Date with the President’s Daughter!)

The Accessibility. Looking for a quick and easy way to make it from one side of town to another? The Metro is there to whisk you away. It’s clean, it’s easy to navigate, and you can totally see where Frank killed Zoe. (Sorry if you’re like SUPER behind in House of Cards!) Another thing that’s great about the Metro? You don’t have to stay in the city limits to use it. The Metro runs all the way in to suburban Virginia and Maryland. This city is also crazy walkable. Which I love. Or, if you’d rather, check out city busses or the Capital Bike Share. Whatever you choose, know that you will have zero problems getting around this city without a car rental.

Not where Frank killed Zoe… but The Pentagon is almost as cool. Right? 

The Cultures. DC is considered a “global village”. Home to people of all different cultures, and 150 embassies and international culture centers, DC is the place to immerse yourself in something new, without leaving American soil. Head to U Street where you will find an eclectic mix of amazing foods from all over the world. Feeling Jamaican? How about Ethiopian? You’ll find some of the best, most authentic restaurants here. Speaking of eating, let’s move on to my next favorite thing about DC!

My personal favorite spot on U Street. Coney Dogs… you can take the girl out of Michigan but can’t take the Michigan out of the girl. 

The Food. You guys… the food in DC is seriously the best. From famous dives to upscale dining fit for the President, it has a little bit of everything. And everything you eat will be exceptionally delicious.

IMG_8505 2
This may not look like much. But this was 100% HANDS DOWN my favorite thing I ate in DC, and the best breakfast sandwich I’ve ever had! (The Market Lunch, Eastern Market)

The Politics… for lack of a better word. If you want to get a peak into how our country runs, this is the place to do it. From visiting the US Capitol (one of my favorite tours I took!) to the Library of Congress and everything in between, you really will learn how the US constitutional system works, and why it was set up the way it was.

I’m just a bill. Yes I’m only a bill. And I’m sittin’ here on Capitol Hill.

The Neighborhoods. DC is a complex network of distinct neighborhoods that you will love exploring. Rub elbows with the elite on Capitol Hill, enjoy sophistication in Dupont Circle, see pandas in Woodley Park, and eat chili dogs on U Street. And of course, go to my personal favorite neighborhood… Georgetown. History + Brick Victorian Homes + Canal Lined Sidewalks + Cupcakes = A perfectly charming match made in Heaven. If I ever were to move to DC, I would live here and love every.single.second of it.

Georgetown bein’ all cute and stuff. 

The People. I feel like big cities usually get stereotyped to be filled with “rude” people, who care only about themselves. But I find that so not true in DC. The locals are friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. I mean… we met a congressman and his sons at breakfast in Eastern Market and made fast friends with them. And the tourists? They’re kind of awesome too. When you see a Veteran at a memorial, or laying a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Solider, you will feel nothing but gratitude. In fact, just being in DC leaves you with a sense of patriotism and respect that are unparalleled by any other city. This alone makes the other tourists MUCH more tolerable, than at other locations around the world. (Like the rude people who yell at the poor workers at Disney because they have to wait in a line that they KNEW they were going to have to wait in because it’s the middle of July.) I’ve always believed that the people make the city. And from my personal experience the people of DC were nothing but wonderful.

A local who was out for a jog on the mall stopped and offered to take our picture out of no where. Seriously. The nicest people!

Have you been to DC?! What were the things that you loved most? I’m so excited to be sharing my favorite things about this city with you, and all the tips and tricks we picked up along the way. Next week… we’re covering the most popular question people ask when it comes to this city… Where the heck do I stay?! And I’m telling you, my answer will probably surprise you!

I’m back tomorrow with a SUPER awesome Wedding Wednesday post that I’ve been dying to share with you! If you’re a bride to be, you HAVE to check back tomorrow because you will love this super easy, super FREE thing that will make your wedding 1000 times better 🙂

I’m off to take a nap, and try to get this “eye” situation under control. Have a wonderful Tuesday everyone!


8 thoughts on “Washington DC

  1. I’m going to DC at the end of April to chaperone a field trip. I’m really torn about what to pack! I need to bring comfortable clothes and shoes that I can walk 5-7 miles a day in, but I also need to look professional as I’m technically still working/teaching while there. I was really hoping to wear jeans, but all I have are skinny jeans, and I HATE wearing athletic shoes with skinny jeans! Do you have any recommendations for what to pack, comfortable shoes to wear, or tennis shoes that are comfortable but also don’t look silly with skinny jeans?

    Love the posts, and now I’m REALLY hoping I’m able to check out Georgetown when I’m there!

    Thank you!


    1. My favorite tennis shoes in the whole entire world are the Adidas Superstars! They remind me of my old shell toes I had when I was younger and I wore them all over San Antonio and Canada and my feet never hurt once! I’d also caution you on jeans. DC gets super hot. Like stifling hot. When I was there in June it was pushing 98 degrees every day, and I was dying! It probably won’t be quite as bad in April, but it might be warm. I found that simple sun dresses and tennis shoes were perfect because they kept me a little bit cooler. Hope that helps a little bit! You’re going to have so much fun!!!


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