See Y’all Soon, Smoky Mountains.

Happy Tuesday friends! Do you ever have a Tuesday that feels like a Monday and it’s just not a good day from the start? That’s the kind of Tuesday I’m having today. I think it started with me staying up too late to see the “historic” ATFR. And seriously, was anyone else disappointed in the historic announcement? I thought Nick and You Know Who (Don’t want to spoil it if you haven’t seen it yet!) were going to get married on the spot or something ridiculous. Major let down, and not worth staying up past my bedtime for.

You guys. It feels like I’ve been writing about the Smoky Mountains FOREVER. It’s time to finally say goodbye to Tennessee. I’m rounding up my favorite snaps from our iPhones from our trip to the Smokies. We loved our time there, and it was one of our most memorable vacations together. (And no.. not just because we got engaged there. But that’s is a HUGE part of why we love this place so much!)

We talk all the time about how when we have kids, we want them to see the world. And the Smoky Mountains are very close to the top on that list. Because honestly, the beautiful views and southern hospitality will have you counting down the weeks until you can go back.

You can find all of my Smoky Mountain posts herehereherehere and here.

The next travel series, we’re heading somewhere a little more urban, a little more historic, and a little more patriotic. Think you know it? Leave your guesses below! (PS… you’ll have to wait for two weeks to find out if you’re right… next week, is going to be a post geared towards families heading out for Spring Break 2017.)

Until then, enjoy these snaps from Tennessee! (PS… I don’t have nearly as many as I did from my last few trips! Turns out, I didn’t take a whole lot of pictures on my iPhone!)


Laurel Falls 
I know I mentioned this before but seriously. Bojangles has the world’s best breakfast. Ugh. Now I’m craving it. Someone from the south feel like delivering to Michigan?! 
We loved Smoky Mountain Brewery! 
Parking lot view from Clingman’s Dome. 
Heading up to Charlie’s Bunion! 
Officially engaged! Don’t mind my swollen hands from hiking! 


We came back to the hotel to well wishes and champagne from the staff! 


Moonshine tasting! 
We loveeee our GoPro! 
Heading into the National Park one last time before we had to leave! 

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