The Yellow Dog Cafe

Hey there Breakfast Lovers! This post is for you. There are so many places I LOVE in Northern Michigan to grab breakfast. From straight up fancy to hometown diners, my favorite meal to eat out is breakfast. So, a few weekends ago when I was home, we tried out a new place for breakfast on our drive up M22.

Nestled on the streets of downtown Onekama, you’ll find The Yellow Dog Cafe. An eclectic name, for an even more eclectic cafe. From mismatched chairs, to hometown touches, this place will have you charmed from the instant the owner pops up from behind the counter to yell “Good Morning!”


The owner, Bonnie, had been visiting Onekama for years to get away from her busy life in Chicago. In 2015, she decided to call it home. And the locals are so glad she did! In May of 2016, she opened up The Yellow Dog Cafe. A place that she hoped would feel like a home away from home.

Almost everything she sells is made in house, right down to the marshmallows she puts in your hot cocoa! You’ll find pastries, soups, sandwiches, coffee, espresso, and other specialty drinks. She also uses as many local products as she possibly can.


And the decor? She found most of it laying abandoned on the streets of Chicago. She repurposed it all, and honestly, if she ever decided to get out of the cafe business (which I seriously hope she doesn’t) she could have a career in DIYing. I mean seriously… how cute are these?!


My parents and I ordered our food, and it was quickly brought out to us. My mom and I chose breakfast burritos and my dad chose a bagel sandwich. Everything we had was so dang good! She cooks everything in her panini presses. She also offers a side with every meal. Her choices are chips or a salad, which I thought was a bit strange at breakfast. While I appreciated having a side, I would have preferred fruit or a hash brown. However, I adore the chips she serves (they’re made in Traverse City) and I was more than happy to save them for a snack later. I want to head back for lunch to try her sandwiches and salads because I hear very good things about them!


I’d heard multiple times that she serves the best coffee in Onekama, so of course I got a cup! And it truly was delicious. My dad had a vanilla cappuccino. He loved his too. And my mom, who is not a coffee drinker whatsoever, chose a good old fashioned cup of hot cocoa. It came with a homemade marshmallow, and honestly, I was sad I didn’t get that. Because it was freakin’ delicious.


On the way out, we grabbed some samples of her pastries and next time, I’ll be getting one of her scones. Because it tasted like a little piece of heaven. No joke.

So, if you find yourself roaming M22 this summer, be sure to make a stop to The Yellow Dog Cafe in Onekama, Michigan. You won’t be disappointed! (Hours vary depending on the season. Last summer, hours were 8 am – 10 pm. However, a quick check on Yelp will tell you exact times and hours!) 

Sorry for the super short post today! Trev didn’t have to work (lucky duck!) and we’ve got plans!

Have a happy Monday everyone! I’m back tomorrow with a couple more itineraries for the Smoky Mountains!!


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