The Ultimate Spring Break Staycation

Raise your hand if you’re stuck in the cold this Spring Break?

Oh hey. Me too. Being an adult is the worst.

So, this one is for all of us that are just dreaming of feeling the warmth of the sun on our faces, relaxing with a cold drink next to the pool, escaping the stresses of every day life. But, just because we aren’t jetting off to Punta Cana or Padre doesn’t mean we can’t come back from Spring Break relaxed, happy and a little bit tan!

From being a tourist in your city, or taking a weekend away, to staying right in your bed, I’ve got you covered.

The “Explore Your City” Staycation. You know that game “Never have I Ever”? It’s time to play it. Head over to Trip Advisor and see what tourists have to say about your city. What do they love that you’ve never, ever done? Make a list and set out to complete it before your Spring Break is over.

The “Enjoy the Beach at Home” Staycation. This one is for all you that love the beach but just can’t make it there this Spring. You’ll be surprised how easy it is to bring the beach to your living room. Start out by turning up the heat. If you want it to feel like Mexico, you gotta crank dat heat. Grab your phone and search YouTube for a tropical music playlist and turn it up loud. (Like this one!) And, if you have a 4K Smart TV, put a pretty beach scene on that with YouTube too! (This one that will play for three whole hours!) With the sound of rushing waves and tropical tunes, you’ll find yourself instantly feel relaxed. Sip a fruity cocktail while you apply your favorite self tanner. (Make sure it’s a tried and trusted one. You don’t want to be orange. I like this one, this one and I’m trying out this one right now. So far it’s really great!) And while you let it dry, lay on a beach towel. Boom. Punta Cana in your living room.

The “Relaxation” Staycation. The main point of Spring Break is to let loose and relax before Finals Week rolls around. Take some time to do just that. Relaxing is different for everyone, but I’m going to recommend that you take time to pamper yourself. Check out Groupon for your area and Splurge on a Spa Deal, or have a relaxing night in. I like to throw on a face mask while I soak in the tub using my favorite bubble bar or bath bomb. When I’m done, I’ll grab my favorite body scrub and shower off, and throw on lots of lotion before putting on my PJs before spending the rest of the evening snuggled in bed watching my favorite shows on Netflix. (I will always choose Hart of Dixie or Gilmore Girls because they always make me so dang happy! And speaking of Hart of Dixie… Yo Netflix. Make a revival of that one too pleaseeeee!)

The “Getaway while I Stay” Staycation. Lol. That is TOTALLY an oxymoron. But hear me out! Want to feel like you’re on vacation? Book a one night stay in a hotel near you. You’ll be able to swim, order room service, and chill the heck out.

The “Mini Vacation” Staycation. To me, a staycation means not leaving your state. So, take advantage of “off season” rates, and book a mini vacation to a popular tourist spot in your home state. For example…. if you live in Texas, why not book a weekend in San Antonio? (Check out my SA travel posts herehere, and here.) Remember… vacation doesn’t have to mean a fancy hotel and expensive plane ticket!

The “Do Nothing” Staycation. Stay in bed. All day, everyday. It just might be the best Spring Break you’ve ever had!

And whatever you end up doing on your Staycation, be sure it’s something that makes you happy 🙂

For all of you starting Spring Break this week, enjoy it your very well deserved break. And if you’re off on an adventure. Safe travels! And soak up some sunshine for me 🙂

I’ll be back Sunday with a Weekend Roundup. Have a great rest of your week everyone!


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