Last Minute Spring Break Getaways

Happy Fat Tuesday Everyone!

I hope your day is filled with Paczkis and whatever you’re giving up for Lent. (For me, it’s sweets. Cue the massive inhalation of chocolate before tomorrow!)

I’m in a super happy mood today. It’s probably the fact that not only have I eaten a lot of chocolate and Paczkis, but also because it’s actually kind of warm out. And it’s rainy. And I’m really happy it’s rain and not snow!


Today is all about you procrastinators. The people who wait for the very last second to do anything… including booking a vacation. If you’re looking to snag a great deal at the very last minute, you’re in luck. Because it turns out, you can get some pretty amazing prices on amazing places if you’re willing to wait until a few days/weeks before you depart. (OMG. This would give me so much anxiety, but I totally wish I could do this. Jealous of you folks that can. No joke!)

The secret to finding these awesome deals? Groupon. Seriously. I spent two hour scrolling through all the very best Groupon Getaways for you. Since I’ve done all the hard work for you, who’s taking me along on their Spring Break trip with them? It’s the least you could do…

For the College Spring Breakers. Looking for a typical College Spring Break experience? Look no further than PCB. You can get pretty great deals right now if you’re willing to stay away from the party. This hotel is only a 9 minute drive from all the Spring Break action, and I truly believe you’ll be happy to escape it all at night. Why? As great as constant partying looks on TV, you’re going to want to sleep and relax a little bit. Majestic Beach Resort – Panama City Beach, Florida. Begins at $79 a night. 2 days left to book at this price! 

For the Family. If you ask me, Disney World is the ultimate family vacay. However, Disney World isn’t the kind of place you can just drop everything and go to, if you’re planning to stay on the property. (Which I will recommend over and over and over again. It’s seriously a great experience, and your little ones will absolutely love it!) But, if you really want to treat your babies, and take a last minute trip to Disney, you can find some really great off property deals. Unless you are looking for a “condo” or “resort” type experience, I’d recommend staying near Downtown Disney. This way, you can hop on the Disney Busses easily, and get to the theme parks without having to drive there. B Resort and Spa – Orlando Florida. If you’re interested in this property, book fast! Dates available are very limited. Starting at $104 a night.

Not feeling Disney? I’d take my babies to Myrtle Beach! There is are so many fun things to do in this area. If you’re planning this trip with your family, chances are your kids Spring Break is a little later in March, which means the weather should be a little bit warmer. Just know, it’s not always super warm in the Spring. We went here for my Senior Spring Break and we only got one day that was warm enough for the beach. Crown Reef Beach Resort and Waterpark – Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Begins at $49 a night. And good news! You still have 2 weeks left to book this property.  

For the Lovebirds. Name a more iconic spot for romance than Belize. Just kidding. But seriously, a trip to a Seafront Cabana at an all inclusive resort in the Caribbean legit screams HEART EYES if you ask me. Yok Ha Resort – Stann Creek, Belize. Packages include round trip boat transfer and meals for two. Beginning at $985.

For the Weekend Getaway. “What is the tropic spot. That people love a lot. Miiiiii yiiiiii yiiiiii amiiiiii.” LOL I hope you fellow MKA lovers sang that with me. I’ve never been to Miami, but I’ve been planning a trip there ever since I saw The Adventures of Mary-Kate & Ashley: The Case of the Sea World Adventure when I was 5. And I was going to go dressed like this so I fit in:


Don’t worry. My planning skills have gotten MUCH better since my MKA days. How does a weekend getaway at the iconic Hotel Breakwater in South Beach sound right about now? Probably like you want to start shimming and singing to earn enough money for your trip. Am I right? Hotel Breakwater – South Beach, Miami. Begins at $117 a night. Limited time remains for this deal, so get your butt over to Groupon STAT. And PS… if you’re looking for a little vintage MKA in your life, click here. You’re welcome.

For the Luxury Lovers on a Budget. When I think of luxurious places, I automatically think Monte Carlo. Why? I don’t know. But I always have. And really, it’s not that off. The French Riveria has been the wealthy’s playground for years. And now, you can experience a little bit of that luxury too… minus the 5 star resorts and Bentleys. French Rivera Vacation Package with Air and Rental Car. Begins at $899.  

For the Explorers. Love to explore? GO TO BANFF. If you’ve been with me since the beginning, you know Banff stole a very large piece of my heart last June. You can check out all my blog posts about this beautiful place here, here, here,  herehere, here and finally, here. I’ve got you convinced don’t I? And with a hotel at this price, you legit can’t say no. Banff Rocky Mountain Resort – Banff, Alberta. Suites/Condos begin at C$99 a night. (About $74 USD) 

For the City Folks. If you’re looking for the hustle and bustle of the city life, why not be in the heart of it all? That’s right. I’m talking about Times Square, in NYC. There is no where more “city” than that. Cue “New York, New York.” Paramount Hotel – New York, New York. Beings at $99 a night.  

For the Cruisers. How does $200 for a Bahamas Cruise sound? Like a great idea if you ask me. Book a Bahamas cruise for two, and you’re guaranteed to have the best weekend ever. Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line, 2 night cruise for 2. Begins at $199.  Looking for something a little bit longer? Browse Expedia with your ideal travel dates to find the cruise that best fits you. (But I will always tell you to take a Disney Cruise because they’re simply the best!)

Ugh. You guys. I REALLLLLY want to take a vacation now! Too bad I’m poor. Are you heading off somewhere great this Spring Break and blogging about it? Post your link in the comments so I can live vicariously through you.

I’m back tomorrow with the Ultimate College Spring Break Survival Guide. See you then!


PS… Use the the code TRAVEL for an extra 10% if you book on Groupon today!

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