Mitten Monday: Where to Watch the Big Game

You guys! We’re less than one week away from the Big Game! And I’M SO FREAKIN’ PUMPED. Tom Brady is going to get his 5th ring and I just might cry. No joke. And because of that fact alone… we’ll be having our own little Super Bowl party for 2 at our house (well that, and the fact that Trev has to be up at 4 am for work so he’d rather be home, where it’s totally acceptable to sleep during the 4th quarter).

But, if we weren’t staying home this year, we’d be either with family and friends at their homes, or at one of our favorite bars watching the game with strangers who become friends before the night is done. From dive bars to posh hotel bars, everyone will be playing The Big Game. Now, the bars I’m going to be sharing aren’t the Number 1 bars in each city. Heck, they may not even be on your list of places you’d like to check out. But I promise you… the food is amazing, the TVs are plentiful, and the people are the kind you want to be around.

Let’s get started in The D, where I’ve got TWO choices for you. The first might seem a little off. I mean, even I know it sounds kind of crazy. But, you should head to Hockeytown Cafe in Downtown Detroit for this year’s Super Bowl. I know… watching football surrounded by hockey memorabilia just isn’t quite right. But, the food is good, at the atmosphere is so much fun. And they have more TVs than you can count. Second, is The Old Detroit Burger Bar. This one has multiple locations across Metro Detroit. They always have great specials going on, and it’s a great place to meet up with friends. Learn more about Hocketyown here and The Old Detroit Burger Bar here. What I Order: If I’m at Hockeytown you can bet you’ll find me with a beer and their Crispy Chicken Sandwich. It’s served on a pretzel roll with honey mustard and it’s everything you could ever want in a chicken sammie! At Old Detroit Burger Bar, we like to grab some beer and order a bunch of apps to share with our friends. The sliders, wings and nachos are a particular favorite of ours! 

Time to head west! Next up is the battle of the College Towns. If you’re in Ann Arbor there is only one place you should be watching the game… and that is The Pizza House. Even though this college town has TONS of amazing bars that would be excellent for watching the game, I’m choosing Pizza House because I’m pretty much obsessed with their food. And it’s not a trip to Ann Arbor without some pizza in my belly. And guess what, East Lansing has one too! Check out the menu hereWhat I order: Pizza! And then I get chipati sauce to dip it in. Their breadsticks rock too! 

Side note on great bars in AA… the best bar ever used to be there. It was called Cub’s AC and I could eat their Garden Pizza or Chipatis any day of the week. Then they got rid of it and turned it into Revel and Roll. While their menu is still the same (and the food still rocks!) the atmosphere stinks compared to the little dive bar it used to be. However, if you don’t mind eating in a bowling alley, they have a bunch of TVs that are sure to be playing Super Bowl 51. What I Order: Garden Pizza with chipati sauce on the side, or a half order Chipati with ham. 

Keep heading west to the BEST city in Michigan… Grand Rapids. If you want a classic GR sports bar, you gotta head to Peps. Peppino’s has been serving college kids, families and adults for years and when it comes to sports bars, I personally believe they are the best. They have quite literally EVERYTHING on their menu and I promise you that you will find something you love. Check them out here with locations downtown and in Allendale and Kentwood.  What I order: Pizza Bites. You’ll find them in the appetizers, and I don’t suggest sharing them with anyone else. They’re THAT good. 

Time to head North! Traverse City has a host of typical sports bars like Buffalo Wild Wings, but let’s be real. This post is about finding something out of the ordinary. You can head to your favorite brewery, because they’ll have the game on. But if you want a sports bar atmosphere, stick to U and I Lounge on Front Street. Think a cozy bar, with cheap drinks, locals, and gyros. Check out U and I Lounge here.

And a bonus? We’re ordering in this Super Bowl. If you’re in the Westland/Canton/Livonia area… order wings or pizza from Slice of the 80’s and thank me later 🙂

Not going out this Super Bowl? Don’t worry, I’ve got your back too! I’m linking up my favorite appetizer recipes this Thursday for you to make for the Big Game. You won’t want to miss that post… be sure to check back, or subscribe to have every post delivered right to your inbox.

I’m back tomorrow with another adventure from The Smoky Mountains!


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