Wedding 101: The Thank You Note

Duh duh duhhhh. But for real, could Thank You Notes feel any more ominous?! No. You can’t get away with not sending them. Yes, you have to do it in a timely manner. And yes, they need to be handwritten. But I promise, they aren’t as bad as you might think. Especially thanks to this handy guide! (Don’t worry… I’m including Bridal Shower Thank Yous too!)

First things first. Choose a card! Picking a Thank You is probably one of the easiest decisions you will make when it comes to your wedding! You can choose one that matches your invites, OR you can choose one where you can showcase one of your favorite wedding photos. Again, I’m going to send you over to

Next… let’s cover the dos and don’ts.

  • DO make sure they are heartfelt, personal and genuine. (Think… did they do something special for you? Do you have an inside joke?)
  • DON’T write the same thing in every card.
  • DO make sure that you are specific in thanking for gifts… but
  • DON’T point out money amounts. (Just specific what you will use the money for… people like to know what you plan to do with their money!)
  • DO include everyone that attended your wedding… even if they didn’t give you a gift.
  • DON’T take your sweet time sending them. Thank Yous should be in your guests’ mailboxes 2-3 months after your wedding.

So how do you make Thank You notes easy on you and your new spouse? I have a few tips that really worked for us.

  • Start by typing up what you want them to say. We opened our gifts the day before we left for our honeymoon. I wrote down everything we got in a little notebook as we opened, and then packed the little notebook and my computer in my carry on. On our flight to Alberta, we started typing out our Thank You notes, and they were DONE before our flight was over. I typed the notes I was writing in one document, and the notes Trev was writing in the other. When we got home, we printed them out, and all we had to do was copy what we had. It made it SO SIMPLE.
  • Don’t try to do them all at once. When it comes time to actually writing out the cards, don’t try to get them done in one setting. As soon as our cards came in, we gave ourselves one week to get all the Thank You cards done. We worked a little each night, and the task didn’t seem so bad.
  • Make it fun. We turned one of our “writing” nights into date night. Since all we were doing was copying, we turned on our favorite movie, grabbed snacks that weren’t messy, and wrote while our dinner was in the oven.

Okay… enough with the BS. I totally know why you’re actually here… for the templates. You don’t think I’d leave you without giving you some ideas on wording do you?! I promise if you follow these templates and guide lines, your guests will love their notes. I had SO MANY people send me emails THANKING ME for the beautiful thank you cards. They told me that they had never received a thank you that felt so personal, and beautifully written. So trust me when I tell you, take the time to personalize these in only a way that you can. Your guests will know how much you appreciate them, which, is the reason for the thank you note in the first place. Yes, it will take you longer than writing the exact same thing in each, but I promise you that it is worth it.

Below you will find examples of Bridal Shower and Wedding Thank Yous for every type of guest you have. From the people who made it all happen, to the ones that just came for the free drinks. I went back and forth trying to decide if I should show you my examples, OR if I should give you templates. Personally, when I was writing my Thank Yous, I liked seeing examples better. So, below you will find what we actually wrote to our loved ones!

You ready for this? Here we go!

Bridal Shower Thank You: For the Hostess

For me, this was hands down, the hardest thank you note to write. For whoever hosted your shower, they put so much work into planning it and making it perfect. I felt like getting down my gratitude on paper was extra hard. No matter what I wrote, it didn’t seem like it was enough. Be sure to thank them not only for the shower, but for their support. And make sure to tell them you love them! What you’ll see below: My thank you to my Aunt and her family who through a couples shower for Trevor and I. 


Bridal Shower Thank You: For Your Family 

If you’re from a big family like me, chances are they all chipped in to make your bridal shower perfect. Be sure to thank them for anything they brought along to the shower, for their support, and for their gift. And don’t forget… tell them you love them! What you’ll see below: A thank you note from our couples shower to my grandma and grandpa. 


Bridal Shower Thank You: For Your Wedding Party (Don’t forget the Flower Girls!) 

Yes. They are expected to be there and to help out. But don’t take them for granted. Let them know you appreciate all their help, and thank them if they brought you a gift. What you’ll see below: A note to my flower girls who brought me the cutest gift ever! 


Bridal Shower Thank You: For Your Friends

Thank yous to your friends can always be a little less formal. This is where inside jokes and personalization are key! What you’ll see below: A thank you note to my cousin and his girlfriend. 


Bridal Shower Thank You: For the Guest That You Don’t Know Well

This one is for all those people that your mom, or mother in law HAD to have at the party and that you’ve met once or twice in your life. Just because you don’t know them well, doesn’t mean you can’t make a personal connection of some sort. What you’ll see below: A thank you note to a friend of my husband’s family. Her son is my husbands best friend. She was invited to my bridal shower (and of course our wedding because she was like Trev’s second mom) but I hadn’t had the chance to meet her until that day. 


Wedding Thank You: Your Parents

I know… they probably will say “don’t waste a stamp on us”, but do it anyways. Let them know how much you love and appreciate everything they did for you during the wedding planning process, and their support on your big day. What you’ll see below: The thank you we sent to my parents.


Wedding Thank You: Your Bridal Party 

Your bridal party has done a lot for you over the last few months, and chance are dropped quite a bit of money to be apart of your big day. Be appreciative, and let them know how much they mean to you. And, if they brought you a gift, be sure to thank them for that too! What you’ll see below: A note that was sent to my MOH.


Wedding Thank You: Your Family

Your family is most likely your rock, and have been your biggest fans since Day 1. Don’t miss this opportunity to thank them for their support over the years, and for any help they gave you while you were wedding planning. And of course, thank them for their gift as well. What you’ll see below: A thank you to one of our many wonderful aunts. 


Wedding Thank You: Your Planner or Coordinator 

Your wedding wouldn’t have been the same without those who helped you make it perfect. They are the reason you had ZERO stress on your big day, and that in itself is a gift that you can never repay. What you’ll see below: A note to our Day of Coordinator. 


Wedding Thank You: Your Vendors

Your wedding would be awfully lame if it weren’t for your incredible vendors. Be sure to thank them for their service, and let them know just how much not only you, but your guests loved what they did too. What you’ll see below: A note to our photographer.


And for those of you just wondering… what do I write when I get money, a gift card, or nothing at all?

Bridal Shower/ Wedding Thank You: The Monetary Gift 

The best gift you can get for your wedding is MONEY. Am I right? You can use it for anything you want, spend it all on your honeymoon, or put it in the bank to save for something special. When thanking someone for money, never say the exact amount, and be specific on what you intend to use it for. DO NOT WRITE THANK YOU FOR THE MONETARY GIFT. There is nothing lamer. Seriously. Be genuine in your responses. What you’ll see below: One of many cards sent to loved ones thanking them for their gift of money. 


Bridal Shower/ Wedding Thank You: The Gift Card

Gift cards were some of my favorite gifts we got at our wedding. We got SO MANY Bed Bath and Beyond gift cards that we  probably could have bought out the store and still had some left over. (I’m pretty sure the lady hated us for paying in only gift cards. HAHA) Just like money, be sure to be specific on what you intend to use them for, or be honest and tell them you’re saving it for a rainy day. What you’ll see below: A thank you from one of our showers where we received a gift card.


Bridal Shower/ Wedding Thank You: The Just a Card or Nothing at All Gift

Sometimes, guests coming to your wedding can be gift enough. Even if they did not bring you a gift, you should still send them a thank you… they took time out of their busy lives to celebrate you! What you’ll see below: A thank you to someone who brought us a beautiful card to our wedding. 


Oh my goodness. This post felt like a marathon… but I think I’ve got absolutely every thank you you’ll need to write covered! I really hope that this will help you when writing your thank you notes!

I’m so excited because today was my last full day of work for this week! The next two days are half days so I feel like my weekend is basically here. (I know… jumping the gun just a bit!) I’m back tomorrow with another DIY post! And no… it’s not the one I had mentioned last week. It’s one that we’ve done in the past, and I’m so excited to share it with you!

So… if you’re a beauty lover, be sure to check back tomorrow! You’re going to want to see this 🙂

Have a wonderful rest of your Wednesday!


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