DIY Vanity

Alright. How many people here LOVE makeup? Like, can’t walk into Sephora or Target without accidentally spending half your paycheck when all you needed was some concealer? I can’t be the only one shouting MEEEE.

Hi. I’m Savannah. And I’m a makeupaholic.

But really. I have so much makeup, Trev finally got tired of having to wade through it on his way to the bathroom sink. He looked at me and said “Enough is enough. You need a makeup room.”

Unfortunately, we live in an apartment. And a makeup room just isn’t an option. That’s when my hubby (boyfriend at the time!) did the world’s sweetest thing… he made the small space in the back of our closet (meant for a washer and dryer) my own little space, with the most PERFECT little vanity I ever did see.

I’ve been sitting at my vanity every morning for two years now. And every day, I fall a little bit more in love with it. That’s when I realized, I’m probably not the only girl, living in an apartment, that has no place to store her makeup “collection” and no place to get ready in the morning.  So I thought I’d bring you this crazy easy DIY so you too could have your own little piece of Beauty Vlogger Heaven.

What You’ll Need

Okay you ready for these step by steps? Pay close attention… I don’t want to lose you here.

  1. Assemble the shelf.
  2. Attach the legs.
  3. Use the L Brackets and dry wall anchors to secure the vanity to the wall.
  4. Put up the mirror.
  5. You’re done.

That’s literally it!!! I’m not kidding you. 5 easy steps and you’re done!

Of course, I decided I wanted to dress up the space a bit. Since we can’t put anything permanent on our walls, I used the glitter paper from Michaels to make cut our circles, and tacked them up to make polka dots. I printed out a few of my favorite quotes, and hung them around the mirror. And put out a vase with some fake flowers. My perfect little chair was actually found by my parents at an estate sale. They painted it gold to match my polka dots for me, and I’m totally obsessed with it!



This picture is literally just so you can see the L Brackets… not a close up of my trash can. HAHA


I have a little hook to hang my hair on too… Trev didn’t like it hanging in the bathroom. He thought it was creepy. HAHA

One disclaimer… these drawers aren’t huge. They don’t even hold half of my makeup. Now, I realize I have an excessive amount, just be aware that if you have a ton of makeup like me, you may need a little bit of extra storage. For reference its about two foundations deep. (Trev says I should tell you * inches but whatever… I’d rather measure in makeup!)

I just love my pretty little vanity, and Trev loves that my stuff is out of his way. It a win win situation for all!

You guys! I had a half day of work today and it’s been wonderful! Me and Jacksy Cat are snuggled up watching Hart of Dixie from the beginning for the 5th time. (Probably one of my favorite shows ever. I’ll be crushed when Netflix takes it down… maybe even more crushed than when they cancelled it. I’ll probably have to go buy it!)

I hope everyone has a very happy weekend! Trev and I are heading Up North for the weekend and I’m SO EXCITED to go see my family! I’ll be back with a Weekend Round Up on Sunday!



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