The Great Smoky Mountains

Happy Travel Tuesday loves! We’re starting a new travel series today that I’m SO FREAKIN STOKED about. This place is beautiful, and unique and every time I think about it, it makes me smile. And no… not just because I got engaged there (although, that’s part of why I loved it so much!) but because this place just makes you happy. Miles of mountains, adventure around every corner, and the friendliest people you’ll ever meet help to The Great Smoky Mountains the ultimate getaway.


Resting between Tennessee and North Carolina, you’ll find lush forests, waterfalls, rivers, wildflowers and two of the most adorable towns you’ll ever see. It’s easy to see why The Great Smoky Mountains are America’s favorite National Park, bringing in more than 10 million PEOPLE in 2014 alone. One trip here and you’ll fall so in love with it, that you’ll instantly start planning your next trip back. (Or figuring out how you can move closer.)


And just for reference… I’ll be talking about the Tennessee side of the Smoky Mountains for this entire travel series.

I’m telling you… by the time this Travel Series is up, I’m going to have you booking a trip to the Smokies this summer. I just know it!

When to Visit. From what I hear, there isn’t a bad time to visit the Smoky Mountain. Fall brings insanely beautiful fall foliage. Winter means way less crowds, snow shoeing, winter hiking, and cozy cabins to snuggle up in at night. And while summer brings crowds, it also brings so many fun opportunities to the area that you’ll find even a week not being a long enough stay. Speaking of…


How long to Stay. I really think you need 3 days at the absolute very least! Last time we were there, we stayed 4 nights and it wasn’t nearly long enough! There were SO many things we still wanted to do, but simply ran out of time. I think a week is the ideal length of time to enjoy not only the National Park, but the surrounding area too.


Where to Stay. Alright… I’m totally skipping over this one this week! If you’re heading to the Smokies chances are, you’ll stay in one of 3 small cities… Gatlinburg, Pigeon Forge and Sevierville. Next week, I’ll be bringing you a city guide to each of these little towns, that will help you decide which place makes the most sense for you, and my top picks of places to stay in each! So be sure to check back for my Smoky Mountain City Guide next Tuesday.


What to Do. Head to the National Park. I know… so obvious, and so broad. I’ll get into details of all my must sees in the National Park later on in this travel series. But just know, when you’re here, this is where you should spend most of your time! Hiking, biking, fishing, driving, rafting, if you can do it out doors, you can do it here. And chances are… it’s going to be insanely perfect. Besides the national park, head into the quirky towns of Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge for tourist traps, shopping, restaurants and my personal favorite… MOONSHINE TASTING.


Eeeek! You guys I’m so excited to be bringing the Smoky Mountains to your computer screens for the next few Tuesdays! I’ll be sharing detailed itineraries, tips for navigating the national park, and where to find the best attractions, food and brews. I just know that by the time this travel series is over, I’ll have you packing up and heading to Tennessee.

Next week, it’s all about the charming towns surrounding the National Park!

Have a wonderful Tuesday everyone!



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