Winter Essentials

Why hello there! Fancy meeting you here! JK. Today, I’m bringing you my Winter Essentials. And it couldn’t be coming on a weirder day because today definitely does NOT feel like winter where we are. It’s like 50 degrees. Michigan is never 50 degrees in January! The only thing that has me knowing it’s not spring is how awfully grey it is out. I saw the sun peak out for less than a minute yesterday for the first time this week and I swear I haven’t been that happy in ages!

Okay, moving on!

Here are the things I can’t live without every winter. (Oh and PS… I just realized my links are all over the place. So if you don’t see them under the pictures, they’re in the paragraph. Sorry guys… pretty sure my brain has gone to mush. I’m ready for the weekend!)






Let’s start with the obvious, shall we? If you’re going anywhere in Michigan in the winter time, you need to be bundled up like Ralph’s brother on a Christmas Story. I simply can’t live without a super warm coat, hat, mittens, scarfs and boots. And with each and every one of these items, I have the same motto. The bigger (and snugglier) the better!

My hands down favorite brand for winter coats is The North Face. I will pick it over any brand, any time. Funny story though… I’m actually NOT wearing a North Face coat in the picture above! That one is from Columbia. I like it a lot and wear it all the time, but it doesn’t keep me quite as warm as my North Face coats. I love big long ones (especially if I have recess duty!) but for every day use, I love my Triclimate jacket that I can use in all different seasons. Don’t get me wrong, Columbia coats are really good too, and a lot cheaper than The North Face. (However, the quality of The North Face coats is better, in my opinion.) And, I wouldn’t be a good Michigander if I didn’t mention Carhartt!


The North Face Parka // The North Face Triclimate // Columbia Lite // Carhartt

The best winter hats are the ones that keep your head super warm, but also still look cute. I’ve had the hat I’m wearing above for two winters now, and it is my most favorite hat I’ve ever owned. Unfortunately, I can’t link it for you, because I got it at a boutique in Northern Michigan. However, these are all great options too! (And yes… I’m throwing in a New England Patriots hat because you can never have enough team spirit! And plus it’s super warm and you’ll love it, no matter what team you choose!)


Jocelyn Super Swirl Beanie  // Love Your Melon // Canada Goose // Twin with Tom Brady

Mittens and Scarves are really a personal preference for you. In fact, you pay prefer gloves to mittens, and small scarves instead of massive blanket ones. I also get my mittens from a small shop in my hometown. They are handmade and the absolute warmest mittens I have ever owned! But my scarves are usually from Target. I have so many because I  always am choosing a different one based on what I’m wearing that day. So, instead of linking any products for you, I’m just going to send you over to Target’s blanket scarves and The Mitten Company because their mittens are made with wool, like mine!

My favorite winter essentials are HANDS DOWN my boots! I love love love love love my new Kookaburra by Ugg’s boots! You guys, they are so stinkin’ cute and I feel like I’m at home in snuggly slippers every time I’m wearing them. They also keep my feet nice and dry while I’m out and about. I seriously love them! I of course, still love my normal Uggs too. If I’m going to be out, trekking through a lot of snow, I always grab my Sorels. These boots are legit guys. They are warm and keep your feet so dry. Now, if you’re one of those people that think Uggs are Ugly and fur isn’t your thing, Bean Boots will never lead you astray.


Koolaburras // Sorels // Uggs // Bean Boots


So what am I wearing under all that Outwear? Usually a snuggly sweater, fuzzy socks and lots and lots of layers. A big warm sweater and leggings is my Winter Weekend Uniform. I happiest when I’m warm and cozy. I talked about the world’s snuggliest sweater in a past blog post that you can find here. But my favorite sweater I’m wearing right now is linked down below!


Good Night Macaroon Sweater // Live in Leggins  // Duluth Trading Co. Socks


What would a winter essentials be without my favorite beauty products that keep me looking my best all winter long? In the winter I become absolute BFFs with my chapsticks. They go everywhere with me! Usually, my lips get so dry around this time, but this year, I think I’ve found the secret to keep the dryness away. Every night, I GLOB on a thick layer of Blister Lip Medex and then apply my favorite lip balm during the day. Honestly, my lip balm choice changes a lot, but I usually use this one, this one, or this one. It seriously seems to be doing the trick! I also use lotion like it’s going out of style. My favorite face moisturizer is this one from Aveeno, and my favorite lotion is this one. And, I always make sure to give my hair extra love in the winter with deep conditioners or hair masks in lue of normal conditioner, like this one.


Lip Balm // Daily Moisturizer  // Firming Lotion  (On Sale!) // Deep Conditioner


In the winter, my house has to be cozy AF. ‘Nuff said. Here is my Make It Cozy starter kit 😉


Electric Blanket  // Faux Fur Pillow // My Favorite Wintery Candle // Fairy Lights

What are your winter essentials?

I’m wrapping this up quick because Family Guy has my full attention right now! It’s the one where Gronk moves in behind Peter and I’m dying!

I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend! We’re laying low again this weekend, and hopefully doing a new DIY project! I’m really excited about it, and if it turns out, you can bet I’ll be sharing it with you!

Have a wonderful few days, and I’ll talk to you Sunday!


2 thoughts on “Winter Essentials

  1. Over my indoor outfit I wear a fleece jacket, the North Face Thermoball parka, and I top it off with the Canada Goose Mystique parka. I wear Sorel winter boots that I change out of and into regular shoes when I get to work. I always wear thick gloves, a scarf, and a hat, over which I pull both my parka’s hoods up. All you can see are my eyes by the time I’m done getting dressed.


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