Weekend Round Up

You guys it’s Monday but it totally doesn’t feel like Monday today because I’m not back work yet.

And guess what else? We have ZERO snow. Like it’s the first week of January and it’s rainy today! This is a very rare occurrence in Michigan. I was planning to write my Michigan Winter Bucket list today, but I just can’t bring myself to do it without a single flake of snow on the ground!

So I decided to push it back (because we all know we’ll be getting a snow storm sooner rather than later) and treat today like a Sunday. Welcome to my Weekend Round Up!

We spent this past weekend with Trev’s family, in South East Michigan. We celebrated Christmas and New Years with them and we had so much fun! We came down last Thursday straight from my parents house Up North.


On Friday we headed down to Toledo (they basically live on the Michigan/Ohio border) to pick up last minute Christmas stuff, all the food for the parties and to head to Home Depot to get everything Trev and I needed for our DIY project! That night, opened presents with his parents and brother and sister in law, then we went to the bar to watch the Michigan game with his family and some friends.


Saturday  morning we got up super early to head to the Waffle House for a breakfast date! We wanted to celebrate our 6 years together and figured there was no better way to do it than with waffles!


The rest of his family came into town and we had Christmas with them. That night, they had a huge NYE party with all of their friends.


Yesterday, we spent the entire day working on our project. I don’t want to tell you about it yet, because we made sure to take detailed notes and pictures so we can write a kick butt blog post so you can all try it too!


Today we finished up our project, and headed to lunch with Trev’s parents before we left for Home. We’re both unpacking from the past two weeks, and repacking. Then we have a bunch of errands to run before tomorrow.

Trev is heading to Nashville for his conference (I’m super salty about it. I wanna go toooooo) and I’m heading back Up North to spend the week with parents so I’m not just sitting alone at home! Plus it’s my Momma’s birthday and I’m so happy I’ll get to be home to celebrate with her!

If you’re still on Christmas break, I hope you’re soaking up all that free time and relaxing and enjoying it! And if today was your first Monday back to work, I really hope it wasn’t too terrible!

Don’t forget… The Bachelor comes back tonight! You can bet I’ll be sitting in front of that TV waiting for the drama to unfold. Even though I’m not too thrilled about their choice for The Bachelor this year (I was totally hoping for Luke!) I’ll still be up tweeting about it! So if you don’t follow me on Twitter, you should! That way we can watch together 🙂

Happy Monday!



PS- Starting tomorrow, we’ll be back on track with posts, and start a new travel series! I’m really excited about this one. So be sure to check back tomorrow to see where where we’re heading 🙂 Or just click that “follow” button, or add your email to get the post delivered to your inbox the second I click publish!

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