Weekend Round Up… Sort Of!

Wait. What day is today? Sunday? Thursday? I honestly don’t know. BUT, that’s the beauty of being on Christmas break!

I’m here today to share a little bit of our Christmas in Manistee with you. We’re leaving town tomorrow to head down to Blissfield to spend the next week with Trev’s family. We’re celebrating Christmas and New Years with them! And guess what? After that, I’ve still got a week off until school starts back up! Trev gets to head to Nashville for a conference (I’m so freakin’ jealous) and I’m heading back Up North to spend a little bit more time with my family.

We’ve done SO MUCH the past week we’ve been here with my family! We went out to eat A LOT. (I’m pretty sure I’ve gained 10 pounds since I’ve been home!) We celebrated Christmas 3 times, and we did a whole lot of relaxing. When we first arrived, we enjoyed some family time, last minute Christmas shopping and lots of baking. On Christmas Eve, we celebrated in the afternoon with my dad’s extended family, then with my mom’s family that evening. Then on Christmas day, we celebrated at our house, and then headed to my grandma’s to celebrate with my dad’s family. The day after Christmas, we headed up to Traverse City to hit up all the after Christmas sales. And the past two days, we’ve been snuggled up inside, watching movies and enjoying all our Christmas gifts.

So, in true Weekend Round Up fashion, enjoy some pictures from our past week! Look for one more post from me this year, on New Year’s Eve, where I’ll be sharing our Year in Review.

Until then, enjoy your last few days of 2016!


We showed up bearing gifts! 

We drove around looking at Christmas lights. This picture is from Sparkle in the Park in Bear Lake, Michigan. 

Excuse the horrid photo! Christmas Eve we went to church with my mom’s side of the family. 

After church, we all stopped home to put on something comfy, and then headed to my Grandma’s for gifts and appetizers. We look SO THRILLED in this picture, but really, we’re all listening to the rules of the game we were about to be playing.  

HAHA my cousin got this AMAZING gift in our Gift Exchange game 🙂 

Delicious treats!

And even more delicious… my Grandpa’s whiskey slushies!

Christmas Morning we woke up to some pretty amazing surprises! (This is the face we made when we found a brand new 4k ultra hd tv under the tree with our names on it!)

We just really love presents! 

Jacksy Cat loving his new kitty castle from Santa Paws.

One of my favorite gifts from my parents was a whole bunch of ornaments from Bronner’s. (If you didn’t read my post about this awesome place click here!) My parents got us an ornament from all of our recent vacations we’ve taken together. 

Later that day, we put on our Ugly Sweaters! 

And smiled for some photos before heading to my other Grandma’s.  

We decorated Ugly Sweater cookies. 

How awesome is Trev’s T-Rex cookie?

One of my “masterpieces”. 

Nailed it. 

All smiles on Christmas.

My cousin LJ won this game for the second year in a row! And for the second year in a row, I stunk at it. Hahaha

Jacksy Cat did a whole lot of napping this trip… and to be honest, so did we!

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