Christmas Roundup

Happy Happy Thursday Everyone! I’m am 100% in Christmas mode and keep telling myself “You just gotta make it through today.” I’m literally SO EXCITED to be heading Up North as soon as work gets over! Trev dropped me off this morning and is picking me up as soon as I’m done. I just can’t wait for snow, family, Christmas lights and BIG ALS.

Literally me right now. 

I had about 1000 ideas of what to write about today, but nothing seemed quite right. I had planned to write this blog last night, and schedule it to upload as usual. But, we got so busy packing and cleaning and making sure we had everything ready for our Christmas vacation, I never quite got around to it.

So here I sit, waiting for school to start, and I’m still not quite sure what to write about because honestly, my brain isn’t functioning properly. It’s full of gingerbread cookies and wrapping paper… not witty words. So, instead of struggling through another post of something randomly related to Christmas, I’m going to Round Up some of my favorite Christmas posts from this past month, in case you too are having Christmas brain, and can’t think of anything for you and your loved ones to do until Christmas Eve finally arrives!

In true Christmas brain fashion, you may have forgotten to purchase gifts for a select few people. Have no fear, my gift guides are here to help. Check them out herehereherehere and here!

If you’re looking for a challenge, try to finish my entire Christmas Bucket List over the next few days! PS… there is a free printable you can download that will make this task a little bit easier 🙂

Maybe you’re looking for a hands on project to tackle, and help you forget about all that holiday stress. My Fixer Upper inspired DIY Christmas Sign is just what you need! It’s simple, and will look SO GOOD hanging up in your house! Just be sure to start it soon, so it’s done in time for the big day!

If you’re still in search of the perfect outfit for Christmas, you can see my picks here.

It may be a little late to send out Christmas cards the old fashioned way, but it’s never to late to blast out a holiday greeting on social media! Take your loved ones out for a Christmas inspired photo shoot, and spread some 21st century holiday cheer. If you need a few ideas, take a look at my family’s crazy Christmas cards over the years here.

For all you fitness buffs looking to squeeze in some last minute workouts, my husband made three super quick and easy ones for you! Check them out here, with easy printable graphics you can take along with you.

And of course, be sure to take some time with that special someone in your life to show them just how much they mean to you. Remember, showing them you love them doesn’t mean expensive gifts. Trev and I didn’t even buy each other gifts this year. (Except for the amazing popcorn tin he got me. I’ve ALWAYS wanted a popcorn tin and no one has ever gotten me one and I showed up after work the other day and he had one wrapped for me under the tree. I almost cried I was so excited!) We decided to donate the money we’d spend on each other to those in need. We chose 147 Million, an organization that helps the millions of orphans in the world have a little bit better life. (They do some pretty darn amazing work… you should all check them out!) Instead of gifts, we like to spend extra time together. It makes us super happy. And it will make you happy too! Check out my post on Holiday Date Ideas for some fun inspiration!

I hope all of you starting your travels home for the Holidays make it safe and sound! I wouldn’t want you to end up in the desert like JTT on I’ll Be Home For Christmas 🙂

Enjoy your Thursday!


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