The Procrastinator’s Guide to Gift Giving

How many of you know a Last Minute Gift Buyer? You know, like how on The Middle, Mike and the kids always run to the drug store on Mother’s Day to buy Frankie cool stuff like keychains and foot spas? (Literally one of my favorite episodes.) Well… I’m sitting next to one.

Hey. I give great gifts. 

Yeah. Let’s all talk about the time I got a billion random office supplies for Christmas…

They were practical. 

And also lame. Waiting until the last minute does this. You end up giving a practical gift, and let’s be real. No one wants a practical gift on Christmas morning. Lucky for Trev, I’m here to help him plan a little bit better now. But I believe, that it’s easy to make a gift you bought on the way to Christmas dinner look like it was planned, well thought out, and bought especially with the lucky receiver in mind.

So, when we first talked about this post, it was supposed to be all Trevor. But, in true Last Minute Gift Giver fashion, he gave me quite the list.

There’s nothing wrong with a robe. 

Trev’s right. There isn’t anything WRONG with a robe per say, however, it looks like an afterthought. So I decided to step in, and we’re tag teaming this post.

I came up with the gifts. And she came up with how to make them a little more personal.  

Before we even get started, I have one trick for always making it look like you put a ton of time into your gift, when you may have just picked something out of your closet to regift. You ready for it? It’s an easy one… GIFT BASKETS. Any gift you give can look like you spent a ton of money, time and effort on it if you put it in a basket with a few other small things.

The Rules of DIYing a Gift Basket

  • Start out with something nice to put it in. Whether you choose a basket, a crate, a mixing bowl or a boot, make sure it’s good quality. In the case of a gift basket, the packaging matters. My absolute favorite place to find my “basket” is Michaels. They have the cutest things, and there is always a coupon.
  • Fill it Up. Always put so much in your basket it looks like it’s overflowing. (It will look like you spent a lot of time shopping for everything that goes inside!) I start with crinkle cut stuffing paper that you can find at the Dollar Tree. Then, I put the main, most expensive gift in the middle, and find smaller gifts that go along with it (even if it’s just candy) around the outside. Also, be sure these smaller gifts are something the person you are buying for will appreciate.
  • Add a Bow. Chances are, your gift basket won’t be wrapped up with paper. So ALWAYS spend the money on a big, pretty, bow to add at the end.

That’s it. Three rules, and I promise, your gift will turn out beautiful every time! It will make whatever random gift you may have purchased seem a little bit more special.

And now… it’s time for The Procrastinator’s Gift Guide!

Everything on this list can be bought In Store OR online with an In Store Pickup, to save you from having to run around the store looking for it 🙂 PS… Target is my favorite store for “filler” gifts, because everything is SO CUTE and it’s also super affordable.


Robe // Coffee Mug // Tea // Gift Basket  // The Magnolia Story // Slippers

First up is the Mom Gift. (Or wife gift, if you want to get them the same thing.) I picked a robe. Because who doesn’t love being comfy? 

Okay. There is no way I’d EVER let him just put a Robe under the tree for his mom or mine. Our moms work SO HARD every Christmas, making sure everything is perfect for their family. All that work is exhausting, and our Mommas deserve a break. So, yes, get The Robe. But get one of the nicest, softest, snuggliest robes you can. Add some slippers, a cute mug, her favorite tea, and a book, and you’ve got the perfect gift to help your Mom unwind after a stressful holiday season.


Hunter Boots // Knit Scarf  // Knit Beanie  // Faux Fur Mittens

 Next, lets grab some of those fancy Hunter Boots for the fashionable lady in your life. I’ve always imagined the people that wear those rain boots jumping in every puddle they come across, I mean why else would you get rain boots that go up that high?

I think this means he thinks of me as a jumping baby every spring. HAHA But for real, you can’t EVER go wrong with Hunter Boots. Even Trev knows that girls love their Hunters! Help make her winter Instagram posts perfection with a cozy hat, scarf and mittens too. (PS… this gift doesn’t even need a basket. You can fill the boots with your other gifts, then wrap a big bow around it. And whoever receives them will squeal.)


Polar M400  // Water Bottle // Ear Buds// Spotify Subscription

Because a lot of my posts are about fitness and health, I had to toss in something for the fitness nut in your life. The Polar M400 with heart rate monitor is the perfect gift for that person who wants to train smarter. It can track their heart rate, record and store their workouts, and even has a GPS that can track their every run or bike! Not only will they be able to see their heart rate in real time with the Polar Beat app, they can track their running route around town and become a GPS artist and create some sweet designs. #fitnessgoals

But seriously, you can’t just give a watch. It will look like you think they need to track their cardio because you think they need to lose weight. SO make sure they know that they’re receiving it because their fitness rituals inspire you. Add some headphones and a Spotify subscription to make your gift complete. Throw them all in a large water bottle, slap on a bow, and you’re good to go!


Safety Razor  // Priming Oil // Restoring Balm // Dopp Kit // Shaving Cream  // Extra Blades // Shaving Brush

In a time where we all like things done quick, fast, and in a hurry, the one thing that should be done with some patience and care is shaving. With the emergence of multiple blade razors claiming to give you a faster and closer shave, the days of the safety razor seem to have been left behind. But, why would you want to rush something that has some time-honored traditions dating back to the time of our grandfathers’, fathers? Help your dad (or any guy in your life) slow down a bit and enjoy a nice shave with a classic safety razor.

Classic razors are so in right now. So they’re easy to find, and relatively affordable.  Which is great news for you, the buyer. Because they are so affordable, you can get a whole bunch of fun products to go along with it. Prep balm, after balm, shave cream and a shave brush make for the perfect shaving kit that will make every other man in the room jealous. Grab a classy leather Dopp kit, and fill it up.


Blue Apron Gift // Garbage Bowl  // Kate Spade Kitchen Linens  // Bamboo Utensils

Next up is that one person that acts like they taught Gordon Ramsay everything he knows (or the person that sets the fire alarm off when they boil water….. Savannah. JK My wife is an amazing cook). This is where Blue Apron comes in. It’s a delivery service that puts together wonderful meals and delivers it right to their front door. No need to plan meals out for the week or go shopping. Blue Apron packs everything they’ll need to make delicious meals into a cooler and drops it off. No running to the store and trying to remember all the ingredients on your shopping list that you left at home, just open the cooler and get to cookin’!

Now, don’t just order them Blue Apron and call it good. That’s literally a no thought gift. Wrap up the gift card (or a printed gift certificate), some utensils and cute pot holders in a big mixing bowl and voila! You have an instant gift that every Foodie in your life will love. PS… ALWAYS buy bamboo, wood or silicon utensils for others. They may have pots that would get ruined from metal utensils.


Netflix Subscription  // Gift Basket  // Pom Pom Blanket  // Coke and Popcorn // Mason Jar Tumbler

Hey, Netflix and chill??

Insert eye roll emoji. Please don’t write that on the card… especially if it’s for your sibling. Get your brothers and sisters, or any other homebody in your life, a gift they will absolutely love. Sign them up for a years worth of Netflix, and you’ll become an instant hero. Throw a snuggly blanket, popcorn, cute glass and their favorite pop (or soda for all you non-midwesterners) in with your gift card and it will be their favorite gift of the year.


Sole Society Weekender Bag // Marble Notebook // BaubleBar Gem Headphones // Apple Music Subscription // Fujifilm Instax Mini Instant Film Camera  (On Sale!)

If you’re like us, even if it’s just going home to visit with our families, we travel a lot. That requires 2 things: 1. great snacks 2. something to put your stuff in. A good bag that you can pack for a quick weekend away, or stash your things in to carry on the airplane is a must for every person on the go. 

Which is true. Everyone needs a good quality go to bag. Personally, I’ve been DYING over this one and think it is so dang beautiful! So, pick out a bag, and fill it with other things the Jetsetter in your life will love. (Like a travel journal, super cute headphones, an instant camera and a subscription to Apple music.)


Ginger Beer  // Vodka  // Cocktail Stir Spoon // Ice Bucket // Mule Mugs // Limes // Bar Tools


Alcohol is always a good idea! But it can also look like you just stopped at the Party Store on your way to Christmas dinner. So get the alcoholics fun people in your life everything they need to make a delicious drink. Might I suggest Moscow Mules? Not only do they look super pretty and ‘pinnable’, but they taste yummy too!


US National Park Pass // Portable Charger  // National Parks Guide  // Packable Hammock  // Hydration Pack

We love the outdoors, just check out any one of Savannah’s travel posts to see some of the awesome adventures we’ve been on. For that outdoorsman (or woman) in your life, why not a National Parks Pass which grants them access to every National Park?

Praise Jesus. We’ve got a gift that would be totally fine to give on it’s own! If you’re giving the gift of an annual pass, you’ve clearly put a little bit of thought into it, because you wouldn’t give just anyone a National Parks Pass. But if you’re looking for a little something more, add a National Park Guide Book to help them plan their adventures, a packable hammock so they can hang around wherever they’d like, and a portable charger (so their phone won’t die taking all of those pictures) in a water pack that they will use over and over again.


PS 4 // Virtual Reality Bundle // Extra Controller  // Beer

And last but not least, the super ridiculous, stupid expensive techie gift.

Please tell me this is what you bought me for Christmas. 

Keep dreaming, babe.

A man can hope can’t he? For the techie (or gamer) in your life, head over to Target to grab the new PS4 Pro. It’s got beefed up hardware compared to the PS4 (that means its faster and streams Netflix at 4k resolution) and the new PS4 games will have a “Pro Mode” that fully utilizes the PS4’s extra muscle. This thing is freaking awesome, it’s definitely one of those “I really don’t want to give this present away because I want to keep it for myself” presents.

And then just to be completely over the top, add the VR pack and an extra controller. Because if you can’t spoil someone at Christmas, than when can you? Oh and beer. Because beer makes everything more fun!

Merry Christmas Guys! I’m out of here. 

Guys. Good news. If you REALLY don’t feel like running out to the store, a lot of stores are guaranteeing that if you order by today, it will be at your door before Christmas. I ordered a few things from Target yesterday, and they will arrive on the Friday. And THE HOLIDAY SHIPPING WAS FREE.And lucky for you, quite a few of our filler items are from Target, so all you have to do is click the links and order… we did all the hard work for you!

A huge thank you going out to Trev for collaborating with me on this post ❤

I’m back tomorrow with one last Christmas post! OMG I can’t believe it’s almost Christmas already! Where the heck did December go? I’m not ready for the Christmas Season to be over yet. (To be honest, I’m never ready for Christmas to be over!)

I hope you all have a Wonderful Wednesday. If you’re starting your travels today, be safe! We’re packing tonight and leaving tomorrow as soon as I get out of work! EEEEP! I’m so excited!


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