Holiday Date Ideas

The holidays are stressful. Between trying to make sure you’ve bought the perfect gifts, planning a perfect meal and trying to spread Christmas joy to everyone else, your holiday spirit kind of seems to get lost in it all. When this happens to Trev and I, we stop, take a step back and remember what’s most important this holiday season… spending some time with each other.

Christmas is the most magical time of the year, and twinkly lights, snuggly blankets and holiday tunes can make any simple activity feel like date night. (Which let’s be honest, thats a good thing, because extra money for big fancy dates isn’t usually laying around during the holidays.)

There are a few different holiday activities Trev and I do every year at Christmas, and looking back, these are some of our favorite Christmas memories. So take some time away from the hustle and bustle (you still have time!!) to enjoy some holiday fun with your sweetie.

That song just makes my heart SO DANG HAPPY. I mean, how can you not love Michael Buble Christmas music?

  • Decorating for Christmas. Okay… you’ve probably already done this because Christmas is less than a week away. But why not try a DIY Christmas decoration while you enjoy your favorite Christmas movies? (I’d highly recommend popping in National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation and trying out my DIY Farmhouse Christmas Tree Sign!)
  • Attending a Christmas event in your area. We love going to all the Zoo lights we can! I’ve always been a sucker for going to the zoo to see all the animals, and well, when you can have animals AND Christmas lights? It’s just a win/win situation. (If you’re in Michigan, check out this post for a whole bunch of fun events still happening this week!)
  • Wrapping Presents. I hate this saying, but it’s time to kill two birds with one stone. (Cringing. I know.) You HAVE to get your presents wrapped, so why not make a date of it? We like to make cocoa, turn on Christmas movies and eat snacks while we wrap.
  • Enjoy the Snow. We LOVE to play in the snow. However, the day we had to film this it was an absolute blizzard outside, and driving to a park to play in was just not an option. So, we hung out on our porch and watched the snow fall instead. I have to say, sitting there, snuggled up looking up at the snow was pretty darn magical. Even though we were in the middle of the city, it felt a little bit like we were back in the quiet woods up North. (Until we heard the car horns start honking after two minutes. HAHA)
  • Take A ‘Light-Seeing’ Tour. See what I did there? I mentioned this yesterday, and will mention it again today because this is one of my ALL TIME FAVORITE Christmas activities. We hop in the car with some snacks and just drive. Trev and I were super bummed because not many people had Christmas lights where we live this year. So we can’t wait to head home for the holidays and do it again! Because let me just tell you, the people of Manistee know how to decorate for Christmas 🙂
  • Watch Your Childhood Favorites. We found out a few years ago that we both LOVED The Santa Clause growing up. So, every year, we snuggle up in bed with some snacks (we always have snacks with us) and enjoy it all over again. Also, there are SO many jokes we didn’t catch in our childhood favorites, that make them even better as adults! We also love Home Alone, The Grinch and of course The Classic Christmas Favorites that our parents grew up watching too.
  • Spend A Night By Your Tree. I’ve always loved sitting in front of our Christmas tree. (In fact, I’m sitting here now as I write this.) We like to grab our favorite board games and snacks (of course) and spend some quality time together without the TV.

What are you favorite holiday dates?

You guys. I can’t believe that Christmas is almost here! I’ve only got TWO more Christmas themed posts to write. I’m so sad. Maybe I should just make a Christmas all year round blog? I’d for sure excel at that. I think I’d need to move to the North Pole to make that blog a hit though…

I’m back tomorrow with Trev for the perfect gift guide for all you last minute gift buyers out there.

Enjoy your Tuesdays! I’m excited to curl up and watch Fixer Upper tonight!


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