Christmas Traditions: The Christmas Card

Ahhhh the Christmas Card Photo. How many of you used to get dressed up and go to The Sears Portrait studio when you were little?

My hat is MKA inspired, of course. Christmas, 1994

And then, when you got a little older, sit in front of your Christmas tree awkwardly smiling for your mom?

Oh God. I’m straight up CRINGING. Christmas, 1998

Yup. We’ve all been there. But now, Christmas Cards are on a whooooole ‘nother level. Gone are the days of awkward smiles in front of your mom’s camera. Now, photographers are offering mini sessions so you can get an absolutely perfect family Christmas card photo.

Now, I’m all for “perfect” photos, but I don’t think Christmas cards are meant to be perfect. For me, I think Christmas cards are meant to spread Holiday Cheer. When I see perfect Christmas card photos, I think “Oh that’s so nice!” or “How the heck is their baby THAT cute?” and end up forgetting about it a few minutes later. But when I open a card that makes me laugh, I remember it for years to come.

My mom made me pose for nice cards most of my life, but when I turned 18, I simply refused to be alone on the Christmas card. It was going to be an all or nothing deal, and I wanted my parents along side me. That’s when we decided… funny is better. We would think of crazy pictures that were guaranteed to make our loved ones smile, and pretty soon, everyone couldn’t wait to see what we would come up with the next year.

Well, last year, my parents decided since I was getting married, it would be our very last family card, and passed the torch on to Trevor and I. So we will continue on the tradition of funny photos, and make sure our kids do someday too.

And so began the tradition of the crazy family photo. Take a walk down memory lane with me (Guys… Walgreens saves all your old cards… so, you’re seeing them just as they went out!) through one of my favorite Christmas traditions. And maybe you’ll be inspired to make a funny Christmas card too!

Crazy Family. This was our first “funny” card. There was nothing special about it. We looked a little psycho. BUT it made people smile… and it began our tradition.

Christmas, 2008

Fishing For Presents. This year, we got a little bit more creative. My mom and I of course caught gifts, and my dad caught coal. (I promise they get better as we go!)  There are so many things I’d redo about this photo looking back… Like a different angle and different outfits! However, the idea was there!

Christmas, 2009

The “Let’s Not Talk About It” Year. Guys. I literally have NO IDEA what we were going for with this card… I think this was more of an afterthought than anything else because we literally are just standing there being weird. So enjoy. HAHA

Christmas, 2010

The Human Christmas Tree/ The ‘Shiners. Dressing your Dad as a Christmas tree will always be funny. This one is super easy. We just used left glittery garland from The Dollar Tree, and cut out ornaments and a star with construction paper. The ‘Shiners is BY FAR my favorite of our family Christmas cards. Turns out… my great great grandparents used to make moonshine, and we found their old still while digging around my Grandparent’s garage. We put on our best redneck gear (except my mom… she was a “fancy” redneck) and wished all our family a “shinin’ Holiday season”. Yes… we had two different Christmas cards this year. My mom’s side received the Christmas Tree, and my dad’s The ‘Shiners.


Christmas, 2011

A Christmas Story. We all love A Christmas Story in my family, so we decided a Christmas Story inspired card was a must. The most talked about thing that year? My dad’s tongue. Yes. That’s really his tongue and no. I don’t know how the heck he did it.

Christmas, 2012

The Yodelers. 2013 was totally our “humble brag” year. We had went on the most amazing vacation to Jackson Hole and let that inspire our card. We wore our lederhosen and chose our favorite spot in Cascade Canyon as our backdrop. Everyone loved this card! (PS… If you want to learn more about Jackson Hole, check out my travel series by clicking here!)

Christmas, 2013

The Clark Griswold. The Vacation movies are some of my Dad and I’s favorites. We absolutely LOVE Clark and how goofy/accident prone he is. When thinking of an idea for our 2014 card we thought… WWCD (What Would Clark Do?) if he were hanging Christmas lights? And of course, Ellen would be calling for help, and Russ and Audrey would be in hysterics 🙂

Christmas, 2014 

The Final Farewell. Okay. That name is kind of morbid. BUT 2015 brought our last “family” Christmas card. My parents decided that since I had just got engaged, it would be the right time to stop, so Trev and I could start the tradition with our family. So, since Trev was officially about to be part of the family (he had been our photographer for the past 5 years) we added him to our card, and did a fun “Fiance Farm” theme. This has to be one of my favorites. It’s just so darn cute!

Christmas, 2015


And now… it’s Trev and I’s turn! My parents always ordered their Christmas Cards through Walgreens. They are great, and will be printed within an hour. SO if you still haven’t sent out your cards… you totally have time! However, ONLY CHOOSE THE 4×8 GLOSSY CARDS. Trev and I ordered our first card from Walgreens and were so disappointed. We chose a 5×7 on matte card stock and it looked like we printed them off ourselves on normal copy paper, with smears all over… and they didn’t even come with envelopes. We got our money back and ordered through Shutterfly and couldn’t have been happier with the results. For only $5 extra dollars, we got amazing quality, envelopes, and address labels (we had a discount code for those). Right now, Shutterfly’s cards are 40% off. If you rush order them, you’ll totally have time to still send out some Holiday cheer 🙂 OR you can actually have them address and mail your cards for you, saving you all the hassle. 

We want to take a moment and wish you and your families all a very Happy Holidays! Monday was the 6th Month Anniversary of Savannah Said It, and I can’t believe how far I’ve come since that very first post! I couldn’t be more thankful for all of you this holiday season, and wish more than anything I could mail each and every one of you a personal card. But since I can’t…


Tomorrow, my handsome hubby is back with a guest post. He’s sharing a few quick workouts you can do while you’re away for the holidays. Be sure to come back and check it out!


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