Weekend Round Up

Happy Sunday my loves!

I hope you’ve all had a fabulous weekend. We sure did! Friday we laid low, ate dinner and I worked on a Christmas DIY project. And OH EM GEE, it turned out even better than I hoped! I’m going to be sharing my secrets on how to make this crazy cute sign in 2 weeks. But until then… here is a sneak peak!


On Saturday we headed to Grand Rapids to see two of our friends get married. The got married in a greenhouse at the Downtown Market. It was absolutely beautiful! And it was so great to be back with our college buddies.


This morning we had and INSANELY good breakfast, and then my parents met us in Grand Rapids with our Jacksy Cat! After a month, he finally has come home! We left him Up North, knowing how much he loves it there while we moved and settled in to our new place. He’s not so sure about it yet, but he sure is happy to be back with us! I just can’t get enough kitty snuggles today.



I’m trying a new recipe tonight and working on blog posts for this week! I’m so dang excited… it’s gift guide week! Each day, I’ll be sharing my top picks for all those important people in your life. You’re not going to want to miss it… especially if you’re drawing blanks trying to finish up your Christmas shopping!

I hope you all enjoy the rest of your Sunday. We’re supposed to be getting snow tonight! I’m hoping I wake up to the first snowfall of the season. There’s something magical when the trees are coated in snow and everything is peaceful and quiet!

Now if you’ll excuse me… Hot Chocolate and Fixer Upper are calling my name!


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