The Best of Fall 2016

How. How in the world am I already sharing my Best of Fall 2016 post?! I honestly feel like these past few months have gone by in the blink of an eye. I know that fall TECHNICALLY doesn’t end until December 20th. But in my book, fall ends at the exact same time as November. So I figured today was the perfect day to recap all my favorite moments from this past fall.

We started out September relaxed and ready to take on the new school year. 

For both Trev and I, September is “back to school/back to working a lot” month. I started a long term substitute job that I absolutely love! Trev’s athletes were back on campus and ready to start training again.
We went to Hell and Back. (Check out my post on Hell, Michigan here!)
We celebrated my cousin’s wedding.
We watched a lot of football.
And I turned 27!!!
October was filled with fall festivities! We LOVE fall, and even though it didn’t feel like it (we had a crazy warm September and early October) it didn’t stop us from celebrating to the fullest! 
We spent the first weekend in October with my family seeing Art Prize, and wandering around the city we love so much.
We went to a local cider mill and ate our weight in donuts and cider.
We went to a few fall festivals with Trev’s family and visited a pumpkin patch.
We spent a weekend in Northern Michigan doing a color tour.
And we visited Cincinnati for our friend’s wedding!
November was a month of changes for us. 
We spent the first week of November packing up our apartment and moving to one next door. It was an insane amount of work… turns out we’ve accumulated a lot of stuff the past two years! Our move was super stressful, there was a lot that went wrong, and a lot of things that weren’t ready for us. For example… we were without a toilet for more than 24 hours because ours literally had a hole in the side and was shooting out water. But, we’ve finally settled in.
I spent a weekend Up North with my family, while Trev was away at a Bachelor Party. We were blessed with insanely beautiful weather that weekend, and I got to take my puppies to the beach… one of my most favorite things to do in this world!
We took our annual November trip to Frankenmuth. We shopped at Bronner’s and headed to Frankenmuth Brewery. (Check out my Frankenmuth guide here!)
We celebrated Thanksgiving with both of our families.
We binge watched Gilmore Girls. (Okay… we didn’t. I did!)
Andddd we crossed off our entire Fall Bucket List!
Our last few months have been so dang busy. We are both counting down the days until Christmas break when we can sit back and relax a bit!
What are your favorite memories from fall 2016?
Starting tomorrow, it’s going to be all Christmas, all the time on Savannah Said it! Trev and I have been working hard on some fun posts, and we can’t wait to share them with you.
SO, be sure to come back for Christmas with the Klumps!

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